For our prompt of “Bees” today, I chose to sketch a couple of them zooming toward some hollyhocks. There’s a common phrase of “busy bee” used to describe someone who is always doing a lot of different things and keeping themselves occupied. This is a phrase that could be used at times to describe me as well, but not all of the time. It strikes me that I go through busy bee phases, often taking on a new project with relish and excitement. But then later, a second attribute kicks in and I’m just a lazy bee or whatever the exact opposite would be called. But, for me, it’s all just a matter of balance. Discovering that perfect blend of doing too much and doing too little, whenever it matters most. So, unlike bees, I like to take it easy sometimes and focus on nothing at all. I’m quite sure this wouldn’t be acceptable in a hive, but I’ve never had a hive mentality. I just do my own thing and enjoy life in the way that works best for me. It’s really a wonderful way to live indeed!

I’ve had so many moments on my own art journey where I almost did something because it was what everyone usually does next. It just seemed like the only option sometimes. But, each time, I stopped and considered what I actually wanted to do next and it didn’t quite line up in the exact same way. In truth, I’m taking my time, letting each next thing lead me onward and taking those moments to rest when I need them. And, I always want to be sure I’m following my heart and not some kind of template that doesn’t suit me. This actually applies to just living life in general. I’ve live my entire life this way. Starting down some path that seemed like the right one because that’s where the hive was heading next. It had to be the next logical step. And, in truth, maybe it was. But, I’ve been known to be a bit illogical in my choices. Probably because they’ve always been emotionally driven. I DO what I feel is right, not what I think is right. It’s how I’ve always traveled through this crazy path of life and I love all of the choices I’ve made.

And yeah, my life is sort of dull and not particularly exciting to some. It’s a world of ordinary moments that I’ve built precisely because I’ve learned that those are actually my favorite. Like tonight, when while I’m typing this, Philippe was wondering what to watch on television. I told him to watch one of his documentaries first and then I’ll join in after I’ve finished posting and watch a silly comedy we’ve been enjoying. He smiled at the idea, no doubt thinking that’s exactly what he wanted to do in the first place. I asked him what documentary was happening tonight and when he told me, I misunderstood. It first sounded liked he was going to watch a documentary on “gender” which would certainly reveal lots of interesting information. I was rather impressed and a bit disappointed, because so many of his stories are expos into more mundane things. I said, “Wow! Gender!” to which he replied, “No, ginger, like the root?” And suddenly my world was right again. My husband is now watching an hour long documentary on ginger root, and it just makes me smile. In many ways, I think I’d miss just how important these moments are, if we were both always living life like a couple of busy bees.

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Bees And Hollyhocks Flowers Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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28 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Love this painting of bees and hollyhocks, long one of my favorite flowers. Your details are superb. My kindergarten grandson did a unit on honeybees earlier this year, and knows more about honeybees than I knew. Much fun to explore the natural world this way.

  2. Tonight’s post really made me smile…gender/ginger, tooth/truth…sounds like some of the conversations in our house.Love the bees and hollyhocks…there was always a mass planting of them along the garage when I was a kid.

  3. Yeah, as you get older you’ll have lots more of the gender/ginger confusion, lol. Is that a thing? I think that should be a thing. I have to admit, I’d prefer to watch something on gender. Humans have found so many silly ways to get hung up on that.

  4. As a boy bee, I think you wouldn’t have to worry about hive mentality because your purpose …well, look it up if you don’t know.😂 When we were kids we had hollyhocks growing right by the front stoop of our house. We kids would dare each other to grab a flower by the petals and trap a bee inside. I suppose they were lazy with pollen and nectar because I don’t remember ever getting stung. Of course when we let them go we ran like crazy laughing all the way.

  5. Lobe the bees and your musing too.. I spent 63 years being a busy bee but it wasn’t until cancer stopped me in my tracks ( in remission now) that I took the time to rebuild my life around the ordinary moments you wrote about, truly what a contented life is grounded on, gratitude for the ordinary moments and someone to share them with. Now if you will excuse me , it’s time to watch a recording of today’s Jeopardy episode and then to bed. Peace out to ya all!

  6. Bonjour, Charly, mais où, vôtre mari, peut-il trouver, surtout pendant une heure, ainsi, des articles télévisés, sur des légumes ? moi, parfois je vois des articles télévisés, de comment cuisiner – est-ce de çà, dont vous voulez parler ? il aurait dû, ouvrir son propre restaurant – :::: c’est dommage, je ne sais si je suis bien abonnée ?? comme il le faut ? ?? – car si vous répondez, si vous me répondez, je n’ai jamais les réponses – je ne le vois pas ? – que fait il comme métier exactement ? et vous-mêmes ? portez-vous bien – ici ce sont les vacances scolaires de la Toussaint – comme je suis intervenante en arts dans les écoles auprès des jeunes enfants , je vais être en congés, pendant deux semaines, moi aussi je ne fais maintenant QUE des aquarelles, je crois que vous avez été mon “mentor” mon “guide” je faisais un peu de tout, huile, acrylique, mais maintenant je me suis fixée que dans des aquarelles, celles de mon quotidien, de tout ce qui m’entoure, de ma vie – oui, c’est ma vie en dessins, comme un livre, sur l’année 2019, j’ai fait 13 carnets – je suis certaine que je suis mal abonnée …….si une personne pourrait m’expliquer – le traducteur n’est pas toujours excellent, je suis certaine que mes commentaires sont mal traduits – à la fin de nos commentaires, il y a trois choses à “cocher” que je n’arrive pas à traduire en français – et je coche, peut-être mal ? en 1 = Save my name email and website in this browser for the next time i comment – en 2 = nothy me of new comments via email – en 3 = notify me of posts via email – là, aujourd’hui, j’ai coché les trois – merci de m’aider, si je fais mal

    1. Bonjour, Cathy! 😃💕 I think if you checked all three boxes, then it should work now! And you’ll also get my new posts in email as well. Thrilled I’ve inspired you to DO watercolor and focus on that! That’s wonderful! I hope you’ll join us in our community and share what you make on Doodlewash – – also if you log in, it might help with getting the responses. Also check your Junk folder in email to make sure the emails aren’t going there. 😉 As for the types of shows that Philippe enjoys, it’s all sorts of documentaries. But, you can check out “Le doc du dimanche” which I think in on France 4!

  7. Hahaha! Gender/ginger. I probably would have enjoyed the ginger doc better. My hubby likes to watch informational shows also. I too, like you, sit through them doing something else. Only learning bits and pieces of things. I don’t mind, as long as I am happy doing whatever I am doing at the moment. Besides, he sits through hours of Hallmark Christmas (and now Valentine!) movies for me. You are nailing these more involved sketches this month! This one is lovely.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Thrilled you enjoyed this! And yeah, I love documentaries of all kinds, but honestly I have trouble just sitting still and watching anything longer than 20 minutes. 😊lol So I’m usually always doing something else as well!

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