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Blue Skies And Coffee Breaks

With my quest this month to practice perspective, I noticed the blue sky reflected in my French press and tried a quick sketch looking down on it. Since the angle is a bit extreme, I’m not sure how well it reads, but it was a fun challenge. The sky today was a lovely cloudless blue for a few moments, which was a fabulous change from the dull gray skies that have been the norm here lately. That said, it was still crazy cold and so we spent much of the day snuggled up indoors drinking coffee. So, I’m rather wired at this point, typing really quickly, and thinking hot herbal tea might have been a better option. We actually have two French presses, one that’s smaller and this one that is, I think, the largest one they make. I adore coffee, but only take it black with nothing else at all. This I get from my mother who drinks coffee like some drink water throughout the day. Weirdly, it has no effect whatsoever on me when it comes times to sleep. My body shuts down like clockwork around the same time each day and I’m fast asleep for the night.

I’ve no idea why any of that would be interesting or relevant, but it’s simply what just came to my over-caffeinated mind. Philippe has been on a Lego bender today, putting together a model of Buckingham Palace, which was rather cool in the end. We have a couple bookcases to display the architectural models and cars, but what once looked like a curious avant-garde decorating choice is now resembling the toy aisle at Target. But I don’t mind it, as we’re the ones who have to live here and enjoy each one like little trophies. And when we have guests, they’ve all been carefully selected to be the type of people who find it fun as well. Perhaps it’s all the coffee, but after putting together the first Lego set, Philippe is currently putting together a couple smaller ones as dinner is baking in the oven. We are really like a couple of big kids, but I think that’s what makes life so fun and happy.

Also, I should note that if Doodlewash has been loading a bit slowly for you these last few days, please hang in there with me. We’re getting more traffic than ever and I’m working with developers on ways to optimize the site more. I’m thrilled that so many of you are enjoying the community and I’m doing what I can within the confines of shared hosting to make it run smoothly. This site has quickly moved from a simple blog into something far bigger and that brings a few more challenges along the way. That’s when it’s good to do a bit of blue sky thinking and come up with clever solutions. I love to puzzle things out and if I ever end up sleepless, that’s usually the culprit. My mind is constantly buzzing with various ideas. I don’t mind at all, as that’s when I’m truly the happiest. It’s like a vast world of dreams waiting to be realized and that’s a pretty amazing world indeed. One that might be just a bit too idealistic at times, but always fun and filled with blue skies and coffee breaks.

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 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 6 - Blue Skies And Coffee Breaks - Doodlewash


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36 thoughts on “Blue Skies And Coffee Breaks

  1. I think the angle of your frenchpress perspective is awesome! The reflection is amazing. Maybe the coffee had nothing to do with it, but maybe it gave you that creative edge! The site has been a little slow but the wait is always worth it.

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra! 😃💕 hehe… maybe the coffee did help then! I tried some things they told me on the site, which helped a lot, but when there’s a ton of people at once, it’s still a bit slow some times in the day.

  2. I’ve been enjoying your perspective studies and, as always, I enjoy your rendering of reflective surfaces.

    I like your attitude towards the Lego collection. This isn’t just because our house is filled with Lego, including a Death Star and Yellow Submarine in our living room; it’s also because for a house to be a home it should reflect the personalities and interests of the people living there.

  3. Beautifully painted glass and reflections, Charlie. My sons both have French presses and love them. Me, I love when they make coffee and I get to have a cup. But even sniff coffee past 2 PM and I’ll have trouble sleeping.

  4. Sat here with my cafetiere admiring yours. I’m banned from having more than one per day by my wife so I enjoy it all the more.You’ve got the perspective spot on, do you use inks or transparent colours for the reflections? I’m beginning to realise the signifcance of that label on a pan of watercolour LOL

  5. You are really a master with reflections and glass! Love my French presses. Yes, plural. I don’t know how you find the time to manage all of the writing and responding to comments, but it’s a lovely touch to your wonderful site 🙂

    1. Aww thanks! 😃💕 I figure if someone takes the time to comment, I should make some time to respond! I always appreciate the feedback. And yay to multiple French presses… sounds like the perfect house indeed!

  6. mmm coffee! I’m doing my morning routine of sipping coffee and checking out doodlewash right now. Great French press! That reflection is awesome. The perspective looks like you are hovering over it, looking at the clock so you plunge ASAP 🙂

  7. while most of your readers remark how great your reflections are and your fine perspective in drawing..I was most impressed that you actually use a French press. I volunteer in a children’s charity thrift store and you’d be surprised how many volunteers and customers haven’t a clue what one is, much less how to use it! They bring it up to the register and ask “what is this?” Way to go Charlie! Thanks for explaining why the site is so slow. I was afraid it was my computer.

    1. Hehe… Thanks, Kaye! 😃💕 Yeah, I was wondering how this one would come across since many people aren’t really aware of what it is. And yeah, the site is getting a ton of traffic and with it comes some slow periods, but I’m doing what I can to optimize it as we grow!

  8. I love that sky reflection! It’s so hypnotic.

    I’m slightly amused that Philippe was putting together a Lego model yesterday, only because this weekend is when a major Lego exhibit of some sort is going on near me, and Legos are all over my facebook feed because of it. 😛 I think they’re following me.

    1. Thanks so much, Kati! 😃💕 hehe… we actually have a Legoland and Lego store just down the street from us! And next to that, is Union Station, which has an Art of the Brick Lego exhibit later this month. I wonder if it’s a similar exhibit! lol

    1. Aww thanks, Jennifer! 😃💕 I just keep pushing forward… I do think that I’ve gotten a bit better though, so that’s promising! Still can’t draw the wheels of a bike well, but all good things in time! lol

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