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Bunny Rabbit Sleeping Autumn Leaves Mushrooms Watercolor Illustration Painting

For our prompt of “Cozy” today, we have a tiny bunny cuddling up under a blanket of autumn leaves. As the weather gets cooler here, the quilts and blankets will soon come out, and if I’m lucky, maybe even a mug of hot chocolate. I still have quilts that my grandmother made and they’re my absolute favorite. She’s no longer with us, but each time I cuddle up in one of those quilts it still feels like she giving me a hug. And, now we’re once again heading into another weekend, so I’ll have a bit more time to relax and enjoy a fabulous bit of nothingness. Sometimes life seems to be spinning with deadlines, and just sitting still for a moment and thinking of nothing much at all is a wonderful break from things. Indeed, my mind is always spinning with a bit of something, but it’s often just happy little creatures. That’s quite a wonderful thing as well!

One of my favorite things to do in the cold weather is curl up under a blanket and read a book. I usually only have a bit of time on the weekends to do this during the day, but I’ll have longer holiday breaks coming soon so I’m making sure I have all of my books picked out in preparation. While I do mostly read books written for adults, there are a few kids books on the list that Little Charlie insisted on reading. I just love a good story, and if that story happens to come with pictures, then that’s even cooler. It’s surprising how often I’ll find a young adult book that I adore much more than the one that was written for older adults. And, it’s fun to jump back in time and remember what it was like to be a little kid or an awkward teenager once more. Though, I would have no desire to actually go through the act of being a teenager again.

And, of course, I’m thoroughly excited that it’s Friday and pizza night once more! I’ve truly no idea how these past few weeks have just flown by like this. It seems like it’s been just a couple of days, not a full week. But, any chance to have a little pizza and I’m not complaining. Pizza night normally means that Philippe doesn’t have to cook. But, the dog needed more food so Philippe is currently cooking for Phineas, as he’s one truly spoiled doggie indeed. The smell of the ground turkey, however, is making him lose his mind a bit as he stands at Philippe’s feel supervising his every move and sniffing with disapproval. Since it’s all just regular food, it actually smells wonderful and it’s making me a bit hungry as well. But, I’m a touch more patient when it comes to food, so I’ll just wait for our pizza to arrive. It’s a routine, to be sure, and nothing new and amazing, but nights like these are my favorite. Our own little family rituals that always provide the most beautiful and cozy moments.

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Bunny Rabbit Sleeping Autumn Leaves Mushrooms Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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  1. writerleenda 2 years ago

    You betcha Charlie, food is always a treasured moment. Enjoy your dinner and your weekend. Are dogs allowed to have poultry???

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Linda! 😃💕 Philippe makes a special veterinarian-approved diet recipe. The dog is spoiled!

      • writerleenda 2 years ago

        Yeah Charlie we don’t want Phineas to suddenly go to bark and end up gobbling instead.

  2. Unique Tales 2 years ago

    Do you use masking fluid? So that you don’t go accidently into parts of your art you want clear for another colour. Hope you don’t mind me asking these questions.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      I only use masking fluid rarely… the fireworks image I made recently as an example. Only the images with a background though, and just when I have to! 😉

  3. Unique Tales 2 years ago

    Lovely watercolor, cute bunny. 😊

  4. Mary Roff 2 years ago

    Adorable!! I just want to tickles those toes! Have a great weekend, Charlie!!

  5. Lisa 2 years ago

    Do you get the same kind of pizza every time from the same place? Just curious.

    When I was working, and exposed to books a lot, every once in a while I’d go into a reading slump wherein nothing appealed to me and I pretty much stopped reading. Not a good thing for a librarian! So I found the best way to fix the problem was to get a young adult book or two and dive into them. For some reason the simpler stories and generally shorter books, broke my reading dam.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Yep… we’ve lately gotten the same pizza each time from a local restaurant. It comes with a hummus appetizer and salads! 😉 And yes! I sometimes just want a simpler story that moves quicker! hehe

  6. Nellie Nellie 2 years ago

    Oh cozy creatures, quilts, food and coco! I should have been a bear, or a mouse or a something that gets to eat, and curl up with a warm den mate and sleep through the short days and cold nights☺ I suppose it’s been closer to the truth since March but I am also grateful to stay home withmy lived one, do art, walk around my end of town and be healthy. Yes, I am grateful for cozy.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Yay for cozy! 😃💕 Yes! It’s definitely something to be grateful for indeed!

