While thinking about a prompt of sweet today, my mind went to chocolate truffles. This time of year, they are absolutely everywhere I look, taunting me with their decadence. After I quickly sketched this and showed Philippe, his response was, “Yum! I make a really delicious truffle!” I paused and thought about it for a few moments, and then said, “when exactly did you make us truffles?” He just smiled coyly and said, “Oh, I haven’t made them here. I made them in Paris.” While I was certainly happy for his confectionary pride, my mind was only thinking, “What the actual hell?! You make incredible chocolate truffles and yet chose to stop once coming to the States?!” As I type this now, my mind is perfectly reeling and you may have already guessed that I have a new mission in life. I simply must sample these amazing truffles that Philippe just beamed about making, and I’m quite determined that he shall make them at some point during this holiday season. I mean honestly, it’s quite like someone saying, “Oh, yeah, I totally know how to spin yard into gold, but, you know, I sort of stopped once I moved to a different city.” It’s totally ludicrous! I’ve now put chocolate truffles on my ever-growing wish list for Christmas.

There’s an abundance of sweets at this time of year, and enticements around every corner. As if the sparkling lights weren’t enough to flaunt a bit of excess, the various desserts and candies are there to seal the deal. ‘Tis the season of a veritable onslaught of sweet treats and joyous gluttony. As much as I’d like to say that I think it’s all a bit much, my inner child would have to furiously disagree. It’s actually quite amazing! And though I still manage to show a bit of restraint during this time of year, I adore the temptation! It alone often makes me feel that childhood longing. Wanting that extra cookie, but being told you have to wait until the next day is as disappointing as it is thrilling! Something to look forward to after the next glorious sunrise. Granted, these days, it’s my adult self reasoning with my child side, but the effect is pretty much the same. As are the inner arguments, which are probably a bit weird and something worthy of psychiatric treatment. But, I’m happy to report the child side scores much more of the time. As it turns out, adult reasoning leaves a few gaps that can’t quite be explained properly.

When I listen to my adult side, I actually yawn at times. While perfectly sensible, that voice lacks all of the creativity and excitement I crave. So, I prefer to just let the two voices argue it out, rather than immediately succumb to the easy adult solution. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, as that adult side has some rather compelling arguments as to why the thing I insist on doing next is totally stupid. But the only way to truly know something is to DO it! There are no shortcuts. As much as I’d like to think I have the mental ability to riddle things out first, the act of DOing is the only real way to know for sure. Yeah, it’s kind of scary to just jump into things without a proven plan, but there are no proven plans when it comes to creativity. It’s a gloriously uncharted path that simply must be explored to be believed. And as I devise a master plan to get Philippe to make his apparently incredible treats, I’m going to rely on my childish cleverness. It’s gotten me really far in life. And I’m sure, it has all of the cunning needed to make certain that I have a thoroughly marvelous chocolate truffle season!

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18 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Season

  1. Lol, tell him you are going to try your hand at them. I bet he runs to the kitchen to whip some out for you. When I worked at Nordstrom a million years ago, we received a shipment of fancy truffles that had gotten too warm and we had to take them home. It was a sad day. 😛

    1. hehe! That sounds like an awesome day indeed! 😃💕 And well played suggestion… hehe… that would TOTALLY work!! I hadn’t thought of that! The very idea of me attempting to make truffles would send him to to the kitchen for sure! I’ll try it!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕 I’m so happy you side with me! lol It’s terrible, right? You can just drop a bomb like that… “Oh yeah, I make amazing chocolate truffles”… and then walk away! Pure culinary betrayal! hehe

  2. Good luck! You know, people who cook and bake , I’m one of them, get a lot of pleasure feeding people. Maybe you could ask him to make some as a gift for your mother, with a few extra for taste testing. I made three pies and a cake for company this past weekend. They ate them up, and I was quite pleased to do it.

  3. If he makes you truffles you may not want the store ones again. By the time you eat the ones from the store, they are kind of bland or stale in comparison. They are a mess to make yourself. A worth it mess I usually put myself through every December!

  4. Oh those truffles truly tantalize!

    I’m thinking there might be some logistics issues though.
    I recall you mentioned something somewhere about Philippe
    insisting gifts should be surprises (I agree with that : ) so that
    means you are going to have to arrange it so he has some time
    alone in the kitchen in order to surprise you. Of course that
    could work in your favor another way too…it would give you
    time to create some surprises for him. btw…was at Walmart
    today and they have lava lamps for 12 bucks… they have them
    at macy’s and seventh ave also… for 40 bucks…just saying.

    Charlie’s says, “Wanting that extra cookie, but being told you have to wait until the next day is as disappointing as it is thrilling! Something to look forward to after the next glorious sunrise.” Yes!!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, I agree that surprises are definitely the best thing of all! Though a truffle surprise would prove difficult unless Philippe sneaks home early from work… maybe I’ll subtlety suggest that! And yay on the lava lamps… I’m still holding out hope that Santa is listening! 😉

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