For Day 18 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Immense,” I made a little sketch of a blue dinosaur holding a pink teddy bear. I’ve been having a blast this month playing with different ideas and approaches, pushing outside of my usual comfort zone. That means relying on my mind instead of using references. It’s been fun to create from pure imagination and see what appears in my sketchbook. Of course, I had to color my dinosaur using my new Charlie O’Blue watercolor, from Da Vinci Paint Co., as it’s definitely my favorite color! I use this color in all of my illustrations, but it’s not always the featured player, often just providing glowing pops of light blue and creating fun color mixes. Making up a dinosaur character was a first for me, so this was an interesting experiment. I think it’s always good to play and experiment as much as possible. There’s always something new to learn and discover. And, it’s fun to imagine the world this character might live in, and all of the stories that might evoke!

I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. As a kid, I was constantly dreaming up new ideas, and well, that hasn’t changed much in adulthood. There’s such a freedom that comes from pursuing one’s own ideas, and I love taking that journey as often as possible. I have to giggle sometimes when I’m talking about some new big plan of mine with Philippe. He’s not really impressed by anything I come up with anymore, as he’s more than used to my wild imaginings. Yet, he looks a touch exhausted thinking about what would be involved in actually doing what I just described. In my enthusiasm, I never seem to think about all of the work required. I simply get super excited about the idea! Seeing his weary expression reminds me that the road ahead won’t be particularly easy, but I know in my heart that it will at least be wonderfully entertaining and sometimes even a bit thrilling.

Actually, my pup Elliott shares my constant interest in all things new! He grows weary of the same toys and wants to play with new ones. He gets bored with his food, so I alternate his recipes each day. He currently has chicken, pork, and beef recipes on the rotation, and eats slowly as though he’s savoring every bite of each dish at an expensive restaurant. While this definitely means Elliott is rather spoiled, I just want him to have a life filled with new experiences as well! I think all creatures benefit from variety in their daily lives. As much as my own life is built around routines, I’m always ready to mix things up and enjoy something extra. It takes surprisingly little effort to change the mundane into something fabulous. Amazing things can happen with just a bit of imagination combined with a willingness to try. Life isn’t always as enjoyable as it should be, but I think we always have the opportunity to change things for the better. Sometimes, the smallest changes can alter an otherwise boring day, and turn it into a day filled with tons of big fun!

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Cute Dinosaur Holding A Teddy Bear Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “Big Fun!

  1. You couldn’t do anything to benefit Elliott more than keeping his life interesting. I enjoy watching the videos of ‘enrichment’ that zoos use these days to keep the animals happy. Almost every animal enjoys a good bouncy ball, and big cats enjoy cardboard boxes as much as their domesticated cousins. There’s a young ‘un lurking in even the most savage breast!

  2. Charlie, you have your own color?! 🎉🎉🎉 That’s awesome! And I love how it matches your glasses! You’re awesome, Charlie!
    I like this dinosaur. He’s cute and he has a teddy bear. So sweet, Charlie! 😍😍😍
    It is 8pm and we are still 102*F. What in the land before time is happening? I know Texas is always hot in the Summer and we act surprised when it is. 😂😂😂 Like we forget the rest of the year and then we’re shocked during the Summer! 😂😂😂 I hope you’re mom is keeping cool and being safe.
    Big hugs, my sweet friend. 💜💜💜

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Yep… I have my own color. I feel like I mention it too much, but always realize I don’t mention it enough! lol Stay cool, which means indoors mostly in Texas. Yeah, my family is always surprised each summer… you never get used to that much heat! Hugs to you!! ❤️

  3. Aaw he is cute. You know Charlie I never really felt that I had an imagination, I imagine (tee hee) that somehow, because my imagination leaned toward fairies, castles, dragons, elves, trees that talked and the like that I was told I shouldn’t discuss or draw those things and for a while they disappeared. You Charlie have given that gift back to me. I was doing a slow drawing class of Amy Maricles and all of your influence popped into my head and a story just came of one little weevil that was different from all the rest and it went on from there in the tiny treasure journal within my journal for the month of July. In the end after meeting a whole assortment of critters who were very different she discovered that it is fine to be different because everyone is different and that everyone is perfect and just as they should be! So thank you my very dear friend – my imagination came back without me even noticing and it feels so wonderful! Lots of hugs and much love to you.

    1. Hello Ms. Zoie,

      I truly hope you still find fairies and castles and elves and talking trees real. If it helps, you aren’t alone. I do too and I still wish for a pet unicorn.🙂 I love your journal idea.


      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
    2. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 Awww that’s so awesome!! I’m thrilled to hear your natural creativity burst forth with a fun story! That’s awesome! Yeah, I think a lot of people lot at imagining as a waste of time, but it’s the one thing that makes us truly human. So imagine away! Much love to you! ❤️

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  4. Hello Charlie,

    What a cute dinosaur and a (for me) cuter teddy bear (yes, coz it’s pink).🙂 I absolutely adore you for using so much pink in your doodlewashes Charlie. Thank you for not being closed minded and thinking of pink as just a Barbie doll color (though currently it’s quite a hot topic). And though I didn’t leave a note for you, I did read and enjoy your sketches and posts of the last couple of days too. That low feeling combined with restlessness is back and I don’t quite know how to shake it off. So have just been quiet. But I’ll bounce back. There’s nothing that a good cup of hot chocolate and a big pile of picturebooks won’t cure. Much love to you,


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 I love pink! Always have! And yeah… it’s very in this summer with that movie coming out. You enjoy that hot chocolate and those picture books. That’s sounds like the perfect recipe for inspiration! Much love to you! ❤️

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