Watercolor Sketching by Deboshree - Doodlewash - #WorldWatercolorGroup

GUEST ARTIST: “Chasing Dreams With The Curious Mind Of A Child” by Deboshree

My name is Deboshree, born in Kolkata, a self taught painter and a failed 9-6 employee, who now stays home with my family in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India. I work with acrylics, oil and love to paint with watercolours while studying, observing and absorbing the sights and sounds of my surroundings. I love to read and I’m a big time day dreamer. To me, every story is real, fairies, dragons, ghosts and monsters all exist.

It’s a beautiful mysterious universe that we live in. I draw inspiration from almost everything I see, from kids waiting for their school busses to the fallen leaves, waiting to be swept away.

Watercolor Sketching by Deboshree - Doodlewash - #WorldWatercolorGroup

Every dreamy thing attracts me, every story, poem and rhyme inspires me to look beyond those lines and visualize the moments.  At present, I am not traveling much and rekindling my childhood, wondering and pondering over books, images, sky and atmospheric dramas.

How It All Started

In my youth, I always carried my drawing books, pens and pencils, brushes and paints with me, wherever I travelled or shifted due to my jobs. I never actually quit drawing. The box easel, my very limited brushes, canvas pad and the paint palette were my prized possessions then and still are today. I always find my happiness while I’m painting. Weekends, after stressful workdays, I was coming back home, opening my sketchbooks and kept sketching with all my heart. It is my way of meditation.

Ten years passed, miserable and with a loaded and stressed mind, I looked for the true purpose of my life. In the process of finding my true purpose and happiness, I left my well salaried, promising corporate career to pursue the ultimate dream of being an artist. I did a certificate course from Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath, Bangalore along with lots of self studies. As I said earlier, I am a avid reader, too.

My Inspiration

Free spirited, Bohemian, Gypsy soul, day dreamer, a loner, whatever I may be called, I get my inspiration from the mysteries of nature and the cosmos. Ranging from human emotions to cosmic catastrophes.

I love to capture the mystical energies of the universe in my artwork, thus the way I convey my gratitude to mother nature for everything.

Painting Tools I Use

I follow no rules or techniques, so I can’t categorize my works under any pre-written descriptions. I like to work with spontaneous brush strokes and playful colors.

For watercolour sketches – I use Winsor & Newton Cotman series and our Indian brand Camlin tubes, sometimes Koi field watercolour boxes. I also cherish one Daler Rowney artists watercolor set of 24 half pans, that I own, but I seldom use them. These are really expensive here.

Watercolor Materials of Deboshree - Doodlewash

I use Indian Chitrapat Brand, handmade papers, I prefer papers, that can be anything with little toothy textures, cold press, more than 200 gsm at least for wet on wet process or loose watercolour paintings. I also use Brustro, Canson, and Strathmore frequently, as their sketchbooks are affordable and easily available. I even did my many light watercolour sketches in 160 gsm sketchbooks as well. Many of my daily sketch works have ben done in pen and wash. For pen drawing, I use Micron pens, I also use Brustro pens, I think its a local brand here. I also love to use Koh-i-noor water-soluble pencils, Mondeluz Aquarell, and sometimes gouache too.

I am fascinated with colors and their spontaneous, flowing, spirited nature, so I retain those qualities of my working medium in my paintings and sketches.

My Life And Daily Routines

My days starts with, getting my three year old daughter ready for her playschool and, of course, listening to all her dreams she had last night. When I wait for my daughter to come out from her playschool, I spend my time drawing and sketching outdoors, capturing daily lives of people in just 1 mins quick sketches, sometime taking a leisure walk around the parks and playground here.

Doodlewash - Drawings by Deboshree

I even do watercolour sketches while sitting inside a moderately crowded café nearby. I love to sketch and observe people a lot, they fascinate me. If I am not out, I will be working on my canvases with acrylic paints.

Watercolor Sketching by Deboshree - Doodlewash - #WorldWatercolorGroup

My medium varies as per my mood. My mantra is: If you are expressing yourself, be free, and choose your own methods.

Deboshree Chatterjee

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  1. You have amazing talent Deboshree. I love the fact that you paint whenever and wherever you feel like it and your “Go For It” attitude! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. Your passion speaks itself portraying your immense desire to express yourself….Really wonderful and so is mine….I m also free from all rules what dominates me is my own will to sketch randomly anything that strike my emotions. I m inspired and shall continue to follow the pathway you guided….Thanks a lot

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