Since it’s insanely cold here, today’s prompt is rather fitting. Just stepping outside for a few moments and I feel much like this bit of tree must feel when coated in a layer of ice. Philippe and I ventured outside for lunch, but any bit of walking down the street involved getting a burst of arctic air in our faces. This was probably a good thing, as we’ve been in a super lazy mode thanks to the holiday break, so the cold helped to wake us up a bit. I do love seeing the trees dressed in a thin layer of ice. They sparkle and shine in a way that makes the air seem filled with glitter and magic. That last bit sounds more like I’ve described a unicorn on the front of little girl’s notebook, but you get the idea. There’s just a day left of this year, and though I’m excited for 2018, I’m hoping the time moves slowly as I’m thoroughly enjoying this little break from work. I was planning to accomplish many productive things, but then realized doing too many of those sort of things defeated the purpose of a vacation entirely.

I’ve discovered an amazing amount of ways to kill time while doing relatively nothing at all. It’s almost an art form in itself. At least that’s what I tell myself. In truth, my biggest accomplishment this week has been taking out the trash and performing an uncanny impersonation of a sloth. But I think I truly did needed this little bit of a break and will return to work refreshed with a newfound envy of sloths everywhere. I don’t have to jump back in right away as my office is closed Tuesday as well. Philippe has to go back then though, so it will be just Phineas and me enjoying one last day of blissful laziness. Though I have promised to finish that illustrated cookbook we started last month. It was far more ambitious than I expected, but that’s true of nearly every crazy plan I set out to do. For the next couple of days, though, I’m still on the current plan which involves lots of playing with my Christmas toys and avoiding anything that feels too boring and adult.

As Philippe and I were out today, we went to a little shop and were sadly reminded that Christmas is indeed over. Though we complain that it now seems to come well before Halloween, it’s a bit sad to see shops at this time of year. The sparkle and glitter that once adorned the windows is replaced by 50-70% off signs and an interior that looks barren and confused. After a steady stream of holidays and knowing just what sort of things to sell, stores get a little lost in January. Some will move their fitness items to the front for a couple of weeks as that’s about the extent of time people truly commit to that resolution. Then they’ll set up for Valentine’s Day, which doesn’t really count as a true holiday. It’s just taking a bunch of items and desperately spraying them red and pink to make single people feel lonely. So, I’m just going to enjoy these final hours of the most amazing season ever, letting the clock tick by slowly. There’s a fresh new year ahead, but for now, I’m going to let time stand still and enjoy the ethereal comfort of sparkling with possibility while doing nothing much at all, like a tree, covered in ice.

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Da Vinci Paint Co.: Quinacridone Red, Benzimida Orange, Leaf Green and Cobalt Blue.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
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36 thoughts on “Covered In Ice

  1. You really caught the transparency of ice on your branches! I think you were right to take a little time and recharge your creative batteries. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the new year!

  2. “Then they’ll set up for Valentine’s Day, which doesn’t really count as a true holiday. It’s just taking a bunch of items and desperately spraying them red and pink to make single people feel lonely” that earns another Pulitzer!

  3. Move over on couch, I’m slothing with you. is that even a word? I had such lofty plans and since I also professionally review books, I had four planned to read and review. Ya right. I’m now two books behind and all I’ve done is eat my weight in potatoes and swatch all my new paint! It’s been GLORIOUS. I so needed the break too, we’ve booth been pushing ourselves too much. It’s wonderful to have a purpose to be busy but one can push even happy busy stuff too far. January will be busy but for now, I’m making more paint swatches and color maps for my new palettes. Ahh the life of a watercolor artist. ;o)

    Oh, I forget where you are in the US and just how cold IS it there?? I’m in British Columbia and it’s snowing, totally unpredicted and treacherous with mountains, lol. Guess I have to stay in. Damn. ;o)

    1. More swatching! Yay!! hehe… I’m all for slothing this time of year. It’s what makes it so wonderful! 😃💕 As for here… tonight will be the coldest clocking in at -22C… with a wind chill that makes it seem even colder. Brrrrrrr!

  4. Charlie, how could you!!! For some one who is so optimistic and who takes pleasure in even the most everyday bits of life, you sure sound like a pessimistic curmudgeon over St.Valentines day. Love is a most excellent reason for a holiday, how can you not count it as a ‘true’ holiday? It’s not about making single people feel lonely – where did you get such a negative and, (dare I say it) shallow attitude? Love isn’t just for couples – it’s for parents, grandparents and siblings. And for companions like Phineas or my chirpful parakeet. And for CHOCOLATE! Just as one shouldn’t let commercialism ruin Christmas, you can’t let it ruin Valentine’s day. Warm hugs, home-made cookies, and appreciation for all the special people (and critters) in our lives isn’t pink and red or spray painted. Not that a handmade valentine card being all of those things would make it any less welcome. Tsk Tsk.

    1. haha! Wow… a true Valentine’s Day lover! That’s wonderful, Elizabeth! 😃💕 My opinion was in comparison to Christmas… it just doesn’t live up to that level for me. But in its defense, it was only ever a commercial holiday, and any chance to celebrate love is indeed a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for coming to its defense! hehe… I often slip in snarky things though in these posts… it’s what makes me human and also so I’m never confused with Mary Poppins. lol 😉

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