Today we embrace our hectic lives and say, screw it, that’s just how things go, as we celebrate Chaos Never Dies Day. It’s a day to own our messy lives and love them like a child who’s just covered his face in chocolate ice cream. Sure, it can also be a day to try to put some order back into your life, but it’s more fun to embrace the mess and smile.

This is a doodlewash of my art studio, which is typically strewn across a cabinet on the edge of our dining room. Sure there’s a little bag to store everything neatly, but getting said things out of said bag is tedious, so this is what it looks like most of the time. It’s just a small glimpse of my chaos, as attempting to draw the “catch-all” dining room table was far too challenging.

There was a time when I was in our house alone that everything was neat and tidy, not because I’m a tidy person, but because there just wasn’t much happening there. When Philippe moved in, things changed and little piles started to appear places. Once, when people were coming over, I told him the house was a mess to which he shrugged his shoulders and replied, “yeah…we live here.” He was right, and for the first time, it felt less like a crash pad and more like a home.

The real definition of chaos is complete disorder and confusion, which seems pretty rare in life. Point out a stack of crap in someone’s house and they will likely be able to tell you what’s in there. They’re not confused, they’re just messy. Though it’s impolite to point out stacks of crap in people’s houses so I really don’t suggest you do that.

I do agree that life can be pretty whack-a-mole sometimes. Just when you think you’ve got time to relax, some new fresh hell fires itself up. It’s life, it’s like that. Laugh it off and stumble on. But chaos is definitely an adult concept. Kids don’t live in such a state. Not because we’re taking care of them, but because they understand life better. And they think it’s fun.

I find life to be like this strange theme park ride that forgot to actually have a theme. You buckle yourself in and start zooming forward wondering what to expect. Each new twist surprises you, and each turn makes you wonder who the heck thought up this silly attraction? But eventually, if you stop worrying about what it’s all supposed to mean , you can just sit back and enjoy the thrill… or wet your pants… or vomit… or whatever it is you do on those things.

Chaos is something I think a lot of creative people already embrace. It’s where those great unexpected ideas come from. And it’s why that pile of art supplies doesn’t look like a mess. It just looks like an opportunity. A chance to make something new. Something that when made, will bring a little happiness into the world.

So I thought about fixing this little mess and instead I decided to doodlewash it. My little chaos is important to me. It’s how I create and what makes our home look like a home. A place where the inhabitants are enjoying life as it comes, and never taking it too seriously. And though we should probably tidy things up, we probably won’t. After all, “we live here.”

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37 thoughts on “Chaos Never Dies Day

  1. Huge LOL! My husband just suggested the other day that I was overtaking to much “real estate” in the house. Working on toooo many projects! My design area certainly does not look like the pics I posted, right now lol….. Love what you said….”It’s not a mess but an opportunity ” 😉

  2. OK, Charlie–you are just making days up now. I confess to (piles of) chaos in my office as well. On the other hand, Mrs. Kirkistan is a neatnik–so I got that going for me. I like the image.

    1. Haha…I couldn’t make up these silly days if I tried! The weird part is…I always have about 3-5 to choose from each day. I “may” be going for the weird ones though. They just call to me! Sounds like in your house the mess is just in your office…that’s pretty good! My work office ends up equally cluttered so I really can’t ever escape it 😊

  3. My art space is the end of our dining room table. It started with a few things and now it has morphed into a living, breathing entity. I don’t mind messy but it makes my husband break out into hives so I try to keep it somewhat organized. I tell him all the time that nature favors increasing entropy and why mess with nature. 😜 Last night I did tidy up a bit busy this morning, I couldn’t remember what I did with half the things I put away. Sometimes I think I thrive on chaos. It’s just the way my mind works. Your doodlewash is quite neat considering the chaotic nature of your subject. Yes, we should embrace Chaos Never Dies Day!! ❤️

    1. Hehe! Glad you agree to say yes to chaos Kari!! ❤️😃 At least there’s one of you to keep things in check. We usually only sort of tidy up when the housekeeper comes, but that’s only if we remember which day she’s coming. 😊 But making art is messy, and fun! So we really should just embrace it!!

  4. Again, what a completely, brilliantly silly thing to celebrate. Fingers crossed for a World Seal with Citrus Polos Day falling sometime in November…

    You certainly made me feel better about my me-I mean, opportunities! I’ve many spots where items are arranged as per your (marvellous, as always) doodlewash. It’s only a mess to spectators – I know where everything is, and on the rare occasion that I don’t, well, rummaging through it all is a thrill in itself 😉 I’ve always said the same as Philippe on the state of the place; it’s a home, not a showpiece. Immaculate spaces are dull and restrictive. Let there be chaos!

    1. Yay!! This along with the love of tea is just cementing our friendship! 😉👍🏻 And I DO know where everything is. It’s when I try to clean up that I lose things. My mind just doesn’t work in a neat and orderly manner. Never has I’m afraid. But yes to chaos!! It’s our day mate!! 😃🎉🎉

      1. Why, now we’re talking about untidiness, the similarities are coming out in droves 😉 I reckoned there must be plenty just by the amount I rabbit on at you!

        Yes!! I do get annoyed when things are moved/’tided up’, for I always end up having to undertake some mammoth treasure hunt to find the stuff I earlier knew the exact whereabouts of. Grr!!!

  5. Great painting, wonderful inspiration. Finally, I am prepared for one of these interesting celebration days…guess I will tidy tomorrow… lol. “Laugh it off and stumble on,”…great suggestion…will adopt for this week’s theme. Peace!

  6. “just sit back and enjoy the thrill… or wet your pants… or vomit…” – Oh Charlie O! 🙂

    Awesome doodlewash! ( I see the word “thank” – for some reason that stood out to me and made me smile!)

    I grew up in a house that was pristine to the point of almost unlivable. UGH! I like things somewhat tidy in appearance, but I want my house to be lived in, enjoyed, embraced. I want people to feel hugged when they come – smell what has been cooking or baking or the fire burning – not impressed with cleanliness or the smell of Pinesol.

    Live in your house and love it! 🙂

    1. Yay!! I knew you’d approved Jodi!! ❤️😃 And what you saw was a Thank You card from someone. I’m actually not sure who anymore as its been awhile since I’ve looked. But it’s nice to see that I did something someone liked once so I just left it there. I agree! I’ve been in houses that looked like the lobby of a hotel and thought… when do they get to leave and go HOME!! 😉

  7. I can so relate to piles of organized chaos. I’m thankful my hubby doesn’t mind my piles one bit because he knows they are are part of my happy place. Happy wife, happy life!

  8. Love this Charlie! I thrive on a little mess, until I can’t stand it and have a big clean up, but then I have to have a word document noting where I moved things to. no kidding. I have a feeling you’re making up the names of these days….but I’m sure you’re not!!!

  9. I’d call it controlled chaos. There’s a fine line between messy and well organized…I suppose I’m a little closer to a mess although I do enjoy getting organized when I have time…only to mess it up again.

  10. I definitely don’t need Chaos Never Dies day to embrace chaos, lol. I’ve just never seen the logic in putting things away nice and tidy when five minutes later they’ll be all over the place again. Sure neat and squared away LOOKS nice – but it doesn’t seem an efficient use of time. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

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