Christmas Gifts

Escoda Brush and Lamy Safari Pen


Based on your vote, here’s a really quick doodlewash of a couple of my Christmas treasures I discovered under the tree this season. In gold, we have a #6 Escoda Reserva Travel Brush, since that’s the size I use most often and can now try it in sable. In silver, we have a Lamy Safari Al Star Graphite fountain pen (EF), which I’ve been doodling with all day and love! (I was so excited I even tried doodling Philippe, but he came out looking like a hardened criminal, because I was bored and frustrated half way in). Lastly, in red we have a Lindt chocolate that was actually from Philippe’s stocking, but I just threw it in for some more Christmas color.

Philippe and I had an amazing Christmas and I hope all of you celebrating it did as well! Turns out the gifts that were identical and in the same paper were similar but not the same at all. They were both Lego sets! Star Wars for me, and Jurassic World for Philippe. Honestly, opening gifts was so much fun that I still have to look around to be reminded what was actually inside. Also, there may have been wine after the champagne so the details of last night are a bit fuzzier than we intended.

After stockings this morning, I was a bit sad because now all the wonderful anticipation is over. On the bright side, I have Lego to play with so I will still be blatantly refusing to actually grow up. I guess if Christmas happened every day it just wouldn’t feel this special, so it’s all good in the end. Now comes the fight for how long I get to keep the tree and lights up past New Year’s Day. One year I made it to February, mostly out of laziness, until the neighbor almost called the police thinking we must be dead.

Happy holidays to all the wonderful folks who read my ramblings and an extra special thanks to all of my crazy talented fellow doodlewashers! just wouldn’t be the same without you. Much love to you all! Looking forward to a 2016 filled with lots more inspiration from the best little community of artists on the planet! Thank you my friends!

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  1. Eric Disney 7 years ago


  2. ArtsyDot 7 years ago

    That’s a lovely golden brush you have here!

  3. Thank you Charlie, and sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Love your artwork, particularly the red Lindt! You rock the shiny things! Hugs to P and P! 🎄💛💜💛🎄🎨😀🎨

  4. Nancy 7 years ago

    Your gifts are lovely and colorful! It also sound like you recieved some fun things. Santa brought me some new drawing pens too and I can’t wait to try them!

    • Author

      Thanks!! 💕😃Hehe! I love when Santa brings art supplies!! Best Christmas ever that way! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make with those new pens Nancy!!

      • Nancy 7 years ago

        Me too! I have a question, though. When you do your drawings what comes first-ink or paint? Do you sketch it out in pencil first?

        • Author

          I’ve done it in all of those orders. Lately, I do a light contour sketch, go in with watercolor and then go back with ink, sometimes. Been liking just the watercolor with no ink lately. My early projects were ink only and then watercolor. It’s fun to play with the order of things as it makes for a very different looking doodlewash! (This one was pencil, watercolor and ink last)

  5. Sand Salt Moon 7 years ago


  6. Sharon Mann 7 years ago

    Lovely gifts, lovely day! I’m so happy to be apart of the Doodlewash community, Charlie! Cheers to you and Philippe, and of course Phineas! 😄❤️🎄

    • Author

      I’m so thrilled you’re a part of Doodlewash Sharon!! You make me smile every day! Much love my friend! Hope your Christmas was amazing! 😃❤️🎄

  7. Sabiscuit 7 years ago

    Those are wonderful gifts, Charlie. I recognised the Lamy Safari right away. I have one in bright yellow. I love the sound the tip makes on the pages of my notebooks. I gave one as a gift to a friend, too, and she thinks it’s fabulous. I am glad it’s a winner with you. Best wishes to you and your family. xo

    • Author

      Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but the pen just feels amazing to use! I’ll probably end up treating myself to another at some point and fill it with Sepia! Hehe! The bright yellow one looks cool! And so cool you gave it as a gift. Best gift ever!!! Best wishes to you and yours as well my friend!! ❤️😃

  8. Kari 7 years ago

    Wonderful gifts! You will have to doodlewash your completed Lego Star Wars set! I hope you get to keep the tree up for at least through New Years! Look forward to your review of the Lamy!! ❤️

    • Author

      Thanks Kari!! ❤️😃 I was thrilled with these! And the Lego Star Wars set will be fun to put together! But doodlewashing Lego is super hard! Lol We’ll see! As for the Lamy, I’ve been using it all day and I’m thrilled! It’s so smooth and the Extra Fine allows for light fast marks that are almost like a dark pencil. I’ve been sketching little things all day! 😊hehe

  9. Jill Kuhn 7 years ago

    Can you tell me where to buy the Lamy fountain pen? As Santa was fulfilling my Christmas list, he wasn’t sure where to get one… Hehe! 🎁 So happy you had an awesome Christmas, Charlie my friend! Hugs to you! ❤️☃🎨🎄🎉

    • Author

      Hehe! My Santa had trouble because they were out of this model on Amazon. But they usually have them on Amazon (free shipping and not tax still rocks the best deal!). My Santa ended up getting it at which is awesome and has everything (including a great selection of inks, like Noodler’s… They list the specs on ink so you can verify if a particular one is waterproof!) Hope you had an awesome Christmas!! (And tell Santa to order the pen!! It’s awesome! You’ll love it) Much love my friend!! ❤️❤️🎅🏻🎄😃

  10. kirkistan 7 years ago

    Score! Nice gifts. I’ve had such fun doodling with a fountain pen. Great image!

