For our prompt of “Butterflies” today, I ended up with three of them because I couldn’t decide which color to choose. There are so many varieties and I find them all so lovely and intriguing. Of course, it’s not remotely butterfly weather where I live. Today it was so cold that being outside for any length of time at all made my face hurt. But, as ever, it’s whatever temperature I choose in my little sketchbook, and I’m already longing for spring! And though butterflies are another symbol of hope, they also show up in other ways. When one is a bit nervous, people say they have butterflies in their stomach. Indeed, when nerves are at play, there’s definitely a fluttering feeling there. When I was young, this feeling might come from meeting someone whom I wanted to get to know a little better. These days, it’s less romantic, but I whenever I’m starting something exciting and new, I sometimes get that feeling again. It’s not a bad feeling at all, and I have to admit I often hope it comes again. It’s a sure sign that a new and thrilling adventure is ahead!

Today was a rather lazy day, and not particularly adventurous at all, with just a bit of grocery shopping. Though, Philippe is making a cake for this evening so that’s a rather big event in itself. I have to admit that I am super excited about the evening ahead. We both have the day off from work tomorrow, so it’s nice to enjoy a long weekend. In general it’s nice, I mean, but yeah sure, with the added bonus of cake it’s extra awesome. I do tend to get rather excited about the littlest of things. Truly any little new thing can thrill me. This was always the case when I was younger as well. I loved trying new things and would always have some new little hobby going, even if it only lasted for a few days. I remember what it felt like trying to get to sleep on those nights, knowing I had a fresh new day to DO whatever it was I’d set my sights upon. For my mother, I’m sure, it was rather exhausting trying to keep up with all of the many projects I had going. But, she always cheered me on, even when she couldn’t remember what the heck I was into in that moment.

As an adult, I’ve always managed to find new things to try and do that thrill me. Things that I’m not even sure if I can do when I start doing them. This website was one of those things. And as time went on, there were lots of other fun projects that have come out of that lovely obsession. And best of all, it’s been something that I’ve been able to keep going for quite some time. Indeed, this summer will mark five years, which is likely a record for me. I’d usually get bored and move onto something else by this point. I’d want that fluttering feeling again. But sketching, painting, and writing has proven to be a very different kind of adventure. It’s one that constantly has new things to learn and try at every turn. I’ve managed to find a lot of thrills all along the way. It’s never been a dull moment, but I’m still always on the hunt for those wild new adventures. Something that gives me that strangely happy nervous feeling in my stomach and reminds me that life can be as exciting as I choose to make it. After all of this time, I’m still just chasing butterflies.

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26 thoughts on “Chasing Butterflies

  1. Fantastic butterflies Charlie! I also had difficulty choosing which one to paint. Enjoy your cake and having Monday off. I’m happy to have a more normal day tomorrow after a busy week. I started a painting today and am looking forward to a quiet sunny afternoon tomorrow to finish it.

  2. I made a cake today too. A friend sent me oranges and lemons from her backyard trees. So today I made a lemon olive oil cake. It turned our surprisingly good. With olive oil in it, it could have been a disaster. I have book group this week and I’m in charge of dessert, so this was my practice run.

  3. Last spring we Californians got to enjoy the migration of Painted Lady butterflies. Millions and millions of them dashed through our neighborhoods on their way north. They’re a rather small butterfly, a paler orange than their bigger and more famous Monarch cousins, with patterns in black, white, and soft yellow. The “underside” is a brown pattern with some orange and black marks. That you had fun painting these beauties shows in the verve of the art. I really like their shadows below their wings.

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