For our prompt of “Teddy Bear” today, I made a little sketch of a dog cuddled up with one. I’ve loved teddy bears ever since I was a little kid and still have the very first teddy bear I ever owned. The bear sits on a shelf now, but when I was a child it never left my side. Indeed, I had lots of different stuffed animals back then, but teddy bears were still my favorite. That bear was my constant companion and my mom even made us matching pajamas to wear. My bear even had a crocheted Christmas sweater as well. I adored that little bear and didn’t even realize at the time just how lucky I was to have a mother who was so crafty and clever. I no longer have the pajamas that I wore, but the little bear still has his pair, which always takes me back in time. I remember us both cuddled up together, sharing secrets now long forgotten and a special bond that brings back beautiful memories.

Even if I can’t remember everything Little Charlie experienced back then, I can still enjoy the holidays in much the same fashion. I’ve been streaming holiday specials this afternoon, while doing other things and sometimes watching them all of the way through. Or, at least mostly all the way through. Actually, as a kid, I was always doing something else while television was on as I didn’t quite have the attention span to give anything my full focus. Not much has really changed there. Many of the shows had music, which was really fun to have on in the background, even though the rhymes in one were so ridiculously awful that I cringed every time I heard the lyrics. Philippe and I were supposed to put ornaments on the tree last night, but got distracted by other things so tonight we’ll give it another go. It’s just been really relaxing and fun to do whatever comes to mind this long weekend.

I’ve spent time cuddled up with our dog Phineas on the couch, reading and playing games and that’s been just perfectly wonderful. Well, it’s just me doing those things as his only contribution is the added warm on my leg and the gentle and not so gentle snoring. But I adore the holidays as I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy moments like that for very long at all. There’s always something I need to be doing and no time at all to get it all done. But now, as time stands still a bit, with some extra time off work, I’ve managed to get caught up on most things and take the break that I didn’t even know I needed so much. And it strikes me that I don’t really need that much at all in order to be perfectly happy. Just being with Phineas and Philippe in our little home filled with our little collection of things is the most comfortable place in the world to me. Though there’s always lots of new things to experience, my favorite things will always be those creature comforts.

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Dog Holding Teddy Bear Beagle Cute Watercolor Illustration Painting Sketchbook Detail

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28 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. I’ve still got my old teddy too. He was a gift when I was six months old. He’s lost all his fur, and his nose and one eye were lost and replaced with stitching, and he has surgery scars where Mom had to replace all this stuffing. But he’s still retained all the love and memories I bestowed on him as a child. Everyone should have an old teddy.

  2. Oh, Charlie, that is the sweetest thing about you and your teddy bear. Especially the matching pajamas. How sweet! 💜 For some reason, I didn’t like dolls or stuffed animals when I was little little. I was obsessed with paper. I still am! My mother says that I loved paper. I was just fascinated by it. I would touch it, feel it, look at it. Isn’t that funny? Makes total sense, though. I LOVE to handwrite my letters. I love stationery paper, which is getting harder to find, and I love envelopes especially beautifully decorated ones. All of my life, I have had a mad love affair with paper! So, adding rubber stamps into the picture and cardmaking was the logical step. When I was in high school, card stores sold stationery paper and called it Paper by the Pound. I spent my allowance on pounds of paper! I LOVE paper! Now that I am grown, I love dolls and stuffed animals! haha haha
    Funny story: I was in marching band in high school. A group of older band members took me under their wing. One day, one of them said that I looked like a teddy bear when I laughed. So, he starts calling me Bear. Bear? Was that a compliment or an insult? Well, the rest of them started calling me bear. Who wants to be called a bear? For pep rally day, everyone exchanged gifts and I was now the recipient of bear items. Stickers, pencils, paper, keychains. I wasn’t too happy, but over time, I started to love bears and collect them. haha haha
    My Gordo had a Taco Bell Chihuahua dog. Do you remember those? You squeezed their stomach and they said, “Yo quiero Taco Bell.” Each one said something different. When he was a baby, it was his teddy bear. He slept with it and he played with it. Sometimes in the middle of the night, we would hear, ” Yo quiero Taco Bell! ” I sewed up the holes, but it didn’t help. Luckily, my mother’s friend gave him a replacement. When he got sick and died, I couldn’t keep it. It was too damaged. It was the hardest thing for me to throw his toy away, but, one day, I hope to find a new one. It may not be my gordo’s, but it will always be a reminder of my little boy. 💜 Cute painting, Charlie. It brought back sweet memories.

    1. Forgot….I forwarded you an email that I thought was super cute! I don’t know why, but only my email appears as my name, which you may not recognize right off. I hope you received it. It’s super cute!

    2. Thanks so much, Marisela! 😃💕 Love that you have always loved paper at first! And looking like a teddy bear when you laugh? That’s definitely the cutest! And yes! I remember that Taco Bell dog… wonderful that Monster had one. Phineas had a duckie that we replaced around 13 times before we finally gave up! hehe

  3. I still have my teddy bear Rosie from childhood. She is approximately 60 years old and is almost loved to death. Most of her fur is rubbed off, she has been sewn and resewn and is missing an eye. My grandaughter plays with her now. Rosie has had a happy life.

  4. Mine was a stuffed dog with flowers all over it, and another dog that was a wiener dog. I’m positive there were more stuffed animals, but I just can’t remember any. I was quite attached to my Barbie and my Troll. I had a baby doll that I played with a lot too. !

  5. So sweet. His eyes say it all. My Christmas decor is taking on a laid back look this year. No one is able to come over and see things, so I’ve lost my mojo. Saying that however, I still have more than most households. 😉 I’ll finish up a few things today and then start on the gift making!

  6. Beautiful sketch of a sweet puppy. Our 14 year old shih tzu still hs her little blue teddy bear, flat as a pancake but the squeaker still works and I’m sure the sound reminds her of younger days. Our oldest grandson also still has the teddy we bought him in the hospital gift shop! But he took good care of it. These small things, like tree ornaments that we’ve kept forever, bring those warm memories back to us and renew the love for family and friends. Thanks, Charlie, for what you do!

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