Bye, Bye Car Keys!

Day 22 #WorldWatercolorGroup No More Car Keys Public transporation

As I left the house this morning to head to France, filled with the usual stress that comes with travel, there was one bright spot and that was leaving my car keys behind. I’ve mentioned before how I rather hate driving, so it’s a wonderful feeling that over the next couple of weeks, I’ll never have to worry about doing it. Sure, public transportation has its own issues, but at least I can distract myself from those issues by sketching or playing a game on my phone. It’s like a poor man’s limo, to be sure, but anything that lets me avoid getting behind the wheel of a car still feels amazing. I’m additionally looking forward to a lot more walking which will help balance out the baguettes, cheese, and wine that I’ll be consuming whenever humanly possible.

I made the doodlewash while leaving the house, but am currently writing this just before my plane leaves for Paris. We’ve just zoomed through Washington Dulles until finally finding our next plane, which is thankfully much larger and sturdier than the tiny balsa wood plane that got us this far. It now occurs to me that I’m offline and will need to get online quickly if there’s any chance of you actually seeing it. Though, admittedly, a tirade on the horrors of driving paired with a 15 minute doodlewash may not be worth the trouble. But, old habits die hard and I was still determined to sketch and write something today. Missing a day at this point, regardless of the circumstances would feel like a little loss. So you get some car keys and bit of mindless drivel while I get the satisfaction of keeping my daily art habit. You’re welcome.

I’m about to have a lovely dinner in a box with tiny accoutrements wrapped like little gifts in separate pieces of plastic. Paired with a tiny bottle of wine, of course, to elevate the mystery dish to the level of comical cuisine. Hoping it’s French wine and not something normally served in a box as well, but really, any wine will do at this point. Truthfully, I love these little meals as they signal the start of a new adventure ahead. We’ve made no plans on this trip other than seeing our friends and family, so each day will be a lovely little surprise. One thing is certain, I’ll be taking it one glorious day at a time and sketching whenever I can. Au revoir!

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M. Graham Watercolors: Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.
 Day 22 #WorldWatercolorGroup No More Car Keys Public transporation

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  1. babybluesnowflake 6 years ago

    Au revoir, bon voyage et a plus tard, Charlie. Profitez de votre vacances!

  2. Hope the journey went well, I am sure you will not be able to read this until landing in Europe 😀 Enjoy your car free experiences, eat eat and be merry, enjoy those champagne cups from the freezer shop of goodies😀

  3. Martha Keim-St. Louis 6 years ago


  4. creatingincolors 6 years ago

    So happy you are on your way to Paris, leaving the car keys behind! Have a wonderful journey. Enjoy every moment.

  5. monique 6 years ago

    Bon Voyage!

  6. Art-Chap-Enjoin 6 years ago

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Sharon Bonin-Pratt 6 years ago

    tomorrow’s doodlewash will be the airplane keys?

    i so enjoy reading the post of a person who regards every aspect of the day as a tiny gift – have fun as you unwrap each package of your vacation for the next two weeks.

    (i’d like driving a whole lot better if all the crazy distracted drivers would not!)

    • Author

      Thanks so much, Sharon! They didn’t let me in the cockpit so today’s doodlewash is food (this may happen a lot while I’m here I think…I really love food! Lol) 😊💕

  8. Jacob 6 years ago

    I can practically wave to you, though I presume you’re busy brushing up on your French, so you might miss it. 😉 Eee, it’s finally here! Have a wonderful time! Bon voyage! <3

  9. brygydmyry 6 years ago

    Have a great time in France!

  10. Shari Blaukopf 6 years ago

    Bon voyage Charles!

  11. Teri C 6 years ago

    Bon voyage. Can’t wait to see and hear about your adventures.

  12. Jodi 6 years ago

    hope all is going well – thanks for taking time to share the beginning of the journey. Hope your meal in a box and wine was wonderful and you are in gay Paris by the time you read this doing something wonderful and surprising! Mwah!

    • Author

      Thanks, Jodi!! 😃💕 I’m here and super tired…about to sleep so who knows what I’m typing right now. But so fun so far!!!

      • Jodi 6 years ago

        sweet dreams Charlie O! <3

  13. beachamfineart 6 years ago

    Enjoy every single minute! And have a Croque Madame for me!

  14. Bill Jackson 6 years ago

    Enjoy! Maybe you will be lucky enough to have a perfect Grand Marnier souffle…..or perhaps one of those fabulous platters of assorted shellfish. Now THAT could be an extra special subject for a sketch. Happy Travels!

    • M. L. Kappa 6 years ago

      Yes! Sketch a plateau de fruits de mer ! Although I’d love to see you sketching standing up in the French metro! Have a great time! 🇫🇷🗼🧀🍷🍷🍷

    • Author

      Thanks, Bill! 😃💕Hehe…I have a sneaking suspicion there’s going to be a lot of food portraits in the next couple weeks! It’s really my only firm plan! Lol

  15. Linda Murray 6 years ago

    I can feel your excitement, Charlie!!! Have a great time and enjoy!!!

  16. Bon voyage! I hope both of you have a fabulous time in France.

  17. Jill Kuhn 6 years ago

    Cheers Friend!! 😍🍷 Wishing you a FABULOUS vacation Charlie!! 🎨👍🌟

  18. davisbrotherlylove 6 years ago

    Have a great trip, Charlie.

  19. Rebecca 6 years ago

    Hope your trip is totally, vraiement fabuleux!

  20. Carol 6 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration! Car keys were the perfect addition to my wc journal page about taking my girlfriends out for fancy soda’s yesterday!

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