There’s really nothing better than a sundae covered in bits of gooey goodness. It’s a lovely celebration of pure decadence that always makes me really happy. I prefer the chocolate syrup on the bottom under a lovely layer of whipped cream, nuts, and bits of cookie. That said, this is not drawn from life as Philippe doesn’t allow me to eat these, citing the day’s worth of calories and week’s worth of sugar in a single serving. My argument to this is simply, “yeah, that’s the entire point!” which ends up being a less than convincing argument. I wrote today’s prompt assuming there would still be a few little chocolates left over from our Christmas stockings. But there was none to be found as Philippe had managed to eat them all without me even noticing. I decided to look at it as another act of love in sparing me the calories, but made a mental note to have a sundae for lunch next week.

I’m usually pretty good about not consuming too much of anything and keeping things in moderation. But I do insist on getting a treat every now and then. When it comes to chocolate I really love a Toblerone, which I think I got a bite from before it also mysteriously disappeared. If I ask Philippe where all the chocolate went, he first tries to blame the dog. After this, I make a dramatic show of grabbing the car keys, saying, “well, let go get his stomach pumped.” It’s quite clear where it all really went, but I’m impressed at the stealth in which its consumed. No bits of wrapper left behind to leave some sort of clue. It’s as though he’s eaten the entire thing whole. If I want to have a bit of chocolate I have to buy and enjoy it in the moment, often handing an empty wrapper for the checker to scan just be safe. I sometimes get an odd stare, but more often I just get a knowing glance and a conspiratorial nod.

I’m not worried about the recent chocolate theft as much, however, since I really do need to detox a bit after the holidays. It was a joy to eat my way through them, but there’s a time for that and a time for fitting into my clothes properly again. Thankfully, the sweater weather can hide the signs for me while I shrink a bit back to my normal size. I just choose my American clothes for a few weeks before even attempting to try on the French ones again. It’s as much of a tradition as the holidays themselves and I don’t mind at all. Everything is restored before the weather gets warmer, so no harm done. I can’t speak for any atrocities that happened internally, but that’s why I always schedule my annual doctor’s appointment in the summer. Life would be pretty dull if we only did the things that were perfectly proper and reasonable. There always has to be a lovely balance that leaves a bit of room for treats and fun. And even when I can’t indulge, it’s still a sweet treat to recall those chocolate sundae memories.

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37 thoughts on “Chocolate Sundae Memories

  1. Memories BAH! The Real Deal YAH! I like Banana Fudge Royals – vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, banana and nuts but then again I’ll eat ice cream in most any combination.

    P.S. Baaaaaaaaaad Philippe. Good Dog

  2. Uhhh! I’m trying to lose the weight that I gained over the holidays, which was weight I had already lost dieting. I’m absolutely certain your painting and chocolate talk undid all my good work. There aughta be law!

  3. oh man that looks delish. it seems Philippe and I dave the same addiction. Mmmmmmmmmm chocolate. Easter’s coming, pr as my friend calls it, chocolate bunny day. ;o)
    BTW, are you going to offer the Da Vinci palette again in do shop for points? or just do giveaways?

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, you and Philippe would get along very well indeed! As for the palette… I’m hoping to offer more in the shop soon, and there will be a palette again, but I’m not sure when yet.

  4. I love sundaes,.replace those Oreo cookies with peanut butter cups and add some peanut butter sauce with the chocolate sauce…yum yum,,oh sorry,I got carried away,the painting is perfect…😀

  5. This painting is making me very glad I bought the closest thing to that this morning which is a trifle! I haven’t been around recently because of being in hospital but I keep meaning to mention that clicking the Twitter icon brings up a box with only the URL and not the title of your post nor, indeed your twitter handle which I know you have because I’ve just checked. It would be great to have the full shebang to tweet rather than spending time cutting and pasting!

    1. Yum! A trifle sounds delicious!! 😃💕 And yeah, the Twitter link doesn’t work too well… it’s what is built into the theme. I’ll have to check into it and see if there’s a way to make it work better!

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