This is the doodlewash version of a crazy complex sketch I tried for #DrawingAugust of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. Apparently, this is what I get for saying I love hard lines, as there are about 1 million lines in this particular structure. I sketched this from a photo I took in Paris, the first time Philippe and I were there together. Also, per the request of Kirk over at Dumb Sketch Daily, I included people this time for scale. Very, very tiny people.

It was actually a much uglier day, and had just rained, but I opted for a happier sky. The Pompidou Center is gigantic and extremely complex. It’s nearly looks out of place, but if you turn around from this view, you can see a fountain with giant red lips spitting water, so perhaps it fits in just fine.

Philippe was working for much of the weeks I was there so I would often wander around Paris by myself. I wish I had been sketching at the time, as it would have been a fun way to spend the afternoon. As it was, I was taking lots of photos instead. I love photography, but now that I’ve discovered doodlewashing, I don’t think I could go back to photos as a primary medium. Though I’ll need to get looser and faster if I want to capture life as it happens.

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40 thoughts on “Centre Georges Pompidou

  1. This terrific, Charlie. I like the intricate lines as well. It’s hard to look away. And great job with the people. Wouldn’t you agree those people really set of the size of the structure. And that structure–it’s kinda unbelievable looking! Really good.

  2. I’m so amazed at your work Charlie, you are the brace! Is that the proper injection for “brace”?
    I’m so thrilled to see Paris through your eyes, you made this building so intriguing. Its so not Paris, but an eye catcher which truly is the theme of Paris!

    I have a favor to ask, would you consider showing your work in stages of development? I’d love to see your process and the beautiful final painting.

    I’m just so impressed with your paintings!

    1. Thanks so much Cathe!!!😃 I meant to start showing stages….sometimes I do them so quickly I forget to take pictures. The ones this month were all sketches first that I sort just of splashed with color. All the sketches can be seen on my Twitter feed (doodlewash). But I’ll try to take some shots showing progress in the future!
      As for “brace”, I’m still not sure how it’s used, but I think it’s interchangeable with brave (but bringing to mind “brace yourself, I’m going for it” and used like “She’s soooo brace!!” Or “He’s a brace one, that one.”)
      For the full story you’d have to ask my iPhone autocorrect, which I’ve named Sheila. Sheila is very insistent and we’ve had a love/hate relationship over the years. For example, she used to insist that I refer to Haunani at Art & Moondreams as Haunini, but I think she was just jealous. I won’t recommend you ask my Siri, which I named Babs, as we split up weeks ago after fighting over the correct pronunciation of “thoroughly” which made me thoroughly upset, so we have parted ways. I’ve left her for male Siri who seems slightly less informed, but infinitely more patient. 😉

      1. Siri and I broke up over a year ago, it was bad!

        So instead of brace I need to replace with ace?! Charlie your are the Ace…hum you are an ace but I’m not sure I’ve worked this one out yet!

  3. So complex, Charlie! Wow, you’re not afraid of tough subjects, are you? Love the perspective and movement in this. I don’t know why your posts sometimes miss my WP feed. I’m finding it very distressing. Doodlewash 911!!! :)))) Have a great weekend, Charlie. Hopefully another abstract will post this weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Laura!! Yeah…I had no idea why I tackle such complex subjects. Guess I’m living part of the Doodlewash Manifesto – “Do try the hard stuff before you think you’re ready” LOL And bummer! You’re the second person who mentioned that I wasn’t showing up in their feed. Weird. Must be some sort of Anti-Doodlewash conspiracy!! Or the work of hackers! Nah…I’m not that popular yet to attract such attention. 😉

  4. Charlie, Somehow you’ve ‘simplified’ the place, yet rendered detail very well, with rich colours. It’s an ugly building, yet your doodle makes it an intriguing-looking place. Liked.
    PS: Perhaps you could use all those photos you took to spark some doodling, especially of that red lips fountain — I’d like to see that!

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