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Day 1 – My Favorite Breakfast

Today is the first day of new month and so that means the very first day of a brand new Doodlewash adventure. World Watercolor Month was an incredible experience and I’m thrilled so many of you participated this year! It’s thrilling to see so many people come together each year, some leaving another medium for the month to explore watercolor. Yay! I sincerely hope all you will be back next year. And I hope you watercolor enthusiasts will keep right on painting each and every day. If you missed the month entirely, then why not join us in August as we paint our favorite things together! I strongly believe in only painting what you love most, which means this month is guaranteed to be perfect. You already love everything you’re about to paint, so it will be a piece of cake. Oh, wow, cake sounds really good right now. Why didn’t I think to buy one to celebrate? Instead, I’ll start with my favorite breakfast, which is just about any kind of cereal, but as a kid was often corn flakes. It was the only kind of cereal that my grandmother bought, so I have found memories of it while staying with her on the farm during the summer months. It’s a bit bland, so I usually snuck a spoonful of sugar to enhance it a bit.

These days, if I actually have cereal for breakfast, it’s usually with almond milk. Back then it would be cow’s milk or even sometimes goat milk. But when it was farm fresh, it was an incredibly tasty experience. My grandmother always referred to lunch as dinner and dinner as supper. Lunch was served a bit after the noon hour and was the biggest meal of the day. Supper was light and, on extra amazing occasions, I got to have my bowl of corn flakes to end the day as well. Breakfast for supper was the coolest thing in the world! I think anytime you try something out of order it feels sort of naughty and wonderful. Life can be filled with so many “rules” that sometimes breaking them is the only way to truly live. It’s in these moments that we get to just revel in the experience, and lose ourselves in utter happiness. Sure, there are those Golden Rules we should always follow, but most of the others are simply made up laws that make life boring.

I should also mention that I’m mixing things up this month and have switched to a larger sketchbook. I’m still using a Hahnemühle Watercolour Book, as I absolutely LOVE this sketchbook most of all, but have changed to a larger A5 version in hopes of painting a bit looser. Well, loose for me at least. Sometimes, I find myself getting into a bit of rut so it’s good to switch things up every now and then. I also have different brands of paint that I’m anxious to try this month as well! July is a super busy time, so I’m excited to take a little break to focus on new things this month. But the memories of July are always a special thing for me. It’s an incredible, electric experience that makes my heart smile. Even though I paint each and every day, painting with thousands of others for a single month is a memory that stays with you. Moments that are hard to explain, though your heart just knows they’re something truly special, like when I think back to those moments on the farm and my favorite breakfast.

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M. Graham Watercolors: Quinacridone Gold, Cobalt Teal, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Orange, Pyrrol Red, and Burnt Sienna.  Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book.
World Watercolor Group - Day 1 - My Favorite Breakfast - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Day 1 – My Favorite Breakfast

  1. Beautiful! And I have never liked big meals after lunch – I love the idea of cereal for dinner. I make a delicious homemade granola which is so perfect in yogurt – and chilly which is important when it’s 106 at 11 AM 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  2. When I was small and we’d visit our grandparents in upstate New York, my grandfather introduced us to some “different late night snacks.” One favorite was crackers and milk. Yes, you would crumble up some saltine crackers in a bowl and pour milk over them and enjoy with a spoon. I haven’t had it in a g’zillion years but I remember it was good at the time.. My grandmother was an excellent cake baker but Gramps preferred a store bought pound cake that he would pour molasses over. Gramps was a million laughs and we loved him to pieces.

  3. Charlie, I have to laugh at your “made up laws that make life boring”. It reminds me as a child, my mother and the neighbor ladies, would always do their wash on Mondays. I used to wonder then and years after, what would happen if they did the wash on a different day of the week? Would they get into trouble? Would the world come to an end? For many, many years you could see those ladies hanging the wash out to dry only on a Monday. It was like a ritual. That came to an end with automatic washers and dryers. Mom finally broke out of the mold.
    Love your painting! Cereal for dinner is a winner! 😄

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