World Watercolor Group - Day 10 - My Favorite Pet - Brindle Basenji - Doodlewash

Day 10 – My Favorite Pet

My favorite pet is actually my current one, and comes in the form of a little brindle basenji. His name is Phineas and with his constant furrowed brow, he always looks a bit concerned about something or other. Indeed, he always has a complete agenda of things he’d like you to do for him next, and if you fail to do so in a timely fashion you get “the look.” This particular look on other dogs might appear quite differently, but on Phineas it clearly says, “you idiot, you really mucked things up again didn’t you.” He simply stares at you with his wrinkled forehead, not so much mad at you, but just rather sad at your complete incompetence. Moments later, if his demands aren’t met, he’ll start pacing the floor and start into a round of cranky sneezes to let you know of his extreme displeasure. It’s all rather comical really, and gives him an overwhelming personality that’s rather infectious. Yet, after all all food has been served and treats have been administered, he becomes a gentle and loving little beast who also won’t turn down a good cuddle.

We took Phineas to the vet recently for his annual check up and his doctor referred to him as a mature dog. He still has all the energy of a puppy so we never stopped to think about the fact that he’s actually middle aged and in dog years, the oldest one in the house. I guess that’s why he thinks he demands a bit more respect than we apparently give him. There are still many years of being ordered around ahead, but for a moment, I was caught off guard. One day, I won’t hear those disapproving sneezes or see that concerned look ever again. Pets are the most wonderful thing in the world, and yet no matter what, they’ll ultimately break your heart. That evening after the vet appointment, I cuddled up next to Phineas and we just laid there together. I kissed  his head and whispered, “I love you.” I’m not sure if dogs know what those words really mean, or sometimes, even if humans do, but I know he understood. He turned his head to me and looked me in the eyes, almost nodded his head, and then, sneezed in my face, as if to say, “I’m not dead yet, you sentimental fool.”

No matter how long we have together, I’ll never forget these moments. They’ll be the memories I’ll share for years to come. And that’s the beautiful thing about life. Moments never last forever, but the stories they create can last a lifetime.I’m thrilled to share my life with this little brindle basenji, and I envy him for always knowing exactly what he wants out of life. And today, for you, my lovely readers, I have another memory in the making. I’m giving away 5 Hahnemühle Cézanne, mould-made, 300gsm, 9.44″x12.59″, 10 sheet blocks! These will go to the first 5 of you who let me you want one by commenting below with “Let’s Paint Memories!” and telling me what type of paper you’d prefer to receive, Cold Pressed, Hot Pressed, or Rough (US/Canada only). As Phineas would tell you, it’s always good to ask for precisely what you want out of life. Sneezing about it is probably optional, but I have to admire the logic of the little guy. And I know in my heart, that’s precisely why he’s my favorite pet. 

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World Watercolor Group - Day 10 - My Favorite Pet - Brindle Basenji - Doodlewash

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47 thoughts on “Day 10 – My Favorite Pet

      1. Aww thanks so much, Hania! Phineas is the best!! 😃💕 hehe – and my sponsor is only shipping to US and Canada for this one, but… if your previous prize hasn’t shipped, we’ll try to add a sample of Hot Press as well!

    1. Aww thanks so much, June!! 😃💕 Glad you liked this one! He’s tough to capture… all that brindle fur is a bit like that plaid shirt I dealt with a few days ago! hehe… and yay! I’ll have a sample of Hot Press sent to you!

  1. I’m sure I’m too late for the paper, but that doggy story just breaks my heart in such a good way. I miss having a pet. Living in an apartment the only pet allowed is a bird. I had a wonderful parrot named Berkley, she’s an african grey and will hopefully live at least 50 years, sadly with other people who I sure hope love her to death. I became horribly allergic to her and my health declined significantly so I had to adopt her out, one of the hardest things I ever did. I would love to have a dog again, I miss that loving look you get. Anyway, I’ll keep wishing, lovely story Charlie. Oh, if there’s any left, totally HOT PRESSED please, lol, Let’s Paint Memories, what a lovely thought. :o)

    1. Oh, that would be so difficult to give up a pet like that, but I’m SURE they’ll love Berkley just as much as you did. She sounds lovely!! 😃💕 I’ve only ever had dogs and a hamster or two as a kid. 😊 And yep, I’m all out of paper for this post, but will be giving this away again next week!

  2. Touching story, Charlie, And a darling painting. Phineas looks like my late, great Igloo, the dog who made me love dogs. The dog of large ears. Some speculated that he was part basinji. The Humane society said American Eskimo and daschund – hence the name Igloo. Without our noticing, old age crept up on him and we mistook his deafness for his usual very quiet demeanor. He never was much of a talker, would make the sweetest, soft ‘bouf’ sounds if he needed to go outside. Nowadays my heart belongs to (don’t hate me, please) a tuxedo cat named @Rosie the Kitten Cat. She has her own facebook page 🙂

  3. Haha! Sneezing on your face seems a bit rude, doesn’t it? Anyway, lovely story! Phineas does have a judgemental look on his face, reminds me of a librarian.

    1. Hahahahaha. I was at my local library with a new Sweetie and we were sitting in an out of the way place, stealing , between perusing some magazines. We’re both in our 50’s (at the time) and got dressed down like a pair of teenagers. We just laughed it off

  4. Such a sweet thing, the dog that is! You have captured his personality in your painting and the text was enjoyable to read as well. Our pets are part of our family and you have a lovely memento of your furry friend with both the text you have written and your painting.

  5. They say that dogs will give you a thousand best days of your life, and one worst day. I’ve had three “worst days” in the past two years, but I can say with absolute certainty that all those other days? Worth every heartbreak.

    Miss Bella also has the ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? look that she’ll give us when we don’t meet her expectations, by the way. 🙂

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