Today we have something colorful and fowl based on your votes. In this case, it translates to a type of guinea hen as this is the bird that we plan to serve on Christmas for the first time. Ours is a cage-free hen raised on a small farm in California that just arrived this weekend. It occurred to me I had heard of guinea hens being served at the holidays, but had no idea what one looked like before it was plated. When looking up what the heck this creature was, I realized the real thing looked rather fascinating.

Two of the varieties of guineafowl intrigued me, the helmeted one with a rhinoceros horn and the one I doodlewashed here which looks like it’s trying to wear a disguise or impersonate a lounge singer. It made me chuckle to think that such an odd and slightly frightening vulture face needed a noticeably out-of-place well-coiffed hairdo on top. Kind of like Donald Trump, only a brunette. While I don’t think this bird will be running for president, it’s clear that nothing is impossible these days.

This was a tough one to doodlewash because I wanted to see if I could only use paper white and not reach for the white gouache. I was pleased with how it turned out, but those little dots were crazy to keep white. This little guy is mainly Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Teal, Pyrrol Red and Neutral Tint, but the eyes seemed to want Quinacridone Gold and Azo Orange. These creatures are a bit crazy looking, but I think this one fancies himself rather suave and debonair. Perhaps he will run for president after all.

The guinea hen is often preferred over chicken is some parts of the world and is served so much in France it is often referred to as the “Sunday bird.” Philippe was excited because he said that now it really felt like Christmas. My family food tradition I remember was just the blueberry muffins my mother would make on Christmas morning, so we’ll have those as well. Frankly, I’m loving all the “new” food traditions best because it’s like having a gourmet holiday.

I’m equally thrilled that in just 2 days we’ll be opening our first gift on Christmas Eve! This combined with the wonderful food and, of course, champagne, make this time of year incredibly special. But the fun doesn’t stop as there’s also the caviar and blinis to enjoy come New Year’s Eve! Hope your holidays are filled with fun and fabulous food as well!

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35 thoughts on “Crested Guineafowl

  1. What a fabulous doodlewash, Charlie! I’m really impressed with all the textures you created!

    I’m curious to know how the hen will be prepared as I’ve never had one before. I’m really excited for you and Philippe to open your gifts! On Christmas Eve, my family will join other congregants at our synagogue to make peanut butter and fluff sandwiches for the local food shelter. It’s our annual tradition. 😊

  2. Hi Charlie, handsome fowl. Do you know about masking fluid? You put it down where you want to keep the white of the paper. You paint right over it and then once your paint is dry, you lift the mask and you have pristine white!

    1. Too funny you mention that, Beverly! I own masking fluid because I read a blog post about it somewhere so I bought some. But I never ended up using it. I forgot where I put it and was too lazy to find it, but knew it would have been the perfect time to try it out! Lol 😊😊

  3. this is absolutely AMAZING Charlie O!! The colors, the details, the pizzazz! ooo la la! It doesn’t look very delicious to eat though…. 🙂 You sure got a pretty specific one. Makes me want to just let it live 🙁 Don’t go making a vegetarian out of me Charlie! Hey – question…. how do you get all of your content into Instagram?

    1. Thanks Jodi!! ❤️😃Lol…I don’t think mine had the hair, but it’s hard to tell as it came completely bald and lacking a head. 😳😊 It would be hard to eat it if I met it in person first! Hehe… And you could just go semi-vegetarian like Philippe and I! Lol As for Instagram… There’s not way I’ve found to automate it as the post length has to be shorter so I post there manually. Since I write in standalone paragraphs, I just pick 3 paragraphs from my WordPress post (usually the funnier/sillier ones for the IG audience) and copy and paste them in the comment section when I post there. Sometimes I include a message to “read the full post on” but not sure if anyone bothers to go. Which means the Insta-only audience never gets the really touching posts and just think I’m a big goofball. Which is also rather true. 😊hehe

  4. I think we need to somehow devise a way to preserve you in this state of childlike excitement for the entire year, Charles – they seem to be having an almighty effect on these doodlewashes you’re coming out with. This is a masterpiece! <3

    1. Hehe!! Awww thanks Jacob!! 😊❤️I wish I could stay in this state all year!! It’s truly my favorite time. I get so excited each year and then it sadly ends. Cruel world! But I have discovered that animals sort of thrill me into a childlike state, so they’ll be many more coming I think! 😊

    1. Thanks Jill!! 💕😃 Yeah, it doesn’t look very tasty, but then again neither do turkeys in a portrait. I think the trick is in removing the head. 😊 According to Philippe it’s just oiling the skin for a crust and stuffing it with Thyme and garlic. I’m sure there’s more mysteries subtleties to it that make it magical, but that’s a pretty standard Philippe “recipe.” Hehe

  5. What a handsome bird! As a vegetarian I’m a little sad but I get it and respect you celebration. Have a wonderful feast and all those presents just waiting to be opened, yippee!

    1. Awww thanks Cathe! We’re nearly vegetarian, outside of these traditions. Philippe will only purchase meat if he knows how the animals were treated first. And presents are getting soooooo close!!! Lol…tomorrow night!! I won’t be able to sleep tonight I’m sure 😊😊😊hehe🎄

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