Champagne Glasses Doodlewash

Cheers to New Year’s Eve!

Based on a rather close vote this time around, something bubbly won, so I’m assuming many of you are excited to celebrate the New Year. Here’s a doodlewash of a couple of glasses of champagne to help you ring in the coming year. If champagne is not your thing, then cheers to whatever it is you prefer to toast with as the end of the year creeps closer and closer!

Though New Year’s Eve isn’t for several more hours here, many of my friends in other time zones are already there. So, I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic New Year’s Eve and an incredible New Year! It’s truly been an amazing year for Doodlewash (well half of a year as is just 6 months old on Friday)! The best part has been the thrill of sharing work of over 100 talented doodlewashers from all over the globe. It’s truly an honor to feature each and every one of you.

Also, I’m grateful for all the wonderful comments and support as they really keep me energized to continue doodlewashing. It’s lovely to know that there are people out there who enjoy seeing my work. Thanks also for those of you who played along with me on this month’s Choose Your Own Doodlewash project by voting each day. It was fun to see what you’d select next! Today is the last poll, so be sure to cast your vote, as we’ll be starting a new adventure on Friday!

As usual, I’m not completely sure what will be next, but I am going to try to do a few new things in the coming year. One thing will be to begin showing a little behind-the-scenes footage either in stills and/or videos of how I doodlewash. Many of you have asked me, so I’m going to give it a try. Bear with me as I stumble through how I’ll do it. Hope you’ll stick around and continue your amazing support of Doodlewash in the coming year. I really can’t do it without you!

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48 thoughts on “Cheers to New Year’s Eve!

  1. Your work is amazing, Charlie! And it keeps getting better! Is that possible? I am so glad we found each other and grateful to you for introducing me to all the fabulous artists from around the globe. And thank you for always giving me encouragement too. I really cannot wait to see what you do next! I’ll be drinking the non-alcoholic bubbly with all the kiddos and then maybe some mimosas after that.. 😜

    1. Thanks so much, Kari!! 💕😃 I hope I’m improving!! Hehe… Trying to at least. I can’t believe it’s only be 6 months. Feels like I’ve always been doodlewashing now. 😊 And I really can’t think you enough for all the comments and kind support of Doodlewash. It makes me smile daily and motivates me to try more and keep going. Cheers to a wonderful 2016… and heck yeah to mimosas!! 🍾👍🏻❤️

  2. You continue to blow me away with your amazing doodlewashes! after spending a few hours painting today, I appreciate even more your amazing talent to make things look so realistic – almost like a photograph! I CANNOT wait for the behind the scenes!!! WOOOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!! Happy New Year’s Eve Charlie O! (and Philippe and Phinneas too!)

    1. Thanks so much Jodi for all your kind words that make me blush!! Hehe 😊❤️😃 I’m thrilled to have met you this year and hope you have an amazing 2016! (If I can swing it, I’ll start the behind the scenes stuff as requested tomorrow…hehe… Either way, I hope you have an amazing birthday my friend! 💕🎉😃)

  3. What a nice way to cap the year. Your washes are so subtle and ethereal. Something to aspire to in the new year. Happy new year and look forward to seeing what you have sowed blossom even further.

  4. I did vote for this one, but how on earth did I not figure that it was going to be champagne for New Year’s Eve? Even the ‘bubbly’ didn’t sway me toward it. Incredible! But what can I say other than the usual? You’ve captured the glass perfectly, and the champagne…. it looks like champagne…! I think I’m learning stuff from the way you’re rendering various materials – methinks my Spiderdemon owes you a debt of gratitude for his shiny metalwork as I’m sure it came out all the better for observing you!

    I love the idea of behind-the-scenes material – doodlewashTV? Tremendously exciting!

    Of course, a very happy New Year to yourself, Philippe and of course Phineas, who I’m sure will be in party mood this evening. It’s a complete joy to be part of such a warm, fun and inspiring community, and indeed, I look forward to each of the next three-hundred-and-sixty-six editions from you! To 2016! (party horn!)

    1. Haha…bubbly didn’t give it away? What are earth were you expecting? 😳lol And you say the sweetest things my friend! I’m thrilled to have met you on this journey and am inspired by you as well! That’s the fun part about this little art club we have going. Hehe… and I can’t promise DoodlewashTV yet… I’ll likely start with stills as it’s been years since I was an actor and I’ve grown camera shy. 😊 you’ve made these past several weeks an absolute blast you better be sticking around all next year!! Happy New Year!! Blow that horn! 😉🎉hehe

      1. I know I know… what a dunce! I don’t even know what I was expecting, with ‘bubbly’ in, it just sounded fun. I shall yet again blame my mental lethargy on too much Christmas food.

        Yay for art club! And all the same back atcha, mister! I’m equally thrilled to have stumbled across you – you are the coolest!

        The party horn is about the pinnacle of my NYE jollies. I hope you have fun, if you have anything planned!

  5. Look at that champagne, I hope you painted this from the real thing! It’s perfect and what a great way to close 2015 and start 2016! I’m excited for your new year plans and greatly appreciative of how much effort you have put into your site! Happiest New Year to you, Philippe and Phineas! Enjoy!!

    1. I’d never be able to let champagne sit that long to paint the whole thing live! 😊But we had some last night with my friend from NYC who was in town so I had lots of photo references …hehe… and we will have some again tomorrow night! Lol Tis the season. 🍾😃🎉 Thanks so much for all your support, Cathe! 💕😃 It’s a bit of work to keep alive but I’ll keep doing it as long as folks show up and still enjoy it! Hope you have a phenomenal New Year my friend!!

  6. Delicious! I just had a glass of Martinilli’s Cedar, it looks like champagne but no effect 😍.
    Beautifully painted.

    Thank you Charlie for bringing us all together through Doodlewash. 2016 will bring new friends and more inspiring art! The very best to you, Philippe and Phineas!

    1. Hehe! Cheers to faux champagne! 🍾 And thanks so much, Sharon! Your support has been amazing and I really can’t thank you enough (including your consistent kind words for my guests…it’s very much appreciated!❤️) Hope you and yours have a fantastic New Year and here’s to lots of doodlewashing in 2016!!! Yay!!

  7. Here’s to you, Charlie and all your FABULOUS doodlewashes this year! 🍾🌟🎉 The champagne looks so real! Wow! 😃 I have so enjoyed your humor, friendship and kind encouragement on my art too. 🎨 Much happiness to you and Philippe in the new year! ❤️💜💙

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR CHARLIE O! Wow, blown away by this painting, my friend. Holy goodness. WOOT! Can’t wait to see your behind the scenes!!! That will be amazing. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, and best to you and P&P in 2016. I only have two more words: neutral tint! 😀 hehe! I think of you every time I use it, what a terrific tip. Love ya, O Bro!

      1. I have just recently discovered you through Instagram. Blogging is new to me too so I am leaning as I go. I enjoyed your posts and look forward to more in 2016. You have a sympathetic audience of art lovers who will give you lots of encouragement as you try new things on your blog. Happy 2016.

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