For our prompt of “Polar Bear” today, I chose to paint a mom and baby cuddling. Though it was unusually warm here for Christmas, the weather has cooled down again today. I’m sure our dog Phineas is not amused by this change, but I totally love it. It means we just might be able to turn the fireplace on and enjoy a cozy winter evening. While I don’t necessarily love being outdoors in the bitter cold, since I myself am not a polar bear, I do love the indoors this time of year. It’s definitely a more cuddly season. Phineas has been right next to Philippe and I our entire winter break and though that’s a normal behavior for most dogs, it’s quite rare for him. He’s normally more content being off on his own and doing his own thing. As a fellow introvert, I can relate, but everybody needs cuddles every now and again. Philippe is currently tackling this year’s nefarious puzzle that has us both a touch baffled. I snuck away briefly to splash some watercolor about and write, but I’ll be returning shortly to help. He’s quite determined that we’ll complete it this evening, and so it also must also be the season of optimism.

We managed to get out of the house for lunch today and go to our favorite German restaurant. It was delicious as always and fun, since everything was still decorated for Christmas. I love that the season really lasts until the New Year, so we’ve a few more days before it’s officially over and we have to go through the task of dismantling our own Christmas Tree. It’s way more fun to put up decorations than to take all of them down. That always feels more like work and it’s a bit sad to see all of the glittering things get put back into a box for another year. But that’s exactly why this time of year is so exceptional. If it happened everyday, it would lose its sparkle. What I have truly loved about these days is the ability to sleep in each morning this week. That’s probably the greatest gift of the year. There’s no specific schedule of what to do next. We can just let the day decide as it goes along. Except, yeah, that darn puzzle. It’s still sitting behind me, taunting me with every impossibly colored piece. But, this time spent with my little trio has been so amazing, and it never fails to bring me joy each year.

In fact, I haven’t even begun to consider what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. I’m still enjoying this one too much to worry about that. And I want to savor each and every moment that’s happening now. Even that puzzle will be a story we’ll talk about for years to come. And Phineas snuggles up to us ever closer as if he also knows this is a very special time of year. It’s not just the holidays, but also the fact that it’s the very end of one year and the beginning of a next. Sure, in many ways it’s just another day turning on the calendar, but it always feels a bit like a fresh start. But that’s a few days from now. Today and for the precious days ahead, I’m going to keep snuggling up to Phineas, while he still lets me, and think about nothing much at all. My mind normally spins like it’s trying to win a race, and yet this time of year is the only time it slows down just a bit. Sure, I’m not getting a thing done on any of my projects and these doodlewashes of late are faster than ever, but it’s all so amazing. One special time each year I get to pause and enjoy the nothing much of life as I rediscover it means everything to me. That’s the sincere beauty of cuddle season.

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Baby Polar Bear And Mother Watercolor Painting Sketchbook Detail

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26 thoughts on “Cuddle Season

  1. I love that you chose a mom and baby, wondering Charlie! Good luck with that puzzle. I can’t have them in the house as I would not do anything else until it was done.
    I spend the day in my studio creating which was marvelous. Life commitments have kept me too busy for the past month. I think that I might have a commission ready to mount and maybe I can get it ready for delivery on Monday. We had robins and starlings in the yard along with a pair of cardinals and chatty bluejays. Odd weather but nice to have the sun shine.

  2. I wish in reality that polar bears lived so easily but of course their environment is threatened and their way is life are precarious. Your painting captures a lovely moment of motherhood, it hardly matters that these are bears and not people. Just beautifully rendered, Charlie.

  3. I haven’t decided on any projects for the New Year yet (except for Counting Sheep in Mary Roff’s handmade sketchbook). I always slow down during the dark months but I’m worse than usual this year. Here’s hoping we both catch fire with creativity as the New Year rolls around! I’m eager to see what you do with your new Cuttlelola!

  4. Charlie says, ” One special time each year I get to pause and enjoy the nothing much of life as I rediscover it means everything to me. That’s the sincere beauty of cuddle season.”

    As lovely as this season…

  5. What do you know, I did nothing much today too! Lol! Not even a puzzle at my house. I may follow up by doing nothing much tomorrow too. Ha!

    In reality, I’ve been watching some cooking shows and that can kill a lot of time, one hour after another. Plus I took a nap this evening which is fine, but then I stay up too late and then sleep in late and it becomes a vicious circle.

    Polar bears rule!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 haha! Yay to that! Nothing much at all is the best way to spend these last days of the year. And Philippe has had cooking shows on most of the time. They just slide one into the next so time doesn’t really matter! lol

    1. Thanks, Laura! 😃💕 hehe… yeah, I couldn’t make an animal look like a predator if I tried. 😊They always come out sort of cuddly. And you’re right, Phineas and both just want to sleep when the days get this short! 😉

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