For our prompt of “View From The Air” today, I ended up with this quick little doodle of a bird’s eye view. I love practicing unusual perspectives, but they’re super challenging and, in the end, I just hope for something that sort of gets the idea across. So, we have a little dog enjoying a bit of bird watching for scale. My own dog Phineas doesn’t seem terribly interested in birds and generally just ignores them. But, I find them fascinating to watch. Though, the only time I see a bird at this angle is when it’s on the ground. It’s been years since I’ve climbed a tree. And, I always wanted a treehouse when I was a kid, but never got one. I had friends up the street who had a playhouse in their backyard. It wasn’t in a tree, but was a little A-frame house with a second story. It was really cool and we used it as our clubhouse. Well, we didn’t really have an official club of a particular kind, or if we did, it would change often. Kids always seem to be able to find something new and exciting, even if it seems like nothing much to adults.

I was actually going to sketch a view from a treehouse, but that was too complex for the few minutes I had today for a sketch. I’ll have to try that one when I have more time. Part of the extra time needed will be landing on the design of my dream treehouse. This is a very important thing, and not to be rushed, I realized. After all, I’ve waited my entire life for one, so if I finally make one appear on paper, I want it to be just what I imagined back then. I wanted multiple levels with a little spiral staircase. I like the idea of round little rooms so that it has a bit of a castle-like feel. In truth, were I to get one as an adult, it would have to be rather close to the ground as I’m not a huge fan of heights these days. But, I don’t that’s going to ever happen, so I’ll just have to sketch one at some point instead.

I’m not sure Philippe would want a treehouse in the backyard if we were ever to leave the city and get a house that had a proper yard. Though he does want a chicken coop, however, that’s a bit more practical and easy to justify. We have to get a house with a yard at some point, if nothing else, simply because Philippe has never lived in one. That’s certainly a life experience one should have, even if it doesn’t come with a treehouse. And I’m happy as long as it comes with someone to mow the lawn. I’ve actually lived in the same home now for more than a decade, which is actually a record. Form the moment I left college, I used to move every five years or so. It’s been nice to nest in one spot for a much longer time, but I do long for that little house with yard. While it’s wonderful to enjoy being in the same place, it’s equally nice to have a change in perspective.

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25 thoughts on “Change In Perspective

  1. Hey Charlie, I said you can have a tree house. Or you can sort of pretend on your balcony. I am amazed that after 22 to 26 moves I stayed in this apartment 24 years. The balcony is too dirty with silt that comes back five minutes after it is swept off so I don’t use it for treehouse or anything else. Have fun no matter what you do.

    1. Aww thanks for the permission! 😃💕 hehe…. yeah, I actually have a rooftop deck, so I can’t complain too much. But it’s just a seating area with a railing and doesn’t have wall to hang my secret plans! lol

  2. Wonderfully done Charlie! Perspective always makes my heart skip a beat because after about 50 years I still have a voice in my head saying “Your perspective is all wrong!” Thanks Mom. I can overcome it but I still hear it.

  3. Great painting, Charlie! I always wanted a tree house. It would’ve been a great getaway. BTW, I saw a show feature a resort of sorts that has tree cabins. They are fabulous, Charlie. They are round and multi-level like you like. The trees are connected by wood slat bridges and some cabins have a porch. So beautiful! I think it’s in Oregon and they’re not too high up. It would be a nice vacation. The owner said that a lot of their guests are like us…adult kids who always wanted a tree house. Just a thought. 😊 I do think Philippe would come to love having a backyard. Besides chickens, he could plant a garden or just an herb garden. If you don’t want to mow the lawn, let the chickens 🐔🐔🐓🐓 run free. Good lawnmowers. 😊 Your painting is so cute, but I think that birdie wants to poop on the dog. haha Man, what is up with me and animals with a revenge agenda. haha I have a neighbor up the street who has a dachshund named Jasmine. Every single day, birds come to play with Jasi. They fly from one fence to the other so Jasi can chase them. They even tease her by fly low right in front of her as she runs after them. It is so funny to watch. Same time every day. Like a date set in stone. Isn’t that cute? I love animal friends.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Oh wow! Those resorts came up while I was looking at treehouses… they look so cool! And yeah, Philippe would enjoy a backyard indeed. Hehe… as for the animal revenge… I think the birdie would enjoying pooping on the dog just to prove it’s superiority beyond the height! hehe 😉

  4. We nailed some old boards across some branches in a tree by our house when I was a kid, and called it a tree house, but it was nothing like the Swiss Family Robinson tree house that was my standard. I can’t wait to see your extravaganza!

  5. Great perspective sketch! We ever had a treehouse, but I had a wood pile house one summer at my grandparents cabin. It was a wooden covered wood pile (to protect it from the feet of snow in the winter.) I remember I made a kitchen and made sawdust concoctions. Now that’s a memory!

  6. I’ve only had seven moves in my entire life. That would seem to indicate a move approximately every 10 years or so, but I lived in one place for 19 years and have been in my current home for 28 and all the others occurred in between. I’m not sure if we’ll ever move again. If we do it will be because of taxes.

  7. What a wonderful sketch/painting…love the perspective…I used to move a lot also when younger..but now have been in same place for 20 + years..that is why I like traveling to get new perspectives on living and life.
    Thanks again!😊

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