Creative Prompts for WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH™

Not sure what to paint for World Watercolor Month or just need some inspiration? Our official prompts for WORLD WATERCOLOR MONTH™ 2023 can help with that!

Prompts are entirely optional to participate , of course, simply use the hashtags #WorldWatercolorMonth and #WorldWatercolorMonth2023 throughout July any time you post your watercolor art (or gouache!) on social media whether you’re using a prompt or not! That way we can add you to our global online gallery and share your beautiful watercolors with the world! AND, most importantly, it helps spread the word about our charitable cause to inspire kids to create art!

The goal of World Watercolor Month is to have a LOT of fun and form a daily painting habit, so always remember to paint whatever  you love most and enjoy!! Just hearing about this? No worries! Jump in any time during July! And if you want to work on a single painting over several days, feel free to do that as well, sharing your steps along the way or simply the finished painting! Only have 5-10 minutes a day? Practice making paint swatches and share that! And if you already post watercolor daily, then awesome, simply add the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth to celebrate with us and we’ll add you to the global gallery! 

Though, yes, when making 31 watercolors, it’s always good to have a little inspiration along the way, so here you go!

World Watercolor Month 2023 Official Prompt List

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, you can also check out this page for an archive of past Doodlewash challenge prompts.  Remember to paint whatever YOU love most, and let’s paint the world with beautiful watercolor each and every day in July!