You are surprised your choice worked and your host was able to rescue you today. The next door opens and leads you to a new room. This time, there’s a little table with a small glass of milk and a couple cookies. Finally, something sweet to eat on this weird journey!

As you rush the table you suddenly wonder if it’s a trap…maybe these are for Santa and touching them would trigger an Indiana Jones-style action sequence with a giant snowball! Wait, that’s dumb. Next, you make a mental note to watch less television and grab yourself a cookie. That’s when it happens…

A large snowball starts rolling down the hallway you hadn’t even noticed existing moments earlier. It’s heading right for you and everything switches to bad movie slow-mo as you debate whether or not you should first try to get that last cookie and drink the milk. That’s when the voice comes back.

“Hey there! Charlie here!” Ugh…I know you idiot! Hey wait…perhaps this is how Phineas feels? “I’m currently sitting on a plane and heading to visit my family. Thought I’d write you a note on the off-chance I was able to make a doodlewash today and rescue you from that last room. Sorry about the snowball, but I sometimes have a penchant for the dramatic. And those were for Santa, you naughty little scoundrel!

“I remember putting out cookies and milk for Santa as a child. Honestly, it creeped me out a bit to think of a fat man in a Union suit wandering through my house at night. So I saw them as an offering to keep the man downstairs where he belonged and out of my room!

“This was also one of the ways I learned that Santa wasn’t quite who I thought he was. I wanted to put out the cookies with nuts because I didn’t like them, and since he was so fat, I figured he would like anything. But my mother told me no nuts as Santa didn’t like them. How the hell did she know that, I thought?!

“Over the years before I figured out how everything really worked, Santa’s requests would get more and more specific and less Santa-like. From pretzels & cheese to mini sandwiches. I was still convinced that my mother must simply be reading about Santa in her celebrity magazines and had learned his exact tastes.

“It was even cooler he shared so many of the same interests as my dad. I just wanted to keep believing! As I got older, I finally had to give up and admit something was strange when Santa started requesting popcorn with a Coors Light.

“The plane just landed, so I’ll have to go see who my mother sent to come get us. It’s most likely a relative as there’s no Uber in these parts, but it’s fun to see which one it is this time! Ciao for now!”

The question comes back as the timer begins. Time to make your choice…

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19 thoughts on “Cookies & Milk

  1. My hear was racing with the snowball coming my way but I had to grab that cookie and drown the milk!! Hehe.. When we visited my family in Arkansas, we would stay at a hotel once our grew to 5.. But we made sure to have “Santa” visit the kids at our hotel. They always wondered how Sanra knew where they were.. But my son discovered a Wal-Mart tag on of the gifts and grew suspicious.. Lol. You are amazing that on the day of your travel, you were still able to get two blog posts posted and do a doodlewash.. ❤️

  2. I greatly appreciate the milk and cookies. Now, I was always told that Father Christmas required a mince pie, a glass of sherry, and some carrots for the reindeer. It’s quite amazing just how old I was when my parents finally stopped doing this (I can only assume he generously said there was no need). Awesome doodlewash – the cookies look so real! Yummers!

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