Today we celebrate one of the most basic pizzas on the planet in the form of a cheese pizza. Although here in America, the number one style of pizza is topped with pepperoni, which actually gets its own day on the 20th of this month, cheese is still ordered by more than a third of the population. Yes, Americans are crazy for pizza, and I read once the population here eats a combined total of 100 acres (40.5 hectares) of pizza per day. An odd measurement, as though pizza were filling fields like corn, but still rather impressive. Arguably, most pizzas have cheese, of course, but this celebration is for the cheese-only variety with no meats or vegetables to interrupt the gooey goodness. When I was a very little kid, cheese was my favorite type of pizza so this brings back good memories. I later learned about all of the other topping options, but a basic cheese pizza is still hard to beat even today. That said, I’ve paired the pizza with a bottle and glass of Coca-Cola, which is definitely a memory as I no longer drink the stuff, but just wanted to add a little extra interest to the sketch.

When I was in grade school, pizzas came in little individual rectangles and by 6th grade I had fallen in love with the sausage variety. As foods go, pizza certainly isn’t the healthiest, but it’s definitely one of the most fun. When it comes is the larger circular variety, it always makes me think of a special event or gathering of some kind. Sometimes the fun family kind, but also the kind that happens at work, because pizza is the easy go-to option for feeding lots of people when you have no idea what they might like to eat. And it also brings back memories of a smaller celebration that my mother and I used to have on very special occasions. We’d order a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese from Pizza Hut and watch a well-worn VHS tape of the first Broadway production of Into The Woods, by Stephen Sondheim with Bernadette Peters. An odd pizza memory to be sure, but that’s what always comes to mind. It’s a really strange show, and this is still the only version I actually enjoy. But it was fun, because it was “our thing.” One of those odd little traditions between a mother and a child. Those are some of my most cherished memories of all.

And, this weekend, my mother is coming into town unexpectedly, as that is usually the case. My sister sent me a text a couple days ago asking if we were available. Of course, we were, since we rarely have very many plans, so it always works out. We’re meeting for lunch on Sunday along with my brother, niece and nephew and their two children. My sister asked where we wanted to go to lunch, and my first suggestion was Chuck E. Cheese’s. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a family pizza joint where they have various games as well. They used to have an animatronic show of animal characters, but I think they’ve removed most of those as they kept malfunctioning and were even creepier than usual. I’m pretty bummed though, as the original concept of this robotic show first appeared here in Kansas City back in 1980 as Showbiz Pizza Place. Part of me was hoping to relive a bit of my childhood by seeing one of those awkwardly odd shows again. But it will still be a lovely chance to have a little special time with mom. Perhaps there won’t be a show this time, but we’ll still have a moment to relive some wonderful memories, and celebrate our own special Cheese Pizza Day.

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Day 5 - Cheese Pizza Day With Coke Glass Bottle Watercolor - Doodlewash

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30 thoughts on “Cheese Pizza Day

  1. Your pizza and Coca-cola looks so yummy. Now I want some! I hope the pizza at your Chuck E. Cheese is better than what they have here! Nowadays, if we go for pizza, we go to a place that grows all it’s own veggies, makes its own cheese and beer and only uses meat from local farms. Hubby drinks hideously expensive beer and I have the honey lavender lemonade – much better than Coca-cola!

  2. Pizza is absolutely healthy. You got your carbohydrates from bread, proteins from cheese and or meats, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables. Pizza powers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and helps them fight crime. Pizza is practically the national food for the United States of America. The entire economy is stimulated when you buy pizza or purchase ingredients to make pizza, or when pay your gas or electric bill because that provides the energy to power your home stove.

    Pizza . . . its whats for dinner.

  3. I have never had pizza as good as the kind we got at a country tavern when I was a kid. Super thin crust and great toppings. It was such a treat to go there. I always burned my mouth on that hot pizza. And never learned my lesson. Pizza must make you stupid!!😁😁

  4. Dang I forgot to have Coke with my pizza last night! With all the sketches of pizza, I couldn’t help ordering in one with veg, mushrooms, olives, and lots of cheese. Love your sketch and the memories pizzas evoke for you. Hope you have a great time with your family!

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