Today, we have a vegetable that I never once remember having as a kid in this little doodlewash of Brussels sprouts. As an adult, they look like little miniature cabbages, but as a kid they really just looked like little green alien brains. Something weird and not even resembling a food option. But today, I’m a total fan of these little buds, particularly if you happen to roast them a bit and toss them together with a little pancetta and cranberries. What once was completely off-putting is now a wonderful signal that autumn has returned. My knowledge of these little treats was so limited as a child I didn’t even know they grew on large stalks. Seeing them sold that way in Trader Joe’s still seems rather awesome and strange.

I love that as I get older, I tend to like nearly all kinds of food. Thankfully, this includes healthy options and more vegetables. Perhaps our bodies know that our metabolism is slowing down and help us along by craving things that we might have previously ignored. Whatever the reason, eating as adult has become a wonderful and pleasurable experience. The only food allergy I have is mango, so pretty much everything else is a dinner option. And I love it all. From the least healthy option to those rare and wonderful nutritious options bearing the name of Superfood. They say as people age you can become rather set in your ways, but food proves that my mind is continually opening with each season.

And when you’re an artist, you really can’t help but keep an open mind. Each day brings something new to paint and observations that you feel like you’re discovering for the first time. As I look at all the fabulous art created by members of our World Watercolor Group I’m ridiculously inspired to try new things. So much wonderful variety and interesting ways to approach painting. Part of me wants to try to sample them all, but that’s probably not possible. What I do know, is that I’ve formed a new appreciation for styles, colors, and concepts that I never thought to explore. Surprised by what I see and loving each little moment. Just like the food I enjoy, I’m developing new tastes each and every day. And it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

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About the Doodlewash

Sennelier L’Aquarelle:  Olive Green, Phthalo. Green Light, Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Deep. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon with black ink in a little red cloth hardbound l’aquarelle journal I found in a Paris shop.
 Day 16 - #WorldWatercolorGroup Brussels Sprouts watercolor on white background

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19 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts

  1. Wonderful looking sprouts. As a kid I thought they were horrible, now I love them made the same way you do. So yummy. Problem is, I can’t convince my husband how good they are. Guess he never grew up. Lol

  2. I didn’t try Brussels sprouts until I was an adult and adore them! I generally roast them with carrots, parsnips, and a little olive oil. Your recipe sounds great and I need to give it a try. Delicious doodlewash!

  3. Brussels sprouts used only to be available frozen. There was no enthusiasm for them fresh, so no wonder you never saw them on their stalk – no one did. Wait till you discover artichokes and think about who figured out they were edible. Then there’s the olive, which isn’t even edible right off the tree.

    Your three little sprouts are wonderfully painted. And they do look alien. Could be they’re asking you to take them to your leader. And you will show them the way to the roasting pan – ta da! Can you help it if you don’t speak Brussels?

  4. Love your little honour to the humble sprout!

    I was lucky that my dad had an allotment for 30+ years, and grew these nearly every year… Had to be careful that they weren’t scoffed by caterpillars /other insects in the summer months!

  5. Everyone seems to have given sprouts a glowing review, so it’s time someone put a stop to that 😉 I’m not the biggest fan. It really was exactly as you write – weird little brains, quite off-putting! But then, I was a child then – perhaps this Christmas I’ll revisit them, just for you 😉 Maybe it’s a sprouting process everyone has to go through. Anyway, I certainly approve of your doodlewash; anything that colour gets the green light from me!

    1. Thanks!! 😃💕 Lol… so here you come, Jacob as the Brussels sprouts buzz kill! 😉 But yes…. it’s time to add them to your list and try them once more. And when you’re done… have ice cream for dessert. Would be a shame to be friends who couldn’t actually eat together! 😉hehe

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