  11. Tori 7 years ago

    Great Doodlewash Charlie, I especially like the Lindt ball as they are my favourite chocs. Your Christmas sounds lovely, enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    • Author

      Thanks Tori! 💕😃Hope you’re having a wonderful season!! Yeah…Lindt chocs are so good, but they go soooo fast (Philippe is a magician at making them disappear instantly!😉)! knew if I didn’t sketch one quick I’d have to sketch the empty wrappers. Hehe

  12. Jodi 7 years ago

    Awesome! Merry Christmas Charlie O and family! 🙂 Happy Lego playing!

    • Author

      Thanks Jodi!! ❤️😃 I can only imagine how beautiful and fabulous Christmas in Mars was.😉🎄 Hope you’re having a wonderful time my friend! ❤️

      • Jodi 7 years ago

        We are having a wonderful time Charlie! Glad you are too!

  13. Cathe 7 years ago

    Oh you did have a wonderful Christmas! I love how much a kid you are Charlie. I remember that sad feeling when all the gifts were opened. Something about the surprise makes it so special. I’m so happy you were gifted a Lamy. I have three that have different colored ink in them. My only warning and you already know this, make sure you get waterproof ink. I learned the hard way, it made for interesting results. You can also get different nib widths and thats kind of fun to play with too. Hope you are having a great time playing with all your new toys!

    • Author

      Thanks Cathe!! 💕😃I did have a wonderful Christmas and hope you did as well. Too funny on the ink…I did know that, but in my excitement tried the Lamy ink that came with and it was super washable! Lol Did do some color things with it before swapping it out to the permanent stuff. I already have another one on order to fill with some Noodler’s Walnut! Hehe!! 😊

  14. Rachel Murphree 7 years ago

    Great presents, Charlie! So glad you and Phillipe had a wonderful Christmas and now you can play with your new toys. Enjoy!!

  15. memadtwo 7 years ago

    Art supplies are always welcome gifts. My daughter got me some markers that I need to try soon…there is a bit of sadness when it’s done, but we also leave the tree up until the needles start to fall. And there’s New Year’s Dinner, another nice celebration to look forward to. (K)

    • Author

      Hehe…they are the perfect gifts, aren’t they?! And funny…last year we left our tree up so long it started to sprout things like a happy plant. Philippe waters it constantly so it’s super happy just hanging out with us! And yes!!!! I can’t wait for New Year’s dinner. It will be amazing as well!

  16. Damita M-S 7 years ago

    You got two great gifts. You will have a lot of fun with them can’t wait to see your art work! Have a Happy New Year and I love being a part of the doodlewash great artist!

    • Author

      Thanks!!! And yes!! I’m loving these new gifts. Hope you got some cool ones as well!! 😉 And are making lots of fun doodlewashes!! Hehe…can’t wait to see what you’ll make in the New Year! 💕😃

  17. Myriam (Myr's Bytes) 7 years ago

    Ha! Two lego sets :-). Awesome. Great painting as always. And oo… you have a sable brush (I was happy to read a while back that they come from weasels who are hunted in the wild and not endangered). I’ve read they hold water like nothing else. I was thinking of buying some decent synthetic brushes to start.What is your recommendation?

    • Author

      I love the Escoda Versatil synthetic brushes! (I love the travel ones because you can protect them in their own case, but they convert to a full short handle brush) They’re fabulous and super close to sable. I honestly can’t tell a ton of difference to justify the cost. And yeah, Philippe only got me synthetic at first because he was worried about the animals. 😊

      • Myriam (Myr's Bytes) 7 years ago

        Thanks for the brush recommendation Charlie :-). Which sizes do you use?

        • Author

          I end up using the my Size 6 Round almost exclusively. Sometimes the 4…I work too small for the bigger ones I have! Hehe 😊

          • Myriam (Myr's Bytes) 7 years ago

            Cool! I’ll be sure to pick up a 6. I signed up for some watercolor classes. They start next week!!!

          • Author

            I should mention mention that Philippe uses a 10 and 12 since he paints much larger. I never go larger than 5×8. And YAY to watercolor classes!! That will be so fun!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make! 😃😃

          • Myriam (Myr's Bytes) 7 years ago

            Ahh, that makes sense. I’ll probably start with 5×8 so maybe I’ll get a 4, 6 and 8. I’m looking forward to painting some birds :-). Thanks for your encouragement 🙂 :-).

          • Author

            You should start tomorrow then! It’s Draw a Bird day! Hehe 😉👍🏻

          • Myriam (Myr's Bytes) 7 years ago

            I’ve got a graphite bird for tomorrow but next month I’m going to paint a bird!

          • Author

            Yay! Can’t wait to see it! Doodlewash that bird! 😉👍🏻hehe

  18. Jacob 7 years ago

    Christmas tree up in February? Are you being serious? Isn’t any later than Twelfth Night supposed to be bad luck 😉 you see, that’s why you have to put up with me on a daily basis!

    I would sit and peruse every detail of the pen and brush, but for some reason I’m unable to divert my attention from the Lindt for too long. I hope you are having fun with all your new gadgets and toys!

    • Author

      Unfortunately it did happen one…probably was bad luck. Served us right for being so lazy I guess. Hehe…the Lindt chocolate has all mysteriously disappeared now. And they are calling for snow and ice today…though I only ordered the snow. Nothing like being snowed in with lots of toys though! Hehe😊

      • Jacob 7 years ago

        Haha, it’s not so much lazy as it’s kinda adorable that you’re so attached to Christmas. Ooh, I hope it snows for you! It’s nothing of the sort here… 12C and sunny! Grr (shakes fist at the sky)

        • Author

          It’s supposed to start snowing here in an hour or so. There’s a light dusting on the ground already. It’s just 0C here…just cold enough to make it happen! 😉hehe

          • Jacob 7 years ago

            Ooh! I’m so pleased but so jealous!!

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