We don’t have any candy in the house at the moment to sketch, because it mysteriously disappeared as it often does. Since I always fail to have more than one bite before it’s all suddenly gone, I can be safely ruled out as a suspect. This only leaves Philippe and our dog Phineas. The latter prefers things made of meat, so the culprit becomes rather obvious in this mystery. But, when I was growing up, candy was an equally rare treat in any form. Whether it was the orange slices my mother adored, but only had around occasionally, or a candy apple like this one that only made its appearance at the local fair. Speaking of fairs, when we were shopping at Aldi the other day, I saw a kit for making funnel cakes and tried to talk Philippe into getting it, but he just looked at me blankly, licked his lips like a “yum!” emoji and walked away. I also purchased jelly beans recently that claimed to be all natural and got away with it my telling Philippe I would take it to work to share with my team. I did so, and after having a couple of beans I came back to find the bag completely empty. So, apparently, my bad luck when it comes to candy is not limited to home. But even those few jelly beans were glorious!

And maybe it’s all for the best. I probably shouldn’t have much candy at my age. It’s something meant for younger people who still have a thriving metabolism. But, I refuse to rule out anything entirely if it brings me joy. It’s all a matter of moderation. Especially when the thing that brings you joy can also bring a change is waist size. And I was an odd kid. Which is something one says assuming anything has changed in adulthood, and it really hasn’t. When it came to a candy apple covered in peanuts, I just wanted the peanuts and the apple bits. I like both of those things a lot so the candy was just sort of in the way. Another form of candy that I did enjoy a lot was cotton candy. This, I would only have on an annual visit to the circus. I’m quite sure it must have existed in other places, but that’s the only time I was allowed to have it, so I’ve always associated the two. Philippe and I only go out to eat once a week for lunch on Saturday and usually to a favorite restaurant that’s very upscale, but very affordable when you go at lunchtime. We always get dessert and their lime cake comes with a bit of cotton candy on top. The odd bit is they don’t use a coloring of any kind and sprinkle it with crumbled dry avocado leaves. This upscale version looks like a bit of actual cotton covered in dirt and is rather unsettling, but it’s still perfectly delicious.

I adore little moments like these that are unique and special. I mentioned yesterday that I hit publish on a new book and I wish I had some candy to celebrate. By the way, I always mention the publish bit because it’s so cathartic, but it takes a moment for the book to actually appear. If you’re curious, I decided to make my instructional book like an activity book that I had as a kid! This felt more like me, and something I could contribute in my own unique and admittedly crazy way. So, if you’re interested, the very first Sketching Stuff Activity Book is available now on Amazon.com! (though the “Look Inside” preview won’t arrive probably until tomorrow). It’s a 72-page full color book of fun activities for all ages and skill levels to Scribble, Doodle, Color with me! The first theme is “Nature” thanks to our recent Flora & Fauna art challenge. In it, I share many of my little tricks of making a quick little doodlewash and you can make your own doodles right in the book, though the watercolor activities at end will require your own watercolor paper. It’s a book meant to get adults to reconnect with their inner child and therefore magically also works for people of any age to not so much learn, but simply remember how to draw and paint. At least that’s how I envisioned it. It’s probably just another one of those sweetly rare and unusual things that at the very least, can bring back those wonderful childhood memories of candy apple moments.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Red, Cobalt Blue, and Terra Cotta. Sharpie Pen in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Photo Reference: Evan-Amos. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
Candy Apple Illustration - Doodlewash

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29 thoughts on “Candy Apple Moments

  1. I’ve never seen a nut covered toffee apple before ….interesting!
    Since it is my birthday in a few days I just ordered your activity book it won’t arrive for three weeks (I’m in Australia) but I am looking forward to it.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my day

  2. Cotton candy was always a favorite for me, but my father wouldn’t let me have it – too many kids visiting the zoo when he worked there, were stung in the mouth by bees that had snuck into the candy. He felt it was dangerous. I can’t wait to get your activity book!

