Day 1 - World Watercolor Month Sunny Days - #WorldWatercolorMonth Doodlewash

Day 1: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Sunny Days

World Watercolor Month has begun and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying seeing all of the wonderful watercolors posted online! (Facebook no longer lets me pull posts in so please join us in our Facebook Group if you prefer to post there). I was so lost in admiring everyone’s beautiful watercolors that  I suddenly realized, wait, I haven’t painted my own offering yet today. The prompts are totally optional to use, of course, but I rather enjoy using prompts, so I will be following along with them all month long. First up is sunny days and the first thing that came to mind was limeade. I’ve learned never to question these things so I just went with it and tried a quick little doodlewash with a rare appearance of a background. Normally I’m just sketching stuff, but I figured I’d try something more scenic for the prompt today. Also, I’ve been craving a beach vacation so that was on my mind as well. Limeade was my favorite drink as a kid. It came in a tube of concentrated juice and rarely had actual limes added, but it was awesome to enjoy on a hot summer day. And a wonderful memory to begin our month-long celebration!

If anyone is reading this who has just discovered, I’ll give you a quick little overview. Here, you’ll find the stories and art of over 450 featured watercolor artists from every continent (yep, even Antarctica), a full social community of artists with groups and forums, art supply reviews, tutorials, and so much more! (seriously, just explore and have fun!). Reviews and tutorials are written by artists in our wonderful community. And, me? Well, I’m Charlie O’Shields, your humble host, founder of World Watercolor Month and mad scientist creator of this big little website. Each and every day, I make a blog post with a watercolor illustration along with stories on life and creativity. My posts aren’t typical of an art blog as they very often aren’t specifically about art at all. They’re a mix of musings and childhood memories involving the little things in life that matter most. I’ve discovered that analyzing each little speck of light and shadow in everyday things while I paint, has made me want to write about them. So, that’s what I do, and have been doing every single day now, for almost 3 years.

Yep, that’s pretty much my role here. I simply show up each and every day, proving that daily painting and creating is indeed quite possible. I’m a huge kid at heart and it’s the child inside that I turn to most of the time when my adult self is starting to question things in a boring and irritating fashion. I want to always be that kid who was sucking down limeades on a hot summer day and constantly dreaming of wonderful new things to DO next. And each of us has that little kid inside who never once questioned whether or not something was possible. If you’re trying to make 31 watercolors this month, then the best advice I can offer is to hand your paint brush over to that inner child. She or he will know exactly what to do next and do it with incredible glee, never once stopping to question things and wasting valuable time. Yes, you can DO this! And I, along with the rest of the world, am thrilled to see what you’ll make next. When you follow your heart and passion, you’re always guaranteed to find yourself enjoying the most amazing sunny days.

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About the Doodlewash

Da Vinci Paint Co.: Nickel Azo Yellow, Leaf Green, Cobalt Turquoise, Terra Cotta and Cobalt Blue. Lamy Al-Star Safari Fountain Pen with sepia ink in an A5 Hahnemühle Watercolour Book. Want to purchase a print of this doodlewash? Send me a note with a link to this post, and I’ll add it to my shop!
 Day 1 - World Watercolor Month Sunny Days - #WorldWatercolorMonth Doodlewash


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34 thoughts on “Day 1: #WorldWatercolorMonth – Sunny Days

  1. I love the frosty look of your limeade! I joined Doodlewash during World Watercolor Month last year, and now it feels like home. I hope that the new people are all here to say the same thing next year!

    1. Aww that’s awesome, Sandra! 😃💕 It feels like you’ve been part of our community since the start, but yes, it’s just been a year. Wow… time flies. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us!

  2. The beach and a refreshing drink sound wonderful, Charlie! I’m so looking forward to seeing what everyone creates this month in honor of WWM 2018! Thanks for leading us in this monthlong parade of joyful, colorful painting! 💖

  3. Hi Charlie, just posted my sunny skies for today. I LOVE limeade and your picture is great. I wish I could draw like that, you just whip ’em out. Amazing!
    Have you had the cherry limeade at Sonic? I’m not a Sonic fan for food, but seriously, the limeade and cherry limeade are great!!!!

    1. Aww thanks, Karen! 😃💕 I’ve been doing this daily for 3 years now so it’s gotten a lot easier! hehe… though some days I feel like I don’t know how to paint at all, but that’s watercolor for ya! Still so fun! And I loved your sunny days post! Gotta love a sand castle! (I do see everything scroll past, but I don’t have as much time to comment during this month 😊)

        1. Aww… I always answer every post! I figure if someone takes the time to comment, I should take the time to comment back! 😃💕 And yeah… it’s hectic but in a wonderful way! I love the energy this month! I wish I could bottle it and keep it with me all year long!

  4. Well, I’m back. 😛

    Your painting makes me really want something summery to drink at the moment, though I really never liked limeade! Maybe some of those limes you painted in a glass of water would be nice.

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