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Day 11 – My Favorite Weather

Today’s prompt was an easy one to choose, since my favorite weather is coming up next and occurs in mid-autumn. I didn’t have much time to paint today, so this is a super quick 15 minute sketch of some fall leaves. I love it when the leaves begin to burst into amazing colors against a deep blue sky. And, I also love the chill in the air that blows away the humid heat of summer. That first day, when I have to reach for a jacket in order to go outside, is a fabulous transition. It means hot cocoa won’t be far behind, the fireplace will get some use again, and snuggles will return. Despite the colder temperatures, it just feels like a time of year that’s about enjoying time at home with the people you love. The days get a bit shorter to be sure, but it’s also a time to nest and relax a bit more. And best of all, it leads right into my favorite holiday season, and so very soon, my inner child will be thrilled beyond belief, awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus and presents under the tree.

As a kid, this time of year also meant heading back to school. As a rather geeky kid, I loved going back to school in the fall and got really excited to pick out my school supplies for the year. There was that list of required items, of course, but I always got to pick a special pencil or notebook as well. I remember one year, I got a pen that glowed in the dark. Obviously, schools themselves are rather brightly lit, so my glowing pen wasn’t quite as impressive as I’d hoped it would be. But just knowing that it possessed a little bit of magic was enough to make me happy. And it was a pen that was unique to me, or at least the only of its kind in my little classroom, so that was enough to make it special. My little doodles in the margins of my notebook that year seemed to be way cooler, even though it was just normal ink inside. I think this is how I still feel today with art supplies that I buy. A particular pen or brush holds more than its technical features. There’s sometimes a strong bond that’s impossible to justify, but I just know it’s my favorite.

I have a limited edition Lamy pen I bought in Paris that I have tucked away and haven’t even used yet. It was just so shiny, green and lovely, sitting there in the window of a shop. I had to take it home with me. The two pens I use most are the ones that Philippe bought for me, as they just seem a bit more special somehow. My little silver Lamy pen was a Christmas present, and goes with me everywhere, even though I rarely have time to sketch, except when I’m at home. It’s just a comforting companion. As we head into another fall and holiday season, I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll ask for this year. I, of course, have everything I need, but that’s not the point. As the cool breeze arrives, it brings with it the permission to want just a little bit more. And in the end, that’s why this has always been my favorite weather.

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 World Watercolor Group - Day 11 - My Favorite Weather - Autumn Leaves - Doodlewash

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22 thoughts on “Day 11 – My Favorite Weather

  1. I really like the way you lined the leaves up and added the shadows next to the stems. Really pretty. And, of course I loved your story…. always such a nice memory. I had a hard time choosing my favorite weather as I am always ready for the next season. So….I decided to paint a picture of all the diifferent weather in a four season setting in my tiny 3 x 5 journal. 😊

  2. Me too – I also love autumn and the fall of the leaves scattered over everything. Even a half dead lawn looks great under a pile of leaves. Yours are beautiful.

    As for buying stuff I don’t need – I avoid art stores because something in there always calls my name – “Shari, you really do need me – take me home.” Silly me – I listen too often.

  3. Love the colors you chose for the shadows. I’ve never lived a place with true seasons. Florida has summer and hint-of-fall. New Orleans had hurricane season, football season, rainy season and a day of spring

  4. Now that we’re firmly ensconced in Autumn, this post made me appreciate it just *that much more*. (I’m coming off a week long bout with a particularly drippy headcold, so I missed a whole *week* of Autumn being droopy and icky.)

    And I may just go buy a new notebook to celebrate. (Not that I need a new notebook; the stacks of blank ones here are kind of legendary. But…but…but….)

  5. Charlie (and other talented watercolorists), you paint a piece a DAY? I’m so new to watercolor and literally lose sleep over a piece a week! Natch, I’ll paint anywhere from 3-9 of the same image until I bore myself with my own composition, but, I feel like such a loser with painting as well, and as often as the talented people on Doodlewash. You’re all so impressive. But I guess my style IS my style??? Especially you, Charlie. Daily paintings are enviable. Congratulations!

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