Happy Halloween! For our final prompt of “Cauldron” this month, I made a little witch cat bubbling up a spirit. I’ve no idea what type of magic is taking place here, except the kind that happens when you quickly sketch something from pure imagination. I’m not entirely sure if the cat is releasing the spirit or trapping it in its potion. Either way, it felt like a good way to celebrate Halloween. Since I don’t have children, and adults knocking on doors begging for candy is most likely considered creepy, I don’t have any plans this evening. But, it’s still fun to think back to those Halloween nights I spent as a child, wandering from door to door in the chilly night air getting enough treats to last all of November. It’s a fun tradition. I remember being a kid in the 70’s and getting yummy homemade treats from the neighbors, before all of the urban legends and outright myths caused those to go away. I’d already gotten too old by that time anyway, at least by trick-or-treating standards. In my heart, of course, I hadn’t grown up at all, and really wished I could relive it all over again!

Philippe and I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the spooky movies that we put on our lists. But, we’ve managed to watch several and have a lot of fun this month in the process. Each year, we say that we’ll only watch the first Halloweentown movie, but we always end up watching all four that currently exist. We watched part of Teen Wolf Too, because we thought we hadn’t seen it previously. It’s aptly named as “too” which means “also” which means they just made the first movie all over again with Jason Bateman. That’s the thing about concepts, they really do only get to happen once, and everything after that is just a replica of some kind. In many ways, that’s what this century has felt like. It’s been a cauldron of ideas, but they’ve mostly been about reshuffling ideas from the last century. When done well, though, it can still be really entertaining. That’s why I’ve been having so much fun writing my cozy mystery novel.

Tomorrow, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins and I had prepped my outline of my entire story and created a fictional town and all of the characters. I knew I was more than ready to begin, so I just couldn’t wait to start! In my enthusiasm, I’ve already written more than half of the book so far. So, I’m more than confident now that I’ll certainly surpass the 50,000 word goal and maybe even be able to do a full rewrite and editing pass before the end of next month. But tonight, on this Halloween, Philippe and I will light some orange candles and enjoy a quiet evening watching our last spooky movie of the season. It’s always a little sad to see an annual event like this pass, but it’s why it’s so special. Next up, there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate and everything will zoom by like it always does and we’ll suddenly wake up in a brand new year, and start it all again. I hope your holiday season is filled with love and hope, and whenever you can, remember to conjure up some fun!

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Witch Cat Broom Conjuring Ghost In Cauldron Watercolor Illustration Sketchbook Detail

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18 thoughts on “Conjuring Up Some Fun!

  1. I love this. The expression on the cat’s face is priceless. I think that he didn’t expect that ghost to appear so he must have mistakenly called it forth. tee hee! Have a blissful and relaxing creepy night Charlie & Philippe 😉

  2. Oh your little kitty! So cute it’s scary! We watched our Halloween faves, ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown & ‘The Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ among others while we say hi to mostly self serve trick or treaters! The ‘Great Pumpkin’ and other Peanuts films are some of my most beloved inspirations to paint since I was tiny! Hope you got at least a few treats! ;-D

    1. Aww thanks so much, mi amiga! 😃💕 I’m having a total blast writing this book. It’s like the place and the people are so real to me, so it’s going way quicker than I thought. I’ll probably use most of November to edit and revise as I’ll be done with the first draft and well more than my 50k word goal by this weekend! hehe Much love to you! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Actually, I never knew I could draw from imagination until I just started trying it. I wasn’t great at first, but it gets easier and easier when you just go for it and try a few times! 😉

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