Bomb Pops the All-American Treat for Memorial Day frozen red white and blue ice invented in Kansas City, Missouri

Bomb Pops – The All-American Treat

For tonight’s #DoodlewashDinner I’m bringing something red, white, and blue and hoping everyone who celebrates this day of honor has had a happy Memorial Day. The bomb pop was invented by James S. Merritt and D.S. Abernethy back in 1955, right here in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. This was a favorite summer treat for kids when I was growing up, but I realize now how weird it is that it’s basically a frozen ice in the shape of a weapon. But, come to think of it, there’s probably nothing more American than that. Truly, it’s the only thing I could think of in the appropriate colors for today.

When I was little, the sound of a bell chiming through the neighborhood would signal the ice cream truck was passing by. If you were lucky and could get your mother to hand you a dollar, you could rush out the door yelling frantically in an attempt to get it to stop. The ice cream truck driver in our neighborhood seemed to be less interested in making a sale and we would often have to chase his truck for several blocks before catching his attention. But once stopped, dollars in hand, we could choose from a fabulous array of frozen treats purchased from a complete stranger in white van. Though there was plenty to choose from, the red, white, and blue bomb pop was always the star of the show.

Summers could get really hot here, so an icy treat like this was amazing! But the real fun was the way it stained your tongue a bright red and then a deep purple. Of course, you couldn’t see your own brightly colored tongue, just your friend’s tongue. In between slurps, we’d stick out our tongues and ask each other what it looked like. It became an odd and impossible to win contest of tongue painting that would end with no prize greater than a wet, stained wooden stick, but we did it every time. When I hear the ding of an ice cream truck today, I still get the urge to chase after it, but since it’s not something I could ever do alone with nobody to examine my tongue, I just pause and enjoy the sweet memories.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Doodlewash Dinner Party during the month of May! I’ll post the gallery tomorrow featuring all of the talented guest doodlewashers who showed up for the party along with a sampling of the delightful culinary creations that they each brought to this delicious event! Stay tuned! 

About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Teal, Azo Orange, Pyrrol Red, Gamboge, Burnt Sienna, and Neutral Tint. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal

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44 thoughts on “Bomb Pops – The All-American Treat

  1. Love it, the bomb pop, we have a similar one in the uk, ‘the rocket’ and we just discovered lidl do their own version with popping candy on the top, it’s lush, little bombs cracking in your mouth? Great doodlewash Charlie, and happy Memorial Day.

  2. Lovely painting, boy does it bring back memories of ice cream trucks and simpler times, and had a good laugh at what the sound of an ice cream truck’s bell can still do. Delightful post as always Charlie, enjoy the day!

  3. Ooh, you weren’t kidding when you said today’s was naughty. These look perfect! And very appropriate.

    We indeed, as Rebecca mentions, have the ‘Rocket lolly’ companion here, usually pineapple/orange/strawberry, but I have seen these around too. They were a staple of summer, along with the Calippo! It was the chimes of Greensleeves (or later Sailor’s Hornpipe) that heralded our ice cream van – this was nice to hear, even if I generally preferred to take lollies from my own freezer free of charge. 😉

  4. Sweet memories! We were innocent and didn’t realize they were shaped like weapons – we only knew they were sweet and cold and yummy! Great job doodlewashing them! Looking forward to a new exciting adventure in June! Sorry I never got around to painting my food! 🙁

    1. Thanks so much Jodi! 😃💕 They were so good…I also used to like the banana version. No worries on the food…we ended up with lots to eat! Oh if it were all real!! Yum! Lol Still putting the finishing thoughts on the June adventure. But I’m thinking you’ll definitely play next month! 😉

  5. Hi Charlie, yes we do have similar tastes, I always loved the bomb pop. The ice cream man would come to our neighborhood and all the kids in the neighborhood would chase him down the street. What fun! Beautiful doodlewash today!

  6. Ah, such great memories! 😄 The ice cream truck always played a simple tune as it toured our neighborhood which I imagine drove the young driver insane hearing it over and over again! 😜 I don’t remember the bomb pop but I like how you painted it and the memories of sticking out your tongue! You always make me smile, thanks Charlie! ❤️😍🎉

          1. I bet the daily art is doing more for you physically and emotionally and even mentally than the exercise would anyway, Charlie. It is a big win-win, plus then we get to see it too! And the arty goodness continues! Have you decided on your June project yet?

  7. Your bomb pops painting is fantastic. These didn’t appear in my neighborhood until I was past the popsicle age. It’s funny to look back and see how some trends were so slow to travel through the country. In this internet age, such things seem to be everywhere overnight any more.

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