Day 10 - World Watercolor Month Light And Luminous Toothbrush - Doodlewash

Day 10 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Light & Luminous

Today’s answer to our light and luminous prompt is as unexpected for me as it may be for you. I’m not sure I’ve seen one other person show up today with gel toothpaste, but if you did, then great minds think alike. I was honestly thinking of light bulbs and lanterns, at first, and realized I’d sketched those fairly recently and then my mind wandered, as it’s prone to do, and so, yeah, gel toothpaste. This morning, as I was brushing my teeth, I was feeling a bit exhausted and the glint of the toothpaste made me feel oddly comforted. It’s nothing special, but simply part of a daily routine. Much like showing up to paint each and every day. I do love the routine of it all, but sometimes, it’s fun to push past that and try something rather different. This, I think, qualifies as that. The kid in me loves the green slime this gel toothpaste resembles, made popular by a Canadian TV show called “You Can’t Do That On Television” that first appeared on television in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Whenever someone said the words, “I Don’t Know,” a gooey green slime substance was poured on them from above. Here in the States, it was aired on the kids channel Nickelodeon, and was so popular that the channel itself became synonymous with green slime. A strange thing to be known for, but positive when you think it’s really about challenging us to avoid ever thinking that we don’t actually know something.

In truth, we always know more than we ever give ourselves credit for and should be proud of that knowing more often. From the moment I started painting and sketching, I’ve always pushed myself to try difficult or unusual things. At first, it was busy full scenes with lots of detail and later, objects and creatures with lots of detail. Once, it was a whole month dedicated to odd creatures that rarely ever get painted. One of this best things I’ve learned in my art journey is that the world is incredibly amazing. There are so many things in it that we often take for granted, but when given a thorough second glance, become rather interesting. So, when I’m rushed for time, which is much of the time, and not sure what I might paint, I never get too stressed. I know now that nearly any creature, object or scene in the world can create a little piece of art. After all, from abstract to realistic paintings and sketches, art is always a reflection of life as we’ve lived it. Our goal is to simply share a bit of that experience with others.

Thinking back to the days of green slime, made me incredibly happy today. I had no idea that would be the memory that would surface, but it was well-timed. It was a moment when my family first got cable television and the world was suddenly a new and exciting place. I was only ten years old and happily dancing to “Video Killed The Radio Star” on MTV, thinking this is all just so cool! The song was silly, to be sure, but it was never about the song. It was about the new and shiny thing that had appeared in our lives. The world was changing and we were happily changing with it, at the forefront of the next revolution. This was a rather golden era when we were never too bored or cynical about what came next. It was simply an exciting progression of hopes and dreams made possible in each new invention that came our way. Since that time, there have been hundreds and thousands of new things competing for attention. Yet, my brush and my heart will always resort to the things that have stood the test of time. Things that remind us that no matter how much everything changes, things stay very much the same. Maybe it’s just the dreaming mind of a little kid, but I for one, want my world to always be light & luminous.

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 Day 10 - World Watercolor Month Light And Luminous Toothbrush - Doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “Day 10 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Light & Luminous

  1. Charlie, green slime toothpaste! Only you could come up with that for the prompt of light and luminous and turn it into an entertaining ramble on top of that. I guess that’s why you lead a creative team. Kudos! This is your most imaginative post yet! (But you’ve set the bar high!)

  2. I remember that TV show most particularly because it was filmed right here in Ottawa where I live. The actors would often appear on other shows to talk about their roles. Les Lye passed away a while back and well, you probably know about Alanis Morissette…I don’t know what happened to the other actors but they probably just live regular lives like most of us. They were not actual actors but students from local schools. So today, you made me take another walk down memory lane…as a young mom watching the show with my children! Thanks Charlie!

  3. “it was never about the song”

    A volume of wisdom in those few words. Not only are you an accomplished writer and painter,
    you are a poet.

    “Maybe it’s just the dreaming mind of a little kid, but I for one, want my world to always be light & luminous.”
    May it ever be so…I have a feeling in my bones it will be.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Sarah! 😃💕I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate, but never managed to make it happen. Then somehow, through this blog, it happened naturally. I don’t know if I’m truly accomplished yet, but I’m definitely persistent! 😉

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