  7. Karen Fortier 2 years ago

    Oh, how comfy a spot is this! Stay healthy and safe Charlie! We are staying very close to home. I’m glad we saw the grandkids last weekend as it will likely be some time before we do that again. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Karen! 😃💕 Yeah, I think we’re going to go out much less during the holiday season, but it will definitely be cozy!

  8. Marisela Delgado 2 years ago

    No wonder Phineas wakes you up in the morning to feed him: homemade doggie food! 😀 We used to give Monster his dog food, but we also gave him our scraps from our plates. He loved Mexican rice, pancakes, spaghetti, beans, and scrambled eggs. He ate like a king 👑 also.
    When I was teaching 5th and 6th, the kids were reading the book entitled Holes. I kept seeing that book in their backpacks and finally asked the English teacher what it was about. She said there was a simple solution to that problem: read the book. What? Well, my curiosity got the better of me and I read it. It was wonderful. It reminded me of when I was that age and read so many books. I felt like I did when I was a young teen. You’re right, Charlie. Young adult books are way more fun to read than adult ones. And I would not want to be a teen again either. 💜
    Super cute painting, Charlie. I like bunny 🐇 feet.

    • India Durham Rucker 2 years ago

      Thank you for guiding our FUTURE LEADERS.

    • Mugdha 2 years ago

      Hi again Marisela,

      I have written down the second dream too! I will be equally honored and happy to meet you. And it’s noce to know we’ve got one more thing in common… am chubby too! And I love chubby people – they’re always smiling and laughing. Am now gonna go look up the book you’ve spoken about.


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Yes! Phineas is SO spoiled! But he adores the food Philippe makes… as do I! So, I guess I’m spoiled as well. And yes! I’ve really been enjoying young adult books… shorter and often even better without a lot of fluff! hehe

      • Marisela Delgado 2 years ago

        Our last name Delgado is Spanish for thin. Why do you think I haven’t met a Delgado, who is delgado (thin)?? haha haha We’re spoiled also. Good food. 💜

  9. Gary Middleton 2 years ago

    Lovely doodle, Charlie. I often have two books on the go, one for my breaks at work, and one at home.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Gary! 😃💕 Yeah, I usually have a few books going as well!

  10. Susan Masters 2 years ago

    Fantastic image. I love reading my favourite “ youth” books at lest once a year. I never can get enough of To Kill a Mocking Bird and gone With the Wind,

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Susan! 😃💕 Aww those are two wonderful books indeed!

  11. Theresa Petermann 2 years ago

    I absolutely love your images. I pin them everyday so I can go up on my board and just scroll through the images. It’s one of my happy places. Happy pizza night. thanks as always for sharing.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Theresa! 😃💕 Aww I’m so thrilled you enjoy my illustrations! Pizza night was super happy! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  12. LoriCtoo 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh! This is so stinking cute! The expression on the little bunny is wonderful. One of my favorites! It combines all my favorite things, mushrooms, bunnies and fall leaves. Love love love it!!

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Lori! 😃💕 Aww Yay! Thrilled you enjoyed this one!

  13. Mugdha 2 years ago

    Hello Charlie,

    I want to cuddle up under a similar blanket of autumn leaves! That bunny seems to be dreaming of something that makes him smile. 🙂 You are so right about those silent still moments that come as a welcome break on crazy days. I feel amazed sometimes at how an easy lazy day can induce a feeling of guilt… only to learn the hard way that those days are a chance to listen to your body and feel thanks for all the constants in your life… like your little pizza routine. I hope you continue to be able to follow those little happy rituals. I love reading about them. 🙂


    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Mugdha! 😃💕 Yeah, I think taking time to be thankful for those constants in life is the most wonderful thing. Especially during these times. And pizza night was fabulous as always. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend my friend!

  14. Roger Watkins 2 years ago

    It’s true that books written for young adults are quite interesting.

    • Author
      Charlie O'Shields 2 years ago

      Indeed! Often more engaging than the ones written for adults! 😉

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