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Since the partridge in a pear tree lost the vote again we have, instead, a delicious bûche de Noël. At least that’s what it’s called at our house, but many might refer to it as a Yule log. This one is chocolate, like Philippe made last year, but for this year we talked about rolling up my favorite “Christmas cake” into a birch tree so we can get the best of both worlds!

When it comes to Christmas, I used to just get excited about the gifts. But with these new traditions of foie gras, gravlax, and bûche de Noël from Philippe, I’m possibly even more excited for the food. We just buried our salmon in salt and sugar for the gravlax so we’ll say hello to it again in a few days. By hello, I mean we’ll devour it like we’ve not eaten at all during the wait.

As a kid, we never made a Yule log at Christmas, opting instead for the usual pies and occasional cobbler. So, the closest thing I had to one of these was a Hostess Ho Ho, which had a similar look, but the similarities ended there. What I love most about these is that after we have our first piece at Christmas, we get to keep sawing off slices for the next four days or so, which I like to think of as “Bonus Christmas” days.

I’ve been told that for the next few days, however, we’ll be eating more “sensibly” in preparation for the coming feast. I’ll be enjoying lightly steamed brussels sprouts and quinoa while shivering with the anticipation of all the goodies ahead. I know it’s for the best, as he doesn’t want me to look like Santa Claus come Christmas, but let’s just say this week can’t go by quickly enough!

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  1. C’est magnifique, mon frere! (Haha my French is v rusty lol) Beautiful work as always, and I am really wishing I could sit down and have a slice, Charlie! So much better than a ho-ho (and no genetically modified ingredients, I’d almost bet, lol, since P made it!) You lucky duckie!

    • Author

      Yep…I’m not allowed to eat the stuff made in a lab anymore! Lol Philippe is currently prepping some food for the week. I’m insanely lucky!! 😊hehe! thanks so much Laura!! Glad you liked this doodlewash. 😉❤️😃

  2. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Bon Appetit Charlie! You have painted the chocolate to perfection. The cake has a moist crumble look to it. With all these treats ahead be sure to savor every bite!

  3. Eric Disney 7 years ago

    C’est formidable–Je suis faim pour quel-que-chose sucre!!! <3

  4. Cathe 7 years ago

    Delicieux chocolat, oh mon dieu!

    Now that’s a beauty! I too love the feast during the holidays!

  5. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Looks good enough to eat. Merry Christmas!

  6. An Artsy Appetite 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas to you! this is lovely..

  7. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    I think the food and wine is part of celebration too, Charlie! 🍷 Lucky you to have Philippe who enjoys cooking and baking! Your doodlewash looks delicious and is a feast for the eyes! 💖💕🎁😊

    • Author

      Awww thanks Jill! 💕😃It really is part of the fun, isn’t it?! And yeah…I’m pretty amazingly lucky. Hehe😊

  8. Marcus 7 years ago

    great. now I’m hungry

  9. kirkistan 7 years ago

    Sensible eating, Bah. Nice image!

    • Author

      Haha! I agree! Sensible eating should be outlawed entirely during the holidays! Lol Glad ya liked the doodlewash. Thanks Kirk!

  10. Jodi 7 years ago

    LOL! Your food sounds so wonderful – even the brussells sprouts and quinoa now! And the Yule log looks good enough to eat! There is nothing you can’t doodlewash Charlie O!!! Love it!

    • Author

      Awww you are so sweet, Jodi!! ❤️😃 The quinoa is actually quite amazing when Philippe makes it! Hehe Thanks for all of your amazing support for my doodlewashes…you keep me inspired to make more friend! 😊😃

  11. jmnowak 7 years ago

    Aahh, memories! When I was married for all those years, we never had a yule log, just the traditional bake Christmas pudding soaked in brandy, with hard brandy sauce and simply scrumptious whipped cream bolstered with added brandy…are you gettin’ the picture here?!! Oi vey! LOL. (How did we survive…) I used to prepare the sixpences (in today’s money the five Aussie cent piece, or your dime, size-wise) that went into the pudding which my husband made a few months prior. I enjoyed it, fully expecting to break a tooth each time I bit into a piece. The idea of the coin, if you got one or two, was to give you the sense that the coming new year would be prosperous for you.

    Your Yule log reminds me of the lab-made product called Chocolate Roly Poly found in the supermarkets, much favoured by me at odd moments. Delicious, but wicked for the hips! 🙂 My Mom made a delicious log, lookin’ like snow had landed, with bits of chocolate twigs scattered around, holly berries and a sprig of fresh pine leaves clipped from the Christmas tree, and smelling divine.

