Creative Prompts for World Watercolor Month

World Watercolor Month July 2016 31 Watercolor In 31 Days!World Watercolor Month will be back July 2017!
Join us for our monthly art challenges here!

Not sure what to paint for World Watercolor Month or just need some inspiration? Here’s a page of ideas to use if you like. Come here if you ever get stumped during the month!

Check out these fun creative prompts courtesy of Laura at Create Art Everyday and spark that creativity!

    • Something entirely abstract
    • Something with eyes
    • Something monochromatic
    • Something in only two colors
    • Something in only three colors
    • Something wet in wet
    • Something featuring water! (of course!)
    • Something done en plein air
    • Something you made to swap with someone else participating
    • Something that you made because you were inspired by someone else’s post
    • Something you made to donate
    • Something you made to sell
    • Something to eat
    • Something in your favorite color
    • Something in a color you dislike
    • Something geometric
    • Something with no drawing underneath
    • Something done with only 31 brushstrokes or less
    • Something done entirely with a very large brush
    • Something done entirely with a very small brush
    • Something done in mixed media with watercolor as a feature
    • Something done in line and wash style
    • Something done in XX minutes or less (as a challenge)
    • Something done on a paper or surface that is new for you
    • Something featuring a bird (had to throw this in for DABD)
    • Something featuring one or more letters, numbers or words
    • Something inspired by a book, video, or by a working artist
    • Something inspired by one of the Old Masters
    • Something done using a color you’ve never used in a painting before

Looking for a theme for the month? (or something to switch to and try!). Check out these recent monthly art challenges from Doodlewash:

  • Relive a favorite vacation (photos, from memory, your imagination)
  • Sketch your city and take us on a virtual tour
  • Share your favorite mementoes and possessions in watercolor sketches
  • Illustrate a celebration that’s happening each day
  • Draw and paint your favorite retro toys
  • Sketch and paint your favorite foods
  • Show us what you love most in nature

If you get stumped on what to specifically paint on a particular day or would like daily prompts for the entire month, here’s a list of 31 things to paint:

  1. Seashell
  2. Flower
  3. Fruit
  4. Feather
  5. Dessert
  6. Dinner
  7. Trees
  8. Bird
  9. Mountain
  10. Pet
  11. Favorite Drink
  12. Vegetable
  13. Breakfast
  14. Leaves
  15. Silverware
  16. Nuts
  17. Coffee Cup
  18. Flowers
  19. Insect
  20. Windmill
  21. Zoo Animal
  22. Figure Drawing
  23. Musical Instrument
  24. Clothing
  25. Self-Portrait
  26. Berries
  27. Goldfish
  28. Baby
  29. Seascape
  30. Jellyfish
  31. Fireworks


Want to say hi and connect? Do you make lovely things with watercolor and want to be featured in the next Guest Artist post?! Great! Not sure, just feel the need to say something? Awesome! Just fill out the form below!


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