You wander out of the second room and into a third where you find the floor littered with broken glass ornaments. “What happened here?” you ask yourself. Then you realize that someone was just getting ready for Christmas and the usual problems have occurred. Christmas music blasts into your ear as you completely forgot about the headphones you were wearing and the iPod you’re carrying. After the music there’s a message:

“Hey there!” says a now familiar voice. “It’s Charlie” Duh… I know that, you think. “Sorry for the mess, but as I was pulling out something festive made of glass to doodlewash, the usual thing happened. But I didn’t mind as it’s all part of the holidays. You might want to watch where you step though.

“So we put up our tree this weekend and as I was bringing up some of the ornaments, I heard the familiar little crash of a glass orb blistering on the floor. You know the sound. Like a little quiet burst of ice crystals exploding… nothing tragic, but the same initial fear as if you dropped fine china. At first, I cringed hoping it wasn’t one of the ‘special’ ones, but then looked down to see something quite lovely, like a little reflective world inside the orb. I think the most magical part of these ornaments is hiding inside!

“Tomorrow, Philippe and I leave for Texas to visit my family. As ever, I’ve no idea how I’ll manage to help you into the next room and actually doodlewash anything, but it’s that time of year where one believes in magic, so I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it happen. It’s also that time of year where you create the new crazy memories that will become lore, so I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories to share about this trip.

“My family is, after all, my family, so they’re equally crazy and just a bit touched. That’s the way we roll and though our Christmas may be a bit cracked, we really wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s plenty of time to be serious all year long. This time of year, it’s all about focusing on what’s fun in life and becoming a child again!”

The voice suddenly stops, and the countdown reappears on the screen with the now familiar question:

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40 thoughts on “Cracked Christmas

  1. I remember decorating a Christmas tree growing up and ornaments were fun, but not untangling all the lights! My sister has ornaments for each of my children and she even has all the ones kids made at school.

    Have fun in Texas and maybe you can doodlewash on the plane.. 😊

  2. Oh Charlie O! Cracked, Touched, Crazy – it is what makes us all special! Enjoy your own cracked, touched, crazy special family! And give them big bear hugs and feel mine to you! xo

  3. Have a FABULOUS time in Texas! 😜 Look forward to hearing more of your FUNny stores, Charlie! 🎉 I don’t have too many glass ornaments any more. A few vintage ones I really like that I’d hate to break. Great doodlewash, my friend! 🎄☃🎁🍷

  4. Nice reminder to become a child and enjoy the moment! Have a wonderful time! Crashing ornaments…sigh…you found the beauty in the shards! Would that be inner beauty?

  5. How cleverly you’ve captured that unseen interior, and what an unexpected gift to find something so intriguing inside. Have fun at home in Texas! (PS I hope the Christmas music isn’t that awful Paul McCartney thing about having a won-derful Christ-mas time, otherwise I’ll run screaming from the room…)

    1. Awww thanks, Michael!! Should be a fun time. 😃😃And as for the music…it was worse…Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas, chorus only, on a short loop. But not the original recording…a recent live performance! 😳 But it stopped now, so it’s too late to run. you’re still stuck until the next doodlewash! 😉hehe

  6. That’s what you get for putting your tree up in November 😉 though I concede the accidents happen to me a week before Christmas as well. I think your doodlewash is a good illustration of the state of the place once everyone’s been round and got fully into the festive (argumentative) spirit! But indeed, I hope you have a lot of fun in Texas… I’m sure you will!

    I’m posting a vote for the underdog, though I guess it’s futile at this late stage. Humbug.

    1. Haha! Always vote for the underdog! That’s when things will get interesting…when there’s a perfect tie and I have to doodlewash both!! 😳lol Thanks Jacob! So far so fun here and I barely managed to post the winner today. My internet connection is practically non-existent here and keeps disappearing. Hehe… and no flinging of glass orbs at each yet, but I just got here, so how knows! lol

      1. I’ll have to fix it so we get a tie each day – twice the fun! Well, for us anyway 😉

        I know how you feel – being without a decent connection can be harrowing. Still, I’m sure it’s encouraging you to get away from your phone and talk to family. That can only be good… right? 😉

        1. Hmmm…usually?! lol Yeah…it’s been really fun. I’m near a window now and if I don’t move my phone I’m getting a good connection. On a break while the kids are watching a Robin Hood DVD. (Well…me too actually, just waiting for the good part!) 😊And a tie would be insane…don’t you dare! 😉

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