For our prompt of “Party” today, I thought about costume parties that would normally happen around this time of year for Halloween. Though humans are hiding out at home these days, we have a quick little doodle of two costumed dancing mice enjoying a lovely party. I’m sure there would be more guests at this scene, but I had no time to illustrate them. And, when one is dancing with someone they adore, the rest of the world seems to disappear anyway. I’ve never been much for dancing or costumes, so there wouldn’t be a party in my future even if times were different. I’m much happier just imaging mice having an elegant little Halloween ball, no doubt with some fabulous punch of some sort served in a walnut shell bowl. This would be next to huge stacks of cheese that reached up to the ceiling. As the mice are dancing the night away, I’m quite sure, if I listen closely enough, I would be able to hear the music play. It’s fun to imagine, at least.

Though there are no costumes in our house, our dog Phineas does have a Halloween sweater that he wore briefly so we could show it off for our friends. He doesn’t seem to mind sweaters as the added warmth is nice. And, after hobbling around a bit like he can’t walk properly at all, he hears us making happy little sounds of approval and start strutting instead. Though he often sort walks like he’s strutting. While we were out walking him recently, a woman commented that he had a very “Westminster” walk, referring to the famous dog show. He couldn’t have known what she meant, but I swear he started strutting a bit more as we walked away. Indeed, when we got back home, he looked as us as though he was waiting for a prize of some kind. Currently, however, he’s just curled up in a ball and snoring like an old man. I’ve no idea what kind of points that sort of skill gets a dog at Westminster.

Best of all, another week zoomed by, and it’s already time for pizza night so I’m typing as quickly as possible so I’m ready for those festivities. I’ve no idea why, but it feels like a bit of celebration each time. I think it’s certainly always wonderful to celebrate the end of the work week and the official start of the weekend. We’ve no special plans ahead, so that means we can do whatever we like all day long. I actually did laundry already so I can be perfectly lazy or take a bit of extra time to sketch. Probably, it will be a lovely mix of both, and a bit heavier on the lazy part. I think the weather is supposed to be a bit warmer than it’s been so perhaps a nice long walk with my strutting dog will happen as well. And though tomorrow is Halloween, we’ll all end up just being ourselves again this year, and leave it to the mice to have that lovely costume party.

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27 thoughts on “Costume Party

  1. Costumes from the past always look so beautiful, but given the hygiene of the time I don’t even want to think of the smell, lol. I do love looking at the museum collections though. Like most things made from hand, those costumes had a beauty that today’s clothing can’t compare!

  2. What a beautiful painting, Charlie. Such beautiful costumes! Just lovely. 💜 You’re so funny. You have cracked me up all week. I couldn’t get Monster to wear his collar muchless clothes. I guess it’s my fault. I let him run around naked for his first year of life before I tried a collar on him. When I put it on him, he just went limp. 😂 My Gordo.
    Enjoy your pizza! We had meatloaf. 💜 And we’ll be sunny and 80*F by Sunday. So beautiful. 🌞🌞🌞

    1. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Our dog only wears his collar on walks… he prefers to run around naked! lol Meatloaf sounds delicious!! Yum!! It’s still cool here tomorrow, but looks like we might be in the 70’s most of next week!

  3. I love those meeces to pieces! I love the cheese piled high. I have a troublemaking mouse I paint annually for Christmas instead of buying cards. Almost time to decide what to do with her this year. Happy pizza-ing. Every time I order one with my groceries they tell me there are only the ones with meat. You know, that greasy pepperoni or horrid ham. Yes I eat meat but not the stuff of saturated fats and zero nutrition. Have a great weekend Charlie.

    1. WRITERLEENDA, I have been stalking you. 😂😂😂 For the past couple of posts, I left you messages. They all point you back to my reply to our conversation on Charlie ‘s The Spooky Path post. haha haha All of this talk about pizza has made me hungry. Do you have spinach pizza in Canada? It’s goooood. 💜 Have a great weekend. You’re welcome to come down to San Antonio and tan with us.

      1. Oops I must have deleted it unread like I do a lot of stuff. I meant my the msg page on my FB page Linda M. Gigliotti and I will accept the msgs. Yes we have spinach pizza, my aunt just bought one and told me about it. Thanks for invite — I don’t travel since I refuse to fly any more. You are welcome here after the pandemic pandemonium is over. Have a nice spooky weekend!

  4. Fabulous Charlie! No costumes here either. We had snow this morning but if has mostly melted. Tomorrow I take my abstracts to a small gallery in Massachusetts, about 40 minutes from here. They have then for two months. I’m interested to see how their debut goes. I won’t get to see the reaction and they are only open on Saturdays. The new normal?

  5. I’m thinking Best of Show might be the trophy your pup is expecting. I like to watch the show, but I am often sidetracked by food preparation and forget. No guests this year means I might remember. I love watching the English Sheep Dog dance around the ring with all his shiny, long fur just dancing! It feels too early to be thinking of Thanksgiving, but November is just a day away. Time is speeding up again.

  6. I absolutely love this little scene. Mice look so cute and innocent but I bet they can get quite rowdy after too much elderberry wine! 😊

    I hope you enjoyed your Pizza. 😊

  7. Hello Charlie,
    That is such a fun Doodlewash! I absolutely adore Miss Mousina’s dress. 🙂 And Phineas strutting about must look quite funny. My cousin had a dog who always seemed to be strutting too – specially when someone said something nice about him. So Im sure there’s a pattern there. Happy Pizza Night & Happy Halloween! Finally, did Phillipe carve the pumpkin??? What’d he make??


    1. Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Glad you liked the dress.. I’m not s costume designer by any means and these are totally made up! lol Yeah, I think there’s definitely a pattern to that strutting! hehe Happy Halloween to you! And yes! Philippe finally did this morning… carved two actually and I snuck them into tonight’s sketch!

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