Today, for our prompt of “Pies,” I was running well behind and was truly just getting totally distracted by the thought of actually eating a piece of pie. I attempted to get Philippe to bake one, but he just smiled at me in that friendly way that politely says “No” while, at the same time, effectively killing dreams. Since, I didn’t have a pie to sketch from, I found a reference for a cherry pie and added a fork. Actually, in my haste, I lost my original pie reference and had to make things up from memory. This is, in the end, a pure fantasy dessert. What strikes me is that after all of this time, I can finally render many things from memory and that’s quite a milestone. After days and days of carefully studying details of various objects many have been emblazoned into my visual memory now. Sure, food has probably left the biggest imprint as I just adore all types of food. But, give me a piece of pie in the summer and I’m a happy camper. That’s just an expression, as I haven’t been camping years, but I’m happy nonetheless. I was talking with friends today about camping and we all agreed that the best part is the evening you first arrive and sit around the campfire. Waking up to a new morning, without a proper shower, was a bit less alluring. But, if there was cherry pie for breakfast, I would be in heaven!

I actually loved key lime pie best as a kid, and still adore it as an adult. But any fruit will do when it comes to pies and I don’t like to discriminate. From blueberry to raspberry to cherry, I go gaga for pies of any kind. Though I teased about Philippe denying me a pie, in truth, they’ve always been rather rare. When I was growing up, we’d only ever have pie at family gatherings, so I think that’s why I love pie so much. It’s that rare treat that’s practically synonymous with family in my life. I do, of course, have the patience of a 5-year old, and I don’t like waiting for my next treat. Just like I don’t like waiting for big wet washes of watercolor to dry, so tend to use less water in the process. But, the very thing that makes something a treat is its rarity and elusiveness. We don’t typically, for example, feel that same feeling when it comes to something like breathing. If we didn’t, we’d die, so it’s just something that’s meant to happen. But, when it comes to pies and things of the sort, it’s a special event. At least, for most of us. I guess people could eat pies every day and in this particular moment I’m just rather jealous of those people.

But, for me, pies and desserts are rare so they always command my attention when they appear. It’s like coming face to face with a unicorn. Only, yeah, you probably shouldn’t eat that unicorn when you see it, so that’s a rather disquieting analogy. Suffice it to say that the things we do the least are often the most precious. Even though I sketch and color with watercolor each and every day, it’s just a very small piece of my day. So, each time I do so, it feels like the biggest treat I could imagine. And that’s why I always tell others to sketch and color each day. It’s a truly wonderful experience! And, I’m referring to just playing in a sketchbook, not the creation of that next painted masterpiece. My art world isn’t the school, but simply the playground. I’m a sketchbook guy, who one day might attempt that grand painting, but who’s quite content just having a bit a fun each day at the moment. And even if you are chasing that next grand painting or writing a novel, it’s always good to take a break and just play. While I’m sure that recess at school was invented simply to let children work off some of that extra energy, I think the same idea applies to adults. Taking a break to play is something every human should enjoy. But, most of you know I have a silly and simplistic view of life filled with an insatiable amount of optimism. Yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just imagine for a moment that life was nothing more than a cherry pie fantasy.

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Day 6 - Cherry Pie Fork Watercolor Illustration_IG

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28 thoughts on “Cherry Pie Fantasy

  1. Oh Charlie, I enjoyed this so much!
    “I attempted to get Philippe to bake one, but he just smiled at me in that friendly way that politely says “No” while, at the same time, effectively killing dreams.”
    Omgoodness. Hilarious! I admit I became a bit smitten with Philippe. I MUST master this look!

    “It’s like coming face to face with a unicorn. Only, yeah, you probably shouldn’t eat that unicorn when you see it, so that’s a rather disquieting analogy”
    Oh, Stop it! I’m dying!🤣

    You are just so well written and your jovial personality really comes through. I’d completely agree with you. I’m just old enough to have been raised in a time when a candy or soda was a rare treat and remember how cherished and savored those things were. In today’s constant, anytime , anything world, well, it’s robbed us of a fate amount of the joy we once enjoyed.
    I am wholly partial to cherry pie. My great grandmother lived just down a path behind my grandmothers house and when I’d visit, she always made sure to have one freshly baked for me. If that brilliant red sweetness, oozing from under and buttery flake of crust wasn’t enough, it’s forever embedded in my childhood memories of family and home.

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! 😃💕So thrilled you enjoy my writing… I started college wanting to be a writer and ended up with an art degree instead! hehe… So, it’s been fun to put the two together here. That’s beautiful that you had a freshly baked pie waiting for you at your great grandmother’s house! Love it! And I agree.. the constant, anytime, anything world is exhausting… and I have wonder what on earth could still be considered a “treat.”

  2. And to me, one of the most fabulous things in the world is when you are just playing and suddenly everything coalesces (at last! An excuse to use that word!) and you have this wonderful composition without ever having thought about it. I think that’s when the muse has decided to join you on the playground and have a fun time too!

  3. I grew up in Door County, Wisconsin which is famous for its cherry orchards. Cherry pie is a big deal there. So it is funny that I’m not a big fan. If I had some right now, I’d eat a piece still warm from the oven, with ice cream on the side, then hubs would eat the rest because meh. My friend Karen and her husband are here for a long weekend and they are camping out on our deck. I made meatball and gravy over m mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. No pie though. Almond joy I’ve cream will have to do.

  4. Traverse City Michigan has a Cherry Festival every summer. Big tourist deal. One of my side incomes along with Prayer and Care Companion was my Pie in the Sky business at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Homemade crusts and offered pumpkin, pecan, and apple. I made 35 – 40 pies in two days, packaged them and delivered. I don’t do that anymore. Apple pie was the rave. One year I got one order for cherry pie.

  5. Luscious looking pie! There was always some sort of homemade dessert on the dinner table when I was a kid and my Mom made the very best ever pies. Do miss those days. Truly wish I had inherited the pie making gene.hehehe.

  6. Out of all pies, cherry is my favorite. I don’t make them because I would eat it…..all of it. Bahahawa! I don’t think I’ve seen a lattice topped cherry pie in years. Such a beautiful rendering!

    1. Thanks, Lori! 😃💕 hehe… My reference that I lost wasn’t lattice topped, so I had to use my child brain to complete it! lol And yeah, If I was left alone with a cherry pie, it would not be pretty to be sure! 😊

  7. You said you misplaced your pie reference photo part way thru, but finished the sketch by memory….I’d say that cherry pie is deeply sourced in your memory! In fact I think you must have used a photo of my mom’s cherry pie! What a great memory trigger! The beauty of all your sketches is that you are completely “in the moment” and able to spend the brief art moments on your inspiration, right then and there. Love it! bob.c

    1. Thanks so much, Bob! 😃💕 Yeah, to be honest… the original wasn’t a latticed pie, but that’s the one I remember. So, that’s what appeared instead! I like this version better, so yay for good memories! And wow, that’s for the wonderful compliment… I’m indeed just in the little moment I have stolen to sketch each day. I’m so thrilled you enjoy what comes from that!

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