    • Author

      That’s so cool! What fun memories this inspired, Janina! Love it! ❤️😃And anything soaked in Brandy sounds sort of amazing actually. The coins sound super fun…I could use some of those for a prosperous year ahead. Hehe… and your description of your mom’s Yule log just doubled my already insane Christmas spirit!! Yum!! I’m so ready for the holidays!!! Hehe! 🎄😃

  12. Kari 7 years ago

    Yummy!! Although I’m salivating over the gravlax! I think it’s fantastic that you and Phillippe have your own traditions for Christmas. 😊

  13. artandmoondreams 7 years ago

    Beautiful painting and so realistic …delicious looking. Thank you for sharing a taste of your traditions. Peace ❄️

  14. hiro812 7 years ago

    Delicieux chocolat, oh mon dieu!

  15. Inevitably, I’ve had to Google Hostess Ho-Hos.

    Great painting of a Yule log, Charlie. I bet it’s calling to you, even now, “Eat me…eat me…”

    • Author

      Thanks Michael!! It is calling me!! I want it! But not the Ho-Hos…you can see what a disappoint those are now. 😉

  16. missandile 7 years ago

    That looks good enough to eat. The painting is gorgeous

    • Author

      Awww thanks friend! 💕😃 I appreciate it! And I wish I could eat it, but I have to wait until Christmas Eve for the real thing! Hehe 😊

      • missandile 7 years ago

        Merry Christmas. I hope you ate it on Christmas Eve. Can I request a slice?

        • Author

          Hehe…oh wow…I want to say yes, but my inner child is saying…no! No! No! Don’t share! 😊😊Lol Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

          • missandile 7 years ago

            Thank you. My Christmas was lovely. Sharing is a good thing but I ate a whole slice of black forest cake and I didn’t share. Best Chrsitmas so far I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well. Happy New year in advance

          • Author

            I did! Sad it’s over! But looking forward to a new year. Hope you have a fantastic New Year as well!

  17. ann christina 7 years ago

    Beautiful, deliscious looking doodlewash! You´re really a lucky guy!!! Since my grandma is not able to bake (she forgets every five minutes that it´s gonna be Christmas soon) I don´t get stollen, vanilla biscuits, and butter cookies anymore. I should make some time and bake them myself… maybe some for my grandma too. 😉 Say HI to Philippe and Phineas and enjoy Christmas preparations!!! 🎄🌟❄️🎁

    • Author

      Thanks so much Ann!! 💕😃 Yeah…I’m really lucky!! 😊😊hehe… I wouldn’t have anything if it were left up to me. And poor grandma, you should definitely bake something! (This from the guy who can’t, of course😊hehe) And thanks, we’re enjoying the preparation, but I can’t wait until it’s finally here!! 🎄😃

  18. Susan Feniak 7 years ago

    And the excitement mounts! Anticipation and build up. My favorite bits.

  19. Jacob 7 years ago

    Better late than never – I’ve missed my daily doodlewash fix! Tsk, Charlie… this is just absurd… far far too appetising a doodlewash! I don’t know how on earth you make stuff look so darn edible, but indeed it would probably be hard to make this not look ludicrously tempting. I would definitely be looking forward to that just as much as anything else!

    And I totally haven’t just spent twenty minutes playing with the little snow effect you’ve got going on here. Not at all.

    • Author

      Thanks Jacob!! I can only imagine your days have been rather empty without your daily doodlewash fix! 😉hehe… and the snow effect was just an on/off feature in WordPress. You can make snow until Jan. 4th! I figured that’s the only snow many of us will get this season! (And you were totally playing with it for 20 minutes…hehe)

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        They certainly have been. I feel like I’m missing out when I can’t get here on time – proper withdrawal symptoms!

  20. agneslise 7 years ago

    I cook each year a Bûche de Noël all chocolate or with chestnut cream inside and chocolate outside. It is delicious ! I never paint it I just take a picture ! And I eat it of course !

    • Author

      Ohhh! Chestnut cream sounds delicious. Philippe made chestnut mashed potatoes for us this year and it was amazing. Eating it is the best part, but I’m sure you’d paint a beautiful one! 😉

      • agneslise 7 years ago

        All is possible to paint I think and I like to paint or to draw any topic that inspires me. ☃🎃🐈🐓even my nails💅 😄

        • Author

          Haha!! That’s awesome!! Love that. So are you in France?

          • agneslise 7 years ago

            Yes I am in France that’s why I well know “la Bûche de Noël” and “Le pain perdu” (bread, eggs with salt or sugar and some milk) : what you call “French toast”. I did not know that there was the French toast day !!! Le pain perdu (with sugar) is for me a simple dessert using some old bread to finish a meal. And like this the old bread is not wasted 😊

          • Author

            That’s wonderful! Sounds delicious! My partner, Philippe, is from Paris! I had no idea that there was a French Toast Day here on the States. Hehe…but we tend to make up silly days for anything and that’s what inspired my project that month! Lol

  21. […] actually get to try one day. Until then, in our house, we’ll be sticking to our traditional bûche de Noël […]

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