As my inner child gets more and more excited every day, my head is filled with thoughts of “Peppermint,” our prompt for today, and fun! Today was a travel day as Philippe and I headed to Texas to visit my family. Since I’ve added dogs and cats to illustrate my delight in the season, I thought a sleepy baby koala was in order for today. Indeed, after a day of travel, this is pretty much what I’d like to do next. Minus the candy cane that’s taller than me as that would be a bit too gigantic and rather terrifying. Our flight was changed to hours early, but since we had a connection, we just had a longer layover and had to get up stupidly early. So, I’m extra exhausted, but so thrilled to be back with my family! We’ve got something fun planned every day and I can’t wait. First step was to go get some wine, which is always the first step when we arrive. And some extra treats that we find at the grocery. My mother doesn’t always go with us, but insists on paying and gives me money each time. I’ve given up trying to tell her no, so I just take the dough, secretly quite glad to be treated like a kid again.

Philippe and I had a long layover in Dallas and decided to have a wine flight at lunch. Then, soon after, we also decided we had to have an extra large Starbucks coffee to negate that choice. We were feeling a bit sleepy and the day was only just beginning. We went into full on vacation mode, though, which was super fun. We travel so rarely, that is was fun to experience that sense of reckless abandon that comes with travel for pleasure. Each moment feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity even if we’re just stuck in an airport. And though I don’t love running through terminals and being cramped on a plane, the destination always makes it worth it. Our last flight was slightly delayed so I texted my sister to let her know. We have a running joke that she’s basically beside herself with anticipation to see me again and any delay would be pure agony. The opposite is probably more true, but we love teasing one another.

The final flight is barely 30 minutes in the air, as it’s only a 2 hour drive from Dallas. But not having to deal with a car and driving is another wonderful perk of vacation. After arriving at our destination, my mom and sister were waiting. I always give my sister our flight number, but in reality, there’s only one gate at the airport, so we’re the only afternoon flight from Dallas that day. And suddenly, though I’ve never lived in Texas, I felt like I was home again. Even if my mom’s house isn’t the one from my childhood, it’s filled with all of the wonderful things I remember and cherish. And though it’s a short trip, I’m excited to enjoy each and every precious glittering moment while enjoying these candy cane dreams.

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31 thoughts on “Candy Cane Dreams

  1. Have a wonderful time! I miss returning to the home where I grew up. It became a habit that whenever I was back home I’d walk around the property just to see what was different, and what was the same. I’m turning 60 this month. I don’t think the connection with your youthful self ever fades. Every thing that happened in the first 30 years of life seems burned in your psyche, for better or worse. Mostly better in my case.

  2. I don’t think mothers ever stop treating us as a child and sometimes that’s nice!😊 Especially at Christmastime! Enjoy this time! The coala reminds me of how we went to bed after we got our presents on Christmas Eve, holding the most precious present very close to us, keeping it beside the bed or even in it! Christmas is pure childhood memories! That’s what I love most about it.

    1. Thanks, Eva! 😃💕 hehe… yeah… mothers will always see us as the little children we were. Great reminder that our inner child is always still right there as well. And love your description. That’s exactly why I love this season as well!

  3. Well, now I rather think we need more Christmas Koalas around the place! And indeed, a candy cane taller than yourself would be terrifying, but I still kinda want one 😉 Have fun!

  4. Good to know that you’re with your family. The koala is the dearest,
    snuggled on his favorite pillow, hugging his candy cane., If he doesn’t
    have visions of sugar plums in his head, I’m guessing he has dreamed
    himself into a grove of eucalyptus trees. Whatever he sees, it has
    obviously made him very happy.

    Charlie says, ” Each moment feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity ”

    That is exactly how we all feel about DOodlewash.

  5. A wine flight while waiting for the actual flight to take off. I had to ask someone else what a wine flight is as I don’t drink. Can’t even tell the difference between white and red were I blindfolded and asked to choose. But I know enough about wine to know this is funny.

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