Welcome to August and the start of a new Doodlewash Art Challenge! I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful and creative World Watercolor Month in July! I’m now back to posting weekly on Tuesdays, so it worked out perfectly for me to jump right in at the start of this next challenge. For our optional prompt of “Seaside,” I sketched a little kitty cat enjoying a drink on the beach while sitting under an umbrella. I wish this were autobiographical as I would love to be on a beach sipping a cold drink right about now. Instead, I’m back to work having taken the last few days off for a bit of a vacation. I didn’t go to the beach, but I did visit a lovely lodge and got to unwind with friends for a long weekend. It was a trip that was long overdue and it was fabulous to sneak away, even if I could have used several more days of fun. Philippe and I have talked about visiting the beach this year, but that would involve a level of travel planning that neither of us has volunteered to do yet. I’d visit so many more places if I could instantly appear there and skip the travel part. Instead, I’ll just live vicariously and send this little cat to that place in my imagination. That’s the power of sketching! Anything can happen at any time and I can visit all sorts of places by simply doodling them into existence.

Philippe and I had a lovely time this past weekend by visiting a resort in a very remote part of northern Kansas. There was a bit of water on the marsh, but no beach to be found, of course. Yet, it was still one of those beautiful views that are infinitely relaxing. There’s something about feeling so small against a panorama of endless nature that always makes me feel so comfortable. It was equally nice to be away from the city for awhile. Though, we did attend a street celebration with a beer garden in the closest town nearby which had only a population of 260. It seemed like that was about the amount of people who were there as well, so it felt like a grand event. And, it reminded me of going to local small town fairs when I was a child. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any corn dogs on offer. This was only pertinent because Philippe has yet to ever try one and we all thought this might be the moment. It was not, sadly, but I’m sure we’ll be attending more fairs in the future.

I’m rather excited to be taking a break from my daily posting as I have both a new game to play on my Switch as well as a new library book to finish. It will be nice to have some extra free time to enjoy those things more as well. It’s always fun to celebrate World Watercolor Month, however, and this year we raised the most money yet in our online shop for the International Child Art Foundation. So, I was very happy indeed. Thanks to everyone who purchased something! I’ve got lots of plans for things I’d like to do next, but I think I’ll be taking August rather slowly. Even if I don’t have a beach to enjoy, I find that my imagination can still relax me by transporting me somewhere far away, by the sea.

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19 thoughts on “By The Sea

  1. I’m not sure which would be better for scientists to invent — the transporter beam, where you might end up looking rather different on the other side, or time in a bottle, where you could open up a bottle have a certain amount of time and when it ended, you’d be back just a few seconds from when you left. You could take off a year to gallivant, but it might be awful hard to remember what you were supposed to be doing when you got back.

  2. Charlie, Congrats on monies raised!!

    As for beautiful views we felt first fall yesterday although summer is still in the 30s Celsius (32C is 89.6F). It has been hot this year and not hot as we knew it as kids. We can tell the ozone layer has been damaged although they say it will be back by 2040 …? You can always visit our beautiful city. The fall is especially gorgeous. And then cometh The Ugly (winter).

    I have never had a corn dog either. What is it? I don’t know as I stay away from anything with fat or salt. I did love my hot dogs though until I became a health nut.

    1. You’re so funny, Linda. “And then cometh the Ugly.” 😂😂😂 I’m assuming that it gets super cold where you live? That would definitely be my definition of the Ugly. 😂😂😂 We don’t get very cold down here in South Central Texas. We might get a few nights of below freezing temperatures, but anything more than that would be offensive. 😂😂😂
      Yeah, I don’t think a corn dog would suit your fancy if you stay away from fat and salt. It’s a weenie (hot dog frank) impaled on a stick, dipped in batter and then fried. You usually eat it with mustard. I can hear your “ewww” already. 😂😂😂 They’re not very healthy, but so good, though.
      Have a great week! 💜

      1. Hey Marisela, Ewwww is exactly what I did. Oh yuck. Bleahhhhhhhh.

        As for winter, if I can get the thought out of that CVA (heart attack) on a stick, it might get to -35C (-31F — your minus 40 and our minus 40 are the same); m but is usually in the -20s. We get those four letter words: iced, snow, wind, cold, etc. It is hard walking but don’t do like I did and racewalk in a blinding blizzard. It was so beautiful. I ran so fast. It was out of this world. Until I broke both leg bones slipping on a block of ice the plow had thrown onto the sidewalk.

        And Marisela the worst thing of all — no colour in the world at winter. Just white, black, grey, and brown. That is no way to treat an artist.

        Take care and thanks for your comment!!

  3. Ooo, Charlie, corn dogs! Yum! I love corn dogs especially when the batter has some honey in it. Dear God! So good. You can always take Philippe to the Texas State Fair although what they fry there makes me cringe. I wonder what he would think about fried butter or fried oreos. Both were served there one year. Yup. Fried butter. 😝😝😝 I do hope he tries a corn dog. Yum….corn dogs!
    Your kitty is so cute. I’m telling you, Charlie, I keep getting reels about beaches in the Philippines. The water is pale blue and crystal clear. I. WANT. TO. GO. THERE. I want to swim in that clear water and float all day. I’m hoping my situation changes soon so I can get my life back and plan a vacation like that. I’m not interested in a cool beverage, but just to mentally go blank and not think about anything or anyone. Emphasis on “anyone.” Maybe soon, Charlie.
    If you no longer hear from me after today, I won the Mega Millions, have taken my winnings, and disappeared from the face of the Earth. A blank postcard just might be from me. I’ll miss you, Charlie. 😂😂😂

    1. Hola, mi amiga! 😃💕 Yeah, I was kind of disappointing this fair didn’t come with all the naughty food! hehe You should totally take a trip to relax in that clear water! I love trips like that as it’s really the only time my mind slows down and get to think of nothing much at all. Good luck with the Mega Millions! Much love to you! ❤️

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Am so happy to know that you’ve raised a wonderful amount for the Child Art Foundation – and Thank You for sending the money for children to create art. A bigger Thank You for not sending it to a math foundation… generations of kids would have hated you for that! Your vacation sounds lovely and a town with a population of 260 is heaven on earth. What’s the place called? Would they allow me to settle there??? I promise I’ll keep mostly to myself and my books and plants. You’ve got me dreaming Charlie…😴😊😇💕💕💕 sending you a dreamy hug,


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah it was a wonderful year for World Watercolor Month. As for math… that will be the first thing AI takes over successfully, so art by humans will become much more important. Yeah, I totally get the allure of a small town… I wanted to move there as well! Sending you hugs and much love! ❤️

  5. Thank you Charlie for all you do for WWM! I am always tired every August-July does take a lot out of me! I wouldn’t ha d if any other way, and woohoo! So happy this year was the most exciting yet for the Child Art Foundation!!

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