For our prompt of “Kitten” today, I made a sketch of one cuddled up in a warm blanket. The temperatures are starting to drop where I live, and that means it’s time to get super cozy! Philippe and I have a heated blanket that we turn on early in the evening so we have a warm bed each night. I adore this time of year, even though it can get super chilly. We’ve already put up our Christmas tree so we could add some lights. It also gets super dark very early so the lights have added a bit of magic to the mix. I think we might leave some white string lights up throughout winter this year. Otherwise, it gets a bit gloomy come January when everything goes dark again. Our pup Elliott doesn’t like being covered in a blanket, but he does love to use his nose to build a little nest and then lie on top of one. It’s so dark when we wake up in the mornings, Elliott’s never really excited to get out of bed. I know exactly how he feels. I’d love to just stay snuggled in bed until the sun comes up each day.

Thankfully, we have a few extra days off this week. Philippe will be cooking his amazing Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and I’m so thrilled. It’s fascinating how incredible food tastes when you only have a particular dish once a year. We don’t repeat dishes for Christmas, so there’s a whole separate menu coming up next. We’ll be traveling the first twelve days of December this year, so I’m so happy we put up our tree early so we can enjoy it. Part of our travel will be visiting my family in Texas, which is always a wonderful trip that I look forward to each year. It’s a busy time at the start of the month, so we’ll be spending the rest of the month at home. I’ve always adored the holiday season, but it seems to rush past far more quickly than I’d like. I wish I had a way to slow down time, but that sort of magic is well beyond my skills.

Philippe actually just purchased a brand new blanket recently. It’s one of those insanely soft and fluffy blankets that only appear this time of year. Elliott has already discovered it, however, and decided it must be an early gift from Santa. We’ll find Elliott curled up on the blanket each day when we get home. I can’t blame him. If I could spend all day curled up in a soft blanket, I would totally do it. This time of year, I try to slow down a bit and focus on the joy of the season. That means that projects go a bit more slowly, and some get pushed until next year. I just want to experience the glow of the season and the feeling of living inside a snow globe for a few weeks. It’s the perfect way to end each year and recharge before starting a brand new one. So, that’s where you’ll always find us during the holidays. There’s really nothing better than being with the ones you love most while enjoying the unique and beautiful bliss that only comes during blanket weather.

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Kitten Cat Wrapped Up In A Blanket Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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27 thoughts on “Blanket Weather

  1. I loved your post today. There is something magical about the last 6 weeks of every year. Time slows down so we can spend extra time with those we love and share our lives with those we don’t know at all.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Philippe and Elliot ❣️

  2. Very sweet kitten, Charlie!!! It looks like we may have to turn the A/C down even lower to experience chilly temps for the holiday down here. And I bought a super soft, cuddly blanket that I intend to wrap myself in on Thanksgiving Day while watching tv. Looking forward to a day off. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Charlie — wrap that blankie nice and snug too.

    Already put up the tree?? I plan to do it next weekend as usual and then it comes down as soon as I get up in the morning and see it and my brain says, “It is out of place.” Within an hour it is gone and put away.
    While I am Christian I know there is no Biblical significance to Christmas trees so I go the secular way on this one.

    Take care and have fun.

  4. I love the kitten poking out of the snuggly blanket.

    At 71 this time of year is still magical for me. I absolutely love it and that is how it makes me feel! Warm and cozy. I like seeing friends and family, but what I like more than anything is being at home with the Christmas tree up – lights inside and outside. We don’t have our Christmas tree up yet, but we do have our outside lights up. They went up last week. Just love it. We don’t have any snow yet, which is really unusual in Edmonton, Alberta for this time of year. Today was the first day I woke up to temperatures under 0 (it was -2). In any other year it would already be -20 to -26 with at least two feet of snow. I love the beauty of snow – but not the shoveling. Elliott has it right to be curled up in a soft blanket. Sounds like heaven 😉 lol!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving this weekend and have a peaceful and happy time. 🙂 <3

    1. Oh shudder I remember my year and a half in Edmonton, walking and lost in a white out blizzard with minus 42 Celsius (with wind chill). “Keep moving, keep nose breathing, don’t stop.” We are on outskirts of desert country now, the Okanagan, and our winter hasn’t started yet either — climate really is changing. It’s been in the low 10s C.

