For our prompt of “Goose” today, I decided to sketch a curious goose decked out for the holidays. Though goose is usually the traditional Christmas meat, I prefer to think this little goose gets dressed a little differently and earns a seat at the table instead. The countdown to Christmas is going fast and there’s just one week left! I’m super excited for the days ahead and ready to play and have fun! I try to do that all year long, of course, but this time of year I just love being a kid again. Indeed, my inner child just gets crazier and crazier with excitement each and every day. This year has been quite a challenging one, but I’m filled with hope for the future and happy for each new day. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and finding new ways to discover joy. The world is still sparkling with potential and I’m excited for the coming year ahead!

This afternoon, Philippe informed me that we didn’t have all of the ingredients yet for the cake that he makes each year. He asked me if I wanted a different cake this time, and I looked at him like he’d just gone completely insane. We even call it Christmas Cake, so there’s really no substitution possible. Next, I immediately hopped online and made sure that all of the ingredients would be on their way to us. I think we should now have everything we need to enjoy all of our favorite traditions. The gifts are fun, to be sure, but the real draw of the evening is the wonderful food that Philippe makes each year. And yes, the cake! It’s actually in the form of a yule log as well, which makes it extra festive. It’s going to be a super amazing Christmas Eve ahead and I’m so thrilled for each candlelit moment.

Even our dog Phineas seems to appreciate the sparkle and joy of the season. He’s been at our sides more than usual and wants to sit on Philippe’s lap at night. Also, he seems to think that this is the season of extra treats and keeps demanding them more than usual as well. Beyond that, there’s really not much happening at our house. And, I think that’s a wonderful thing in itself. I’ve been off work today, and it’s been nice to just ease through a day and not really worry about much of anything at all. I thought I might move my personal projects forward today, but I watched television and played games instead. My inner child was far too excited to do much of anything else. So, it’s really not too surprising that the day ended with a visit from a Christmas goose.

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Christmas Goose Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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33 thoughts on “A Christmas Goose

  1. We seem to be on opposite ends of the cycle – you’re productive on the days I’m not and vice versa. I got a lot done, but discovered I’m going to have to rethink some of my layouts because I just cannot get images with bleed to work the way I want to. Why do these formatting issues have to block creative freedom? Wah!

    1. Sandra do you mean the bleed of watercolour down the page? Just get a damp clean brush and draw a line up on the white paper as far as the wet pigment and make sure the damp clean brush touches it, lift the brush away, and prop the painting up against something (from the teachings of Jean Haines in “Atmospheric Watercolours” and “Atmospheric Flowers”).

      1. Lol! No, I’m trying to write an illustrated book. if you have an image that you want to go clear to the edges of the page in the printed book, it is said to ‘bleed’, and you have to format it a certain way. I can’t get the image to bleed and still get the text to set the way it should. Thank you for the information though. It’s good to know!

  2. Charlie I had fun too. I finally made the shortbread and kneaded it for about 20 minutes. Then I realized I did sormething wrong and called an elder family friend. Oh. I only put half the Becel margarine (best kind) into it . By then I had swiped the enrire floury dry mess into the garbage. Tomorrow i do it anew. See the kind of fun we have when we aren’t doing our usual works!

      1. Actually Charlie I went to make the second batch today and looked and there was a black thing on the flour. I don’t know if it was a fly or a crack in the flour and dark shadow. It was too black for shadow. I threw it in the garbage and quit. The New Agers would tell me that is a message . Cackle.

  3. Adorable, Charlie! I’m with you and prefer to think of the Christmas Goose just decked out for the holiday and not decked out to become Christmas dinner. We did our iced butter cookies yesterday, the decorations are up some presents are under the “tree” and we’re promised relatively cool temps on Christmas….yay!! I’m planning hot chocolate and wrapping up in a quilt while watching movies and relaxing. Now, I’m really looking forward to Christmas!!! Bring it on!!!

  4. Charlie, I LOVE the Christmas goose! He is so CUTE!!!! Makes me want to hug him! He’s just so darn cute! 💜 We will be warm (upper 70’s) all week, but may cool down for Christmas day. My mother has started to prepare for homemade tamales. Oh, Charlie! It’s going to be a big butt Christmas! haha haha haha 😂😂😂 Only kidding. It’s only enough for us. Does Philippe like tamales? Do you?
    I will be honest, we didn’t decorate. Not for lack of Christmas spirit. Neither one of us has felt well and, for me, I dream of decorating my own place soon. I still do love the feel of excitement for the upcoming days of festivities. We won’t be going anywhere like we usually do, but it’s okay. We are happy at the prospect of a new beginning in the new year especially for me. We are, more than anything, so thankful that we are healthy and safe in our home. My excitement is at the prospect of what will be for me this coming year. I am so hopeful, Charlie, for great things to come. I am hopeful and happy at the idea of great things headed my way. Especially meeting my other half. 💜
    Charlie, I know that you will be taking vacation during the holidays (well-deserved). So, will there be no blog posts from you then? Just curious.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Love tamales! YUM!!! And being healthy and safe is something to be thankful for indeed! I think next year is definitely going to be something special! And yes, I’m going to be changing things up after Christmas. Taking a bit of break and then coming back periodically. I need to focus on my book project for a bit to get things moving forward. But I’m super excited about the concept and it’s going to be really fun! 😉

      1. Although I am going to miss your paintings and talking with you daily, as your friend, I am so happy and excited for you and your project! I know that you are going to rock it, Charlie! It’s going to be a new adventure for all of us this coming year. Everyone has high hopes and dreams for the upcoming future.
        Charlie, I will be praying for you and your project. I will pray that the Lord will quicken your mind and spirit as well as guide you in the direction that your heart wants to take this project. Charlie, the Lord is a creative God. Just look at the cosmos and their beauty and it’s complexity. Who understands His creativity and creation? I say this respectfully, always remember that you can ask the Lord to help you in your creative process. He loves you and is the One who gave you this gift to share with the world. 💜
        Go, Charlie, go! 🎉🎉🎉 Pan comido, Charlie! Eaten bread/done deal! 🎉🎉🎉

  5. Fantastic curious goose! There are lots of them here down by the river. Until it truly freezes we will have them hanging around. I have everything for Xmas dinner I think, though I hadn’t really thought about dessert. Maybe it’s time to make that pecan pie. Since we are still working on eating my birthday cake, it’s hard to think of another sweet. I need to check, but maybe, if I have everything, key lime pie would be a bit lighter. Since my gift from Joe is building my two raised beds in the spring, gift exchange isn’t going to be a big thing, but we are saving a Netflix show to binge on, so that will be Xmas Eve and day. It’s to get very cold, so well be huddled inside wishing for a fireplace!

  6. I love him. He made me giggle a bit. Like he should be tapping on the glass, saying, “Hello???” Yes the big day is moving in faster than I want. The good thing is, you remind me of this each morning, so then I am reminded to take it all in. It’s hard to get two men into the spirit, so I just flit around in my own holiday world. No one is going to stop me!

  7. “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

    Have a wonderful Christmas and joyous days ahead with warm laughter. Take care.

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