For our prompt of “Camera” today, I ended up with a sketch of two mice with a vintage camera. One mouse is happy in front of the camera and the other is a bit camera shy. I’m more like the latter mouse, but I am making a rare video appearance at the ArtWork summit that starts at the end of the week, so I hope you’ll join me there! And indeed, it’s been quite a few years since a camera was a standalone object and not simply an app on a smartphone, but I’ve always loved the look of these older cameras. Indeed, much of the allure of vintage objects is that they are much more interesting and ornate than their modern counterparts. I own a couple of these cameras, and had to stop myself from buying more. I tend to turn into a collector rather easily when it comes to things I enjoy and have to stop myself before I end up a hoarder. But it’s nice to have things that connect to the past as the world keeps on zooming forward.

I had the day off today, so I’ve been watching musicals and sketching between moments of just being generally lazy. The weather is cold and wet here, which is to say the gray sky has just sort of been spitting all day. It’s been a few days since the sun has made an appearance and I realize now that I’m rather missing it. I think tomorrow it will return, which will be a lovely thing indeed. Philippe will be cooking much of the day tomorrow so the house will be filled with fantastic smells that will drive both the dog and I completely crazy all day long. But, I’m super excited for the festivities tomorrow. We always take pictures of our plate of food before we eat it each year as it feels like such an event. That said, we’ll also take pictures of any everyday plate of food if Philippe gets inspired to plate it like we’re in a restaurant.

I love having all of those photos of food to look through and remember the magical moments of holidays past. Recently, one of my friends sent me a photo of the two of us a decade ago with the note, “wow, look how young we looked.” This, of course, comes with the implication that we no longer look quite that young today. So, yeah, photos of food are often even better! Though I may not look as young or indeed as thin as I did a decade ago, I still feel just as young and that’s what really counts. Indeed, this time of year, I get even younger as my eyes enjoy the sparkling holiday season and my heart fills with love. Indeed, I never see myself unless I’m looking in a mirror so images of me aren’t really what I remember anyway. So, I always know I’ll have lots of photos of food, Philippe and our dog Phineas to remember these precious moments, even if I’m a touch camera shy.

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Vintage Camera Two Mice Children's Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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27 thoughts on “Camera Shy

    1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for your reply. Believe me, I have been ready to hit the road. You’re right, no one should tolerate that, but you also have to understand that my circumstances have kept me from doing so. Brutal pain and being unable to walk or stand for very long are major negatives for employment. Add covid. If it was as easy as just moving out, I would’ve been gone a long time ago. Being unemployed for 7 years due to injury and paying some medical costs out-of-pocket, well, it sets you back. It’s not so easy, Linda. So, for now, all I can do is wait on the Lord and wait for His timing. After all that I went through, putting myself at risk with covid is not very smart. I mean, I just finally started to feel better. This injury resulted in a DVT. Know what else causes blood clots? Covid. No, thanks. As painful as it may be, I have to stay put……for now. But soon, Linda. Very soon. Just pray for me. 💜

      1. Marisela yes I will pray for you. I would call a crisis line and see what your options are. Maybe you can get home help or a volunteer. Yes you need medical care. We don’t pay for it up here in British Columbia althoguh before we did according to income. It is horrible that Americans don’t have much for medicare.

        1. Thanks, Linda! Charlie is going to be scratching his head, wondering what we’re up to. haha haha 😂😂 At this point, I am just tired and fed up. I went through an incredible health crisis that changed me forever so I have no more patience for big, foul, nasty mouths. I have been through too much to deal with crap. But in fear of my life? No. As for medicare, I am too young. I was in a program with our University Health System. They took excellent care of me. You pay a part and the county covers the rest. I asked and they spent $30,000 on me. I was only responsible for $1,800. Hopefully once the world goes back to some sense of normalcy, I can get back to work and get my life back. The Lord has promised me that He is going to fully restore my life and give me back all that I lost. I am ready! Thanks for listening. I wonder who else read our conversation. haha haha haha

  1. Definitely a bit of nostalgia here with the vintage camera…I will be joining in on the fun of the Art Work Summit..I will be checking you out there 🙂 In the meantime may you and Phillipe and Phineas have a blessed Thanksgiving and keep the joy and wonder in your creative spirit..It is definitely an inspiration to me!!

  2. I totally understand how the mouse behind the camera feels….totally comfortable behind the lens and no need to be in front of it. Besides, someone has to take the pictures. 😊 Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day!!!

  3. Fabulous Charlie! We were cloudy, cold bur dry today. Rain is coming in tonight. It snowed north of here. I painted and worked on the business end of art. Learning new things to grow the business. Enjoy your turkey day! We will be gathering with the family by zoom tomorrow evening.

  4. A great painting, Charlie! 💜 My favorite color is purple and in high school, the in thing was a Le Click camera and they came in my color! The film was a round disc. In fact, I still have it somewhere. Probably with my Swatch watches. haha haha
    Charlie, age is just a number. It is not the age of the car, but how you drive it. I have run into people from school, who are way younger than me, and they look rough. So, age doesn’t mean anything. Don’t let anyone put that on you. You’re still a puppy 🐕🐕🐕, remember? Or as we say, todavia eres pollito! You’re still a baby chick. 😋
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Charlie. 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 That purple camera sounds awesome! Oh I know age is only a state of mind, but that’s why I prefer it in the abstract behind the camera! lol 😉 I’ll always be young at heart! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving my friend!

  5. Cute cute cute! My son has a small camera collection, but his are a bit older. (No surprise since he is a photographer.) He has the Kodak kind that have the bellows that pop out. They are beautiufl pieces of art with their metal scroll work and designs. Have a very lovely Thanksgiving with your little family.

  6. I was cleaning out a closet and pulled out two older cameras that Joe had kept. He said I could send them to Good Will. He has hoarder tendencies, so I’m happy when I can get rid of the least little thing!

    I’m excited for tomorrow! Turkey is thawed, stuffing ingredients ready, Even in a strange pandemic year, there is so much to be grateful for!

  7. Hello Charlie,

    That’s a very sweet Doodlewash! The mouse behind the camera really looks shy. 🙂 Wishing you, Phillipe and Phineas a very lovely Thanksgiving. And a great big Thank You to you for the inspiration you bring and the beautiful habit you’ve helped developed. Thanks a ton!


  8. You were amazing on the front end of that camera Charlie! You were you, that inspires all of us to stay young at heart and just enjoy this journey. I already weighed in but I’m thrilled to know you’re pursuing your path to illustrate your own book. I have one, or two, or maybe it’s a chapter book in the wings. The only thing you need to fuss about is how you’re going to sign enough of them to ship out to all of us, after we buy out your entire first printing!

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