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GUEST ARTIST: “Keep Your Brushes Wet!” by Cheryl Johnson

Hi there. My name is Cheryl Johnson. I live in a log cabin with my husband Don and two cats in Campton, New Hampshire, USA. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love art. As a kid, I avidly absorbed everything my art teachers had to offer. My high school mentor, a former sign painter and illustrator, introduced me to pen and ink and graphic arts.

Heirlooms Watercolor Painting

After graduation, I took up sign painting and truck lettering, and later worked at an ad agency. After a few years, I started a small commercial printing company, which I ran for nearly 25 years. I spent my days doing typesetting, graphic design, illustrating and interacting with customers.

During my professional life, I continued to draw, mostly in pen and ink, and occasionally dabbled in acrylics. When I sold my business and retired, I decided to teach myself watercolor. All those years of pen and ink and graphic arts had made my style very tight and precise. I thought that watercolor would loosen me up. However, silly me, I soon discovered that was not to be.

Spring Thaw Winter Snow Melting Watercolor Painting

I bought a handful of how-to watercolor instruction books and completed many of the step-by-step lessons. The more I learned, the more I loved the medium. However, instead of becoming looser in my style, I found techniques that allowed me to achieve the same level of detail that I was able to get with pen and ink. I especially enjoy creating textures, and have learned how to produce realistic weathered wood, stone, rusty metal, peeling paint, fur, feathers and more.

I paint and/or draw nearly every day in my studio located right outside my front door, using my own photos as reference. I regularly participate in local, regional and national exhibitions. My favorite watercolor subjects include landscapes, old buildings, rust, stone, wildlife, and close-ups of anything with lots of texture. I like bold colors and strong contrasts. I find my subject matter by browsing through tag sales and thrift shops in search of interesting objects for still life, visiting local scrap yards to take photos of junk cars, and traveling the back roads of New England where I find the landscapes I love to paint.

Cheryl Johnson Watercolor Painting Winter Snow Charlie's Place

About my materials: My preferred watercolors are M. Graham and Daniel Smith, and I always use Arches cold-pressed paper (140# or 300#). For brushes, I like Silver Brush Black Velvet. Occasionally I use gouache or watercolor pencils for final details.

Cheryl Johnson Watercolor Painting Pantry Box

Watercolorists I especially admire — my “watercolor superheroes”— include the photorealists Angus McEwan, Carol Evans, Lana Matich Privitera, Mikhail Starchenko, ‎Stanislaw Zoladz, Steven Kozar, David Poxon, Soon Y. Warren, and Laurin McCracken.​

In addition to painting, I also get great pleasure from passing along what I have learned. I teach weekly classes at my home studio, and I can honestly say that I have learned more from teaching than from all the books I have read. Since some of my students have been with me for more than a decade, I have to constantly challenge myself to stay ahead of them. When I am not making art, I spend most of my time gardening, reading, knitting, or taking photos.

I would like to thank Charlie O’Shields and Doodlewash for the wonderful opportunity to share my work with you as a guest artist. Keep your brushes wet!

Cheryl Johnson
Fine Art America

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39 thoughts on “GUEST ARTIST: “Keep Your Brushes Wet!” by Cheryl Johnson

  1. Wao that’s so realistic that makes me feel so little comparing to you!!!! But I am already in my 60’s and is too late for me to achieve that kind of perfection. Your work is totally amazing and remind me of an artist I admire very much, Atanas Matsoureff…

  2. Hi Cheryl, i admire your precision and detail, its the polar opposite of how I work lol!. However I loved your story and evolution and how your students teach you more then any books, great point! My brush is wet as we speak. be well!

    1. I admire those who can work loosely … it is just not within me to paint that way. That’s what makes art so wonderful … there are as many styles are there are artists 🙂 Thanks for your nice comment.

    1. I enjoyed not only your beautiful paintings, but also what you wrote. Wish I lived by you so I could also take advantage of the classes you teach. I am sure you have won many awards for such wonderful art.

  3. Your work is amazing, Cheryl! I love your realistic style and I’m glad you didn’t fight it when it insisted of following you to watercolor. Thank you for sharing your artistic journey with us.

    1. Thanks Laura. Texture is my favorite thing. I learned how to create realistic textures mostly from a variety of step-by-step watercolor books.

  4. Cheryl, I had to do a double take on the one of you painting (I assume that’s you) First thought it was a photo. Your art is mesmerizing – so much to look at. You bring nobility to humble objects and exquisite mastery to all your art.

  5. Hi Cheryl, I have missed your work, and having given me encouragement in the past and advice in colours it was a pleasure to see this blog today in Doodlewash which I have only just joined thanks to another friend Louise Primeau. I just love what you create and am always in awe. Best wishes

  6. Your art is amazing. I wish I could paint like that, but realistically, being over 70 with hands and eyes that are not so reliable, I have had to make peace with what I can do rather than what I wish I could do. But I sure did enjoy looking at your work.

  7. Cheryl, great job as a guest artist! Loved your comments. For those who do not know you personally, let me just tell you about Cheryl: She is a Renaissance Woman: A great teacher, a fun friend, a great cook, generous with her art materials and her knowledge, and an expert on moths butterflies,insects, and photographing them and snowflakes too! There just is not limit to her expertise in many interesting areas! I really enjoyed your self-portrait! I would enjoy a class on that. It has been awhile since I have attended lessons with you, but I plan on making changes in my life after this Pandemic! One thing, though, as awful as it is, it has been a great opportunity to paint! And, it is one reason I took the time to read Doodlewash today! Otherwise I might never have seen this! Keep your brushes wet and I hope to see you soon at an appropriate social distance!

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