Today we celebrate the cheeseburger, because that’s what cheeseburger day is all about, of course. If you’re a fan of cheeseburgers, then I hope you managed to find one of the many deals offered today at restaurants and fast food joints. Or, even made your own, if you felt so inclined. I rarely ever eat cheeseburgers anymore, but as a kid they were my number one favorite. This was largely due to the fact that they were a rare treat and included a visit to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal. These little boxes of happiness promised not only a cheeseburger, but fries, a soda pop, and a fun little prize inside. Many times, I was far more excited about the toy as back then they were way cooler and like actual toys more than trinkets. Or, at least that’s the way I remember them. Now that I think about it, I remember just a plastic little rubber band motor boat, but it was still cool nonetheless. Having a cheeseburger at home was an extra cool experience back then, but I got more excited about the french fries that came with it. In truth, I now realize that cheeseburgers were simply the signal that something cooler was coming. But for that alone, I’m glad they get their own day.

These days I rarely ever eat red meat, which is pretty much the central ingredient of a cheeseburgers. In fact, meat in general is rarely ever on the menu when Philippe cooks. Although once a year, he makes a cheeseburger in the summer and it’s absolutely fantastic. This is something he only ever attempted once here in America, along with a few other dishes. His Mexican food, by the way, has become legendary and is my most requested of all his summer dishes. Though the exact inventor and origin of the cheeseburger is often disputed, all of the claims originate in the States. Equally tough to track down is the founder of today’s celebration. Nobody seems to know exactly why today is Cheeseburger Day or alternately National Cheeseburger Day, but for fans there’s really no reason to question such things. I love days like this, without a known origin, that somehow managed to establish themselves on an annual basis. It’s this wonderful mystery of collective admiration that makes these days so much fun!

I tried to get Philippe to make a cheeseburger to celebrate this day properly, but he just looked at me blankly and then showed me a photo of the “beautiful one” he made this summer. Somehow, as ever, I failed to get my point across properly. But, I’m happy just living with those McDonald’s memories of my youth. Along with that feeling of excitement on a rare Saturday night that my day’s playtime would end with a burger and fries. No, Philippe doesn’t serve his burgers with fries and thinks the combination is bizarre and unhealthy. He’s likely correct, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from craving it. In the end, though, what I’m really craving is simply a taste of my youth. A tiny bite of those memories that made me so happy in the past. Then, I realize that simply thinking back to them and smiling is one of the best treats of all. I’m not sure I’d really enjoy a Happy Meal properly were I to get one today. But thinking about them makes my heart smile. Sometimes, all I need to do is pause and remember bits of life that I once enjoyed to get that same feeling of enjoying them all over again. And spend just a quiet moment chuckling to myself as I sip a glass of wine and remember how much joy I once felt when mom told me it was cheeseburger day.

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Day 18 - Cheesburger Day Watercolor - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Day

  1. It occurs to me that many many of these days of celebration revolve around food. Accident? Or manipulation by the group leader? Hmmm? Yours looks amazing! I only like them when tomatoes are summer ripe from my garden. Everything so juicy you need a lot of napkins to keep from getting covered in goo!

    1. Thanks! 😃💕hehe! True! You caught me, Lisa! 😊There are usually 4 or 5 to choose from each day and I tend to gravitate toward the food ones. That said… there are still lots of food ones that didn’t even make the list! lol Apparently, I’m not alone in my love of food!

  2. A few years back, my mother was in a nursing home that took an hour to reach and I was visiting her every day after work. I was grabbing meals at fast food restaurants along the way, and a time or two I bought happy meals so Mom could give the toys to the grand kids when they visited. They ain’t what they used to be. Just as well in a way. I used to have the occasional craving for a fast food cheeseburger, but now I do not!

    1. Aww that’s so cool she got Happy Meals to share! I love that story! 😃💕 But yeah… those toys are not as good, right? I haven’t had a McDonald’s hamburger in decades now, but without the toys, there’s little point. 😉

  3. Nice doodlewash…My daughter loves those Happy Meals and the toys…It reminds me of the Binaca toothpaste which used have a small bird toy inside the packet when I was young….The joy of finding a free toy inside the packet is still memorable….

  4. This is one beautiful cheeseburger. Used to buy happy meals and keep the “prizes” for my nieces to have when they came to visit. So glad the girls have grown up and that practice is just a happy memory.

  5. Looks good enough to eat! I grew up prior to the McD toy thing. However, my son was born in the midst of it. I think I enjoyed some of the toys more than he. I have saved a few sets, mostly Disney ones.

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