For our prompt of “Sweater” today, I made a little sketch of a fox wearing one while enjoying a cup of something warm. I was thinking of hot chocolate, coffee, and Irish coffee all at once, and couldn’t quite decide which sounded best in the moment. So, if we assume it’s the last one, then the whipped cream has already been devoured by this sly little fox. As the weather gets colder here, I’ve been digging into the back of my closet to find sweaters to wear. I have quite a collection, but last year I’d added some extra weight, and my favorite sweaters that Philippe and I purchased in Paris no longer fit properly. That’s been all fixed now heading into this season so I can happily “shop” from all my favorite sweaters again! It’s been like getting an early Christmas present! A bit like reconnecting with an old friend and getting a warm hug that’s so good that it makes you wonder how you’d ever lived without it. And, as we head into this holiday season, I’m excited to see close friends and family once more, and get lots of warm hugs!

In truth, I can’t believe how fast time is moving this year. It’s already going to be Thanksgiving next week and then I’ll be heading to visit family in Texas that very next week at the beginning of December! It’s not nearly as cold during the day where my mother lives, but the evenings are still quite chilly so I’ll have to pack a couple of sweaters. This trip will be a bit different in that we’ll be staying close to home and not venturing out in public much. But, in many ways, I’m rather looking forward to spending more time chatting, watching movies, and putting puzzles together. I just purchased a couple of puzzles for Philippe and I to put together during the holidays as well. We have quite a few days off of work coming so it’s always good to have an extra thing to do together. Our dog Phineas is aging and spends most days cuddled up on the couch, making the occasional grumpy sniff, while miraculously coming back to life whenever he hears the sound of food being prepared.

While I do love the prospect of fun little gifts ahead, this is the time of year where I really just feel so thankful for everything I already have. As silly as it seems, my little Paris sweater collection is something I cherish. Each one reminds me of the trips we used to take and the times we shared with our family there. Most are still in really good condition, but some are beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Honestly, I’m beginning to show signs of wear and tear as well as I get older. But, much like those sweaters, I like to think that I’m not just well-worn, but truly well-loved. And, as my heart warms with the sparkle of the season, I once again feel that same wonderful sense of anticipation I felt as a child. The evenings will get chillier and chillier and the light of day will become more scarce. But the glow of lights will transform any sense of gloom into a merry dance of pure nostalgic magic. I’ll don the sweater of choice for the day, and cuddle up with those I love most as we let time slow down just enough to fully experience the sheer wonder of those comfy, cozy moments.

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Cute Fox Wearing Christmas Holiday Sweater Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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21 thoughts on “Those Comfy, Cozy Moments

  1. Charlie you are full of cuddles and love! You changed your format, needs log in now in order to click Like or leave a comment. I forgot I had that log in name! I have a different one to log in to my account above. Considering I am trying to decide whether to do Word Press for book promo or to go with Facebook this is getting more confusing all the time. Maybe that foxy fox will share the Irish Coffee (no whip cream thanks).

    I was looking at my sweaters today too but not yet. I am too stubborn. We had a lightning storm last night (in November in Canada) and slides and what a mess, back to hoarding because the food trucks can’t get through.
    Enjoy your nicer weather! And keep sending us those magnificent sketches.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 I’m not sure what changed, as I didn’t make any changes, but seemed like a temporary glitch where WordPress likes, weren’t loading on the page, but they’re back now, so that might have been an issue with logins. It’s hard to tell these days! hehe It’s actually been warmer here than I’d like… hehe… I switched to sweaters and it’s tough to go back and forth! lol But yeah… I think an Irish coffee would fix it all! 😃💕

  2. Hola, Charlie! Such a gorgeous fox! He’s so beautiful and does look so cozy and snuggly in his sweater. Speaking of sweaters, what a fabulous accomplishment, Charlie. Kudos to you and your weight loss! Awesome! I really do need to do something about my weight. It has really been bothering me ever since we got this new car. I fit perfectly in our old Honda. What happened? 😂😂😂 I feel like Big Bird in a mini Cooper. I think it’s the bucket seats and the sportier design of the car, but it’s motivating me to do better. I’ve been injured a long time, but it’s time to do something to better myself. You’ve inspired me. Congrats on your whole new wardrobe and the beautiful, cozy, and warm memories that come with those sweaters.
    Aww, I hope your trip to see your mom and family is an awesome one, my friend. Promise to look South and send me a hug. I’ll be sending you one back from down the road. 💜💜💜
    Stay warm, my friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yeah, after I twisted my ankle last summer I wasn’t walking for about 6 weeks, then the weather got too cold before I started up again and well… it was a weird year! lol It wasn’t until Philippe got a Vitamix and made lots of yummy vegetable soups that I was able to fix things as it were. hehe And yes, I’ll definitely send a hug south when I’m in Texas! I’m not looking forward to the travel, but will appreciate the little break with family! 🙂

  3. I’m always so hot (and not in the good way, lol). I love the look and feel of sweaters but can seldom wear them. When every one else is piling on the heavy stuff, I’m still wearing my summer clothes. I still envy you your Paris sweaters!

    1. I’m actually the same way! Most of my sweaters are “spring” sweaters… it has to get super cold before I can wear the bulky ones and those are only for work when I don’t move around much. Otherwise, I’ll sweat right through them! lol 😉

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