Tonight we’re about to have some cauliflower soup, so that’s the soup that came to mind for today’s prompt. Since the soup isn’t quite ready yet, we simply have a doodlewash of the primary ingredient. Though elaborate recipes can often be delicious, sometimes the simplest of ingredients can make the perfect dish. For example, this little illustration uses just 3 colors to get the idea across. And when it comes to cauliflower, I’m definitely a fan. Roasted in the oven, turned into a pizza crust or pummeled into a soup, it’s versatile and amazing. That said, the initial smell while cooking it is a bit pungent, but the end result is always delicious. This is another of those many vegetables that I wrote off as “old people food” as a kid. Now that I am officially an “old people” I can finally enjoy it properly. Actually, to a kid, I’m a “really old people.” At that point in my life, when I thought of “old people,” I was referring to my teachers who were often in their 20’s. These days, the numbers have reversed and I look at someone in their 60’s and think, wow, they’re still so young!

It’s fun how time has a way of changing how you see the world. But still, I wake each day filled with a bit of wonder in it all. I know I’ve only learned enough to be dangerous in life and there’s still much more to experience and learn. I think the first day I wake up and feel like I know what’s going to happen next or even have an idea of what life is all about in the first place, is the moment I’ll truly feel old. Thankfully, I doubt that will ever happen. Oh don’t get me wrong, I can still get perturbed by “these kids today” and shake my invisible walking stick in their general direction. But while I’m getting irritated, I’m also rather intrigued by those things that I don’t quite understand. New habits, new technologies, and new ways of interacting can feel daunting, but when you jump in, you realize it’s not really all that different than when you were a kid. Your parents looked on with the same thoughts and wondered just what the hell it was you saw in that new fad or trend.

Looking back, I’m not sure I ever stopped to think about what I saw in those things that captivated me. I think stepping back to judge them is purely an adult habit. When you’re young, you just jump in and focus on the experience itself without trying to analyze it. It’s fun. End of story. I guess, for me, I think that’s still a pretty damn good way to approach life. I’m not smart enough to know all the answers, but I am smart enough to know when I should stop asking questions. Sometimes, life is just about the experience and nothing more. Many times, I have absolutely no clue why I sketched a thing that I chose. I’ve equally no clue what will appear here tomorrow. I’ve not even looked at the prompt yet, and have already forgotten what I put on the list. No, I’d rather be surprised. That’s what makes me the happiest in life. And probably why, when there are complex and amazing things buzzing around me each day, I can be equally fascinated by a simple bowl of cauliflower soup.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Terra Cotta, Leaf Green, and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 16 - Cauliflower Soup - Doodlewash

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43 thoughts on “Cauliflower Soup

  1. You make this cauliflower look like a true flower. I guess cauliflower soup would be similar to potato soup, and delicious at that. And I love that you find people in their 60s still so YOUNG! I’m not going for the “old” label either. The rebel in me stomping on all the old fashioned identities .

  2. My sister has been labeling me as old since I turned 18, so I try not to think of anyone as really being old. 😛

    Your cauliflower makes me want to cook, though I’ll admit to being one of those people who can’t get past the smell.

    1. hehe… that’s awesome, Kati! 😃💕 Love the idea of being old at 18! From here, you just get older and older to anyone younger. But thankfully, also wiser! And yeah, as for cauliflower, it’s totally worth trying to get past the initial smell. So delicious!

  3. Your cauliflower is lovely, but where’s the cheese! You must have cheese with cauliflower. It’s a thing. As Allen Saunders said (and John Lennon popularized), “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans”. So much easier to skip the plans and just follow along as life unfolds. Definitely to limit the stress and stay young.

      1. You are a writer with an extraordinary gift. When you get through with that cook book I hope you will compile your articles in a book. Your painting is a gift and so is your writing. You are doubly blessed.

  4. I made a yummy, creamy and comforting cauliflower soup last week with Yukon gold potatoes. I used the golden yellow cauliflower. You couldn’t even taste it. I disguised it as baked potato soup! It was delicious! 😋 Enjoyed your post Charlie! 😘💕

  5. I like cauliflower, and yours looks great. I love the leaves! I like steamed cauliflower with butter, and cauliflower pizza crust, and stir-fried, and……….Yes, the smell is something, but gives me a great reason to burn some incense……if I need one lol

  6. I think it is young ones like you and my children, or teenagers like my older grands … or babies like my littlest grand who just turned one … who keep me young. Yes they can all be surprising pistols as times have changed from what’s appropriate when I was those ages to what’s appropriate nowadays. I feel that I can accept or reject those issues and values, or hope that I may install some of the good of mine into them for future. <3

    I used to think 40 was middle aged.
    Then when I hit 40, I pushed it to 50.
    Then when I hit 50, I pushed it to 60.
    When I hit 60, I realized I was really rather past middle aged and headed into the "elderly category. LOL
    My body shares that statement … but my mind still thinks I'm 20'ish. 😀

  7. You’re welcome : )) I don’t have emojis or like buttons, and the board is acting up today! When I post a reply, it says “submitting comment”, which is strange… Haha, anyway, still amazing! : D

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