    1. Oh my goodness! That’s terrifying! I didn’t know that bees snuck into the cotton candy! Yikes! Still… I can’t help but love it! 😃💕 lol And thanks my friend, hope you enjoy the book. It’s a rather different approach, but the only one that felt authentically ME! 😉

  3. We had caramel apples, which I think are different than candy apples. I never had a candy apple and didn’t care for caramel apples because they were messy and hard to eat. OtOH, I adore cotton candy and lament that I only got it a couple of times a year, at the fair, and at the 4th of July celebration in a town in Door County. Joe was going to buy me a cotton candy machine, but it had mediocre reviews, so I to him not to. Here in Monroe they have a festival every other year called Cheese Days! Sooo Wisconsin. One thing the have there is fried cheese curds. I can totally live without those grease bombs! But they also have a group that sells the most amazing cream puffs! They are giant and overloaded with stiff cream which is not too sweet, and you have to eat them very carefully so you don’t squeeze all the cream out into your lap. You would adore them, Charlie! A cream puff every other year seems about right!

    1. Yeah, caramel or candied apples still always felt like risking a tooth in the process! lol 😉 I used to have a client in Wisconsin so I was there quite a bit. Loved those cheese curds… hehe… though only had a couple bites. Cream puffs, however, are right up my alley… I’ll definitely have some!! 😃💕

  4. Yummy candy lie I have seen so many kinds of 🍬 have here but yours wah kya bate hee.
    New book congratulations 💐🌸💐💞🌷🌺🏵️🌻🏵️

  5. I never liked candy apples because they were hard to bite. I loved cotton candy, and always had it at local carnivals. We even had it at school, during the Halloween Festival every year. My problem was getting it all over my face, due to my eager munching! Heading over to Amazon now to check out your book.

    1. I totally agree! These things were SO difficult to eat. But cotton candy was like snacking on a cloud! hehe Totally got it all over my face as well! lol And thanks for getting the new book, Sharon! 😃💕 I really appreciate it! And I hope you’ll enjoy it… it’s no master’s class… just a fun break that I hope helps people remember what they already know. 😉

  6. Charlie says, “I refuse to rule out anything entirely if it brings me joy. It’s all a matter of moderation.”

    You seldom see wisdom and joie de vivre in the same sentence, but there you have it, and it is a
    great way to live!

    Congrats on the new book. You make us proud! I sure wish I had your talent and your energy.
    You are a dynamo!

    1. Thanks my friend! 😃💕Yeah, this month was a test of my dynamo to be sure. I made my first-ever video appearance and in order to justify it created the book idea I had just in time for the launch. This is what a crazy person does! lol Or, a big kid who just can’t believe that anything might be impossible. 😉

  7. Everything in moderation…my motto…um, well, usually. 🙂 Wonderful Candy Apple and no calories attached!! My mom used to make candy apples and caramel apples to give out at Halloween….back when you could safely hand out goodies like that. I can still remember that bubbly, gooey red stuff simmering in the pot on the stove.
    Looking forward to your new book!!

    1. Thanks, Mary! 😃💕 Yay to the gooey red stuff… it was totally a Halloween moment, wasn’t it? hehe And I hope you like the new book! It’s pure Charlie, so it’s delightfully fun, if not a bit weird, but guaranteed to give your inner child a giggle and smile!

  8. I always opted for the carmel apple over the candy. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the Snow White and the apple thing that steered me away! haha! We just instated a no book buying rule in our house (we had to many and donated a ton), but that doesn’t mean I can’t buy it for a friends birthday! 😉 Congrats!!!

    1. haha! Love that! Yeah, Snow White was not at all a good commercial for apples! lol 😉 And thanks! 😃💕 Yay to whoever gets the book! I think it’s fun and meant for anyone of any age or skill level. Though I’ve embedded my little tricks and hacks I’ve created along the way.

  9. I remember these apples; Halloween, birthdays, circuses and fairs…candy, caramel, with peanuts and without. This one looks exactly like what I remember. The book cover on your new activity book is awesome.

    1. Thanks so much, June! 😃💕 Glad this brought back good memories… those were the best days ever! And thank you so much! Glad you liked the cover of my new book… I spent a lot of time on that… hehe… so I’m thrilled you enjoyed it!

  10. Candy apples, especially, and really only, the red cherry version – one of the four basic food groups and seriously, the most important. You can tell Philippe I said so, and I’m a grandmother so that should count for something. As for all the rest of the blather about waist size and health – oh please. As for the restaurant with cake topped with crumbled dried avocado leaves – do they think you’re their compost pile? Sheesh! Upscale my unlucky rabbit’s foot.

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