For Day 10 of World Watercolor Month and our optional prompt of “Clutter,” I sketched a little beagle rooting through some trash. Thankfully, my own pup Elliott hasn’t done this yet, though I’m sure he’s considered it. I’ve actually been trying to remove much of the clutter in my house. It’s surprising how easy it can be to accumulate things. I have several boxes of art supplies in the basement that I keep, because it’s just so difficult to part with art supplies, even if I may or may not ever use them in the future. I keep thinking that I’ll tackle my closet as my next act of decluttering, but that hasn’t happened yet. When faced with a list of chores like that, I tend to run the other way and usually that means rushing off to draw something instead. I’d just rather be making art! Though, I will eventually get to all of those chores and silly adult things that always need doing. I always feel so victorious when I’ve managed to tackle one of those tidying up projects.

Philippe and I watched a show with Marie Kondo awhile back, and the simple idea of asking “does this bring me joy?” in order to decide whether to keep something or discard it can be very powerful. That said, more recently, it was revealed that Marie Kondo is no long tidy after having a child, and she admits that her own house is messy now. That’s rather comforting really. The idea that you can actually live a full life and remain perfectly tidy is a bit questionable. Philippe’s response to me when I say that our house is a bit messy before we are about to have guests coming over is always the same. “We live here,” he says with emphasis on the “live” and then shrugs. I definitely understand what he means. Much of our own clutter is simply things we’re currently enjoying all at once. So, I think there’s a healthy balance to be found when it comes to tidiness.

My own approach to art is always a bit messy. The drawings I create are made rather quickly and when it comes to adding watercolor, I just like to start splashing color around! I’d like to think there’s a method to my madness, and once I figure out what it is, I’m definitely planning to share more of my approach in the future. I get so bored doing things in the exact same order, and so I tend to mix things up a lot. Some bits of color get smoothed with a bit of clear water and other bits just get left as they landed, because I either liked the look of that area or I simply didn’t notice it at the time. It’s a bit of a wacky approach, but I enjoy doing things this way and that’s the most important part. Otherwise, it would all be a chore, like cleaning a closet. Some days, I adore what I make and other days are just chalked up to a chance to learn something new. Either way, I find the entire experience super fun, even when I’m making a bit of a mess.

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Beagle Dog Looking Through Trash Can Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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12 thoughts on “Bit Of A Mess

  1. I tend to have several projects going at once, jumping back and forth between them. I like having the tools for all of the projects on hand. Add to that, I have a terrible memory when it comes to remembering where I put anything. As a result, I tend to have everything out where I can find it easily. Mess doesn’t describe it, but it’s certainly handy!

  2. My drawing table is organized – yet messy. Like Sandra, I usually have several projects going at once. I have at least 3 notebooks I rotate between, depending on what I’m drawing/painting. I think I’m “tidy-impaired” 🙂

  3. Oh, Charlie, you painted a Beagle. The past couple of nights, I have been dreaming of my Gordo. My Monster. When I close up the house every night, I always tell him good night since he’s buried in the backyard. When I dream of him, I add, “Thank you for visiting me.” He looks so beautiful in my dreams. He looks young and playful and healthy. I miss him so much. And now I’m crying. I think that stems from what all I’ve been dealing with and the fact that that I feel alone. He was my forever companion. I made him a night owl like myself. I would talk with him and cry with him. He would sit by my side as I sat on my stool and talked with the Lord underneath the stars every night. I would pray for him, too. He would actually let me put my hand on his head and close his eyes (and not growl, I might add) as I prayed for him. 😂😂😂 My sweet little boy. I guess it was just comforting to have him at my side. I didn’t feel so alone.
    My mom and I have been talking about puppies lately. There’s a commercial asking for donations for the Texas Puppy Food Bank. They show the cutest puppies. We can’t really afford a puppy right now. At least not for the way that we care for our pups, but it sure is fun talking about and thinking about puppies.
    So off topic, sorry. 😀 I’m pretty organized, but what little clutter I do have, well, as the saying goes, there’s a method to my madness. 😂😂😂 My mother, on the other hand, ay, ay, ay! She would be lost in the clutter if I wasn’t on her to get rid of it. Of course, she “needs” almost all of it. 😂😂😂 With my back being out, our next door neighbor had to come help her move something. I was mortified! She said exactly what Philippe said, “It’s your house. You live here.”
    And, yay, for mischievous puppies. Why else would they get names like Monster if they weren’t??? Much love to you, Charlie. 💜💜💜

    1. I love that you’re thinking about getting another dog! Although, having just survived a puppy, I’d vote for one a bit older! hehe And yeah, sometimes being too neat can be less comfortable. Much love to you!! ❤️

  4. I’ve decluttered my living room because I’m going to redecorate and have a new carpet. I’m thinking about not putting some bits back, it’s much easier to do the dusting. There some ornaments that belonged to my wife that I’ll put back though.

  5. Charming little pup and doodle…just being a pup. I started a closet purge recently and it felt really good to get rid of all those clothes I’ve been hanging on to for who knows what reason. Philippe’s response is perfect!!!

  6. Sweet, albeit guilty pup-a-roni! I tried several times to be a minimalist, but when I thought back to my very young years, I realize it’s not who I am–never was. In our last move to our present location 2 years ago, we got rid of 50% of everything by asking two questions: is this a replaceable or a disposable? And that’s how I packed. It was astonishing how much we’d accumulated in nearly 15 years at our old place. I see my art supplies stash creeping up around me again (and I have an art closet with my name on the door!), and I lose my breath. I just don’t know how to manage it permanently. But I’m not a hoarder, and I’m organized, so I am beginning to accept this. I mean, if you step back, analyze it, which is truly the solution? “Does this bring me joy” is not a fair question, because EVERYTHING brings me joy, that’s why I bought it! Phillipe has the right attitude. Live and enjoy your life, Charlie, just like your curious pup! Excellent message today. 🙂


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