      Have a lovely Christmas!

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
      1. LOL – how wonderful. I love the Okanagan. So far this year we haven’t even really had any snow. A light dusting last night and temperatures still above zero! Amazing. Climate really is changing. The meteorologists say that on top of climate change (which is just going to keep on escalating) the El Nino is amplifying the weather for us. So, it is possible that we may never really have winter this year.

        I hope you have a lovely Christmas too 🙂

    2. Thanks so much, Zoie! 😃💕 It is a magical time of year always! And I’m with you though… love the sight of snow, but not up for the shoveling. It’s finally gotten colder here so we can use our electric blanket, though it’s still a bit warmer than usual. I hope you have the happiest of holidays, my friend! ❤️

      Sparkling Heart
      • zoie
  5. Hola, mi amigo, Charlie! 💜💜💜 Charlie, you know my journey and what these past few months have been like for me. I’m not going to say too much about Christmas because I have been crying a lot these past few days and talking about Christmas will make me cry again.
    I had other ideas and hopes and plans for 2023 that did not include any of this. I don’t know if it makes sense, but it’s so painful for me to watch yet one more year slip through my hands and feel that I am nowhere closer to living my life in full. It’s painful to watch everyone else live their lives and feel left out and left behind. Even forgotten. This is not how I dream of celebrating the holidays especially Christmas. And why I cry.
    My faith is in the Lord. I have nothing else and no one else. I don’t know when it’s going to be “my turn,” but I know that He is faithful. I’m terrified that 2024 will be part 2, but I also have to hope that it’s not. I am thankful that He always takes care of me and keeps me safe. I’m thankful for the bright spots in my life, which have been few, but are still important. I’m thankful for the few people in my life who have showered me with love, kindness, mercy, and compassion. I’m thankful that the allergic reaction didn’t end my life and that because of it, it has helped me to get healthier. I’m thankful for friends like you, who listen and allow me to cry. I’m thankful for the hugs that I feel through your words.
    I’m thankful for HOPE! I don’t know what 2024 will bring for my life and that terrifies me, but I know Who is driving the car. Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend! I’m thankful for friends like you and Mugdha.

    Sparkling Heart
    • zoie
    1. Awww you’re never alone Marisela. Don’t let your mind talk you into feeling so low. Keep your chin up and claim a completely happy miraculous 2024 my friend. Sending you a big hug.


      1. Blessings and hugs — watch for those little blessings: the pattern of rain on the window, the way a tree branch bends to the earth, the way people move through their day in the hum and flow of humanity. Do some art and you will find it healing as it takes you away from thoughts into beautiful colour.

        Have a great Christmas!

    2. Aww I’m thankful for you as well, mi amiga! 😃💕 I know that 2024 will be your year! At least, a chance to push past everything bad that comes your way and do something that you’ve been waiting to do. Just choose one thing that you’ve told yourself will only come in the future and go right ahead and DO it! 😉 And enjoy the magic of the season and let all of that hope fill your heart. Much love to you! ❤️

    3. My heart and thoughts are with you Marisela. Keep your chin up and try for one positive thought a day if you can and hold onto that. Tell that mind of yours to take a back seat as a silver lining is always given to us, even if it is a bit dim. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

  6. Hello Charlie,

    Hi from the jungle! I love how cozy that kitty looks. It’s getting to be blanket weather where I am right now and in a week’s time, I shall be having soup by the bonfire. 🙂 I may get to go into the core area tomorrow, so fingers crossed for a tiger or panther. So gear up for a story or two and hopefully good pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Phillipe and Elliott. Big hug,


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