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Choose Your Own Doodlewash Adventure

You’ve stumbled upon this odd post, with no idea of what the charming, yet ridiculous host has in store for you. He seems to have mixed things up once again and you feel like a new adventure must be starting, yet what’s up with the apples? What’s happening now?

Then suddenly you vaguely remember that it’s National Eat A Red Apple Day, and you’ve just bought pears. Damn. But where did he go? Has he lost his mind? Suddenly, you’re transported into a room with just two doors. On a small table between the doors is a blue iPod with a note that says, “Play me… it’ll be fun, I promise.” You look around cautiously, even though you know you’re completely alone, as you always do when you’re about to do something silly. You grab the iPod, put on the headphones (wiping them first on your shirt), and press play.

“Hey there! It’s Charlie!” says an unfamiliar voice as you’ve never actually heard Charlie speak. “That guy who runs Doodlewash,” he says next as if anticipating your confusion. “So here’s the deal. I was getting lots of great suggestions of things to do for a December project, so I’ve figured out a way to do them all! I’ll still be using things people are celebrating somewhere as initial inspiration, but there’s a big twist.”

“Turns out, there’s a ton of things happening in December all over this silly little planet. Actually, there are way too many to choose from each day, so where we go next will be up to you dear reader. What better way to enjoy Adventures in Watercolor Sketching than a Choose Your Own Adventure style story? I used to love these as a kid, so I’m rather arrogantly assuming you’d love them too. You may think they’re complete rubbish, but hopefully that won’t stop you from playing along with me.”

You pause, and think, “is this guy certifiably insane? How the hell is this going to work?” Looking around the room you realize there’s also a blank sheet of paper on the tiny table with a date at the top: December 2, 2015. But that’s tomorrow, you think, as the voice leaps back into your ear.

“Oh sorry, I was distracted by another cute cat video. It’s cruel to scare them with cucumbers, don’t you think? At any rate, tomorrow’s page is blank and I’ll need your help if I’m going to fill it. I hope you’ll indulge me by making the choice for me.” The screen on the iPod changes to a timer with the letters “-ish” after it, which begins counting down. “There’s just 16-ish hours left to choose!”

Just below the date on the paper, a question magically appears. You hesitate, and think, “do I really want to go on this adventure? I mean this guy is nuts!” But then you remember, it was also Pie Day today and he just gave you some apples, so obviously he needs your help to understand what one should celebrate. Finally, you’re in charge! So you answer the question…

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74 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Doodlewash Adventure

  1. Oh this is FUN!! I can’t wait to see how this goes!! Your apple is beyond fabulous!! And it must be red delicious because the cut Apple is already turning brown!! Next time, let’s do honeycrisp apples!! Those are my favorite! ❤️

  2. I actually partook without knowing as I was given an apple and rhubarb pie today! What were the chances? Oh Charles, every time you paint apples, my mouth waters – this is no exception. They should be shown to children; it’d soon have got me eating more fruit. 😛 I mean, those colours are suggesting Citrus Polo levels of flavour…

    I’ve made my selection, now I’m going to get the heck out of here. Oh! And by the way: I ‘lost’ your iPod.

    (I LOVE this idea!!!)

    1. Yay!! You totally celebrated! Love rhubarb pie too! And glad you like my apples…I just really like painting them. And wow…Citrus Polo flavor level?! That’s high praise from what you’ve told me! Hehe And glad you like this idea…it’s a bit of an odd choice and potentially an impossible challenge, but we’ll see how it goes! 😊hehe

  3. Your apples are amazing Charlie! My mouth dropped open in a gasp of wonderment! Looking forward to seeing how the vote goes – I tossed and tossed, but then made my selection… I’ll be happy with whichever one wins though! Hey – Hope you are watching Rudolph! My favorite of all time – oh maybe you can doodlewash RUDOLPH as your furry thing! PLEASE! and then how about a Charlie in the Box from the Island of Misfit toys?!!!! Please please – and then send them to me! Am I getting Christmas fever or what?! Rudolph does it to me every time! 🙂

      1. Oh Laura! Always so nice to hear from you. I’ll have to watch The year without Santa – I don’t think I’ve ever seen… Oh dear! I LOVE the island of Misfit toys – Oh Charlie – how about a series!!!!!

        1. You’ve seen it, I promise! Remember the heat miser and the cold miser and Mother Nature? Google it, I promise you’ve seen it.

          And I have to say……I may start drawing Christmas special characters in my journal this month! They’re all so much fun, would be cool to ink and paint! It’s making me think of the Charlotte’s Web illustrations. You ould give it a try in your journal, Jodi!

    1. Thanks Jodi!! 💕😃 And thanks for playing along… trying something different so we’ll see how or if it works! Lol And love Rudolph! We were out last night so I wasn’t watching it… but need too before the season ends! And wow!!! You DO have Christmas fever going!! So many requests!! 😳 haha! A Charlie in the Box sounds awesomely funny!

  4. I try to eat an apple a day as it helps reduce the arthritis pain in my hands. Your apples look extra “delicious!” Hehe! 🍎🍎🍎 FUNny post, Charlie! The vote shows 50/50. So does this mean you are going to post your dog eating fried food?! LOL! 😄🎨

  5. I always have apples when they are in season, so I’m off the hook.
    There was a magazine (maybe NY Mag?) that used to have a page with questions to answer and then you would follow a path depending on the answer that lead you to some insight about yourself…they were always fun although I’m not sure they ever gave me any insight! So I’m ready to choose…(K)

  6. This is great, Charlie! I used to love those books and this is a wonderful idea. Omg Jodi’s comment is making me wanna go wild with the Christmas specials in my journal this month. Hehe! Love your apple and I think this is a cool, fun idea you’ve got motoring here. Should be exciting for you too! Rock on, little bro. 💜

      1. That’s interesting, no link in my Reader, perhaps because I’m browsing in Firefox? I’m relieved it’s not just me being silly… Will have a look direct at the website instead. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  7. Ah ah ah, this is fab Charlie! Have I missed out on this or you’re superbly good at story telling? Anyway, I savoured the read. But I admit, as I reached the bottom of your post and saw the comment thread, I was confused as to what exactly you’re going to draw then this month? Are we supposed to suggest ideas?

      1. Oh I see. Understood. Yesterday I eventually found why I was confused: your survey box wasn’t showing in the WP reader where I got your post. When navigating to your blog, it was showing just fine. So, now I know how to vote, I will! I enjoy reading your entertaining posts. Keep at it as we can never have enough of fun 🙂

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