Day 12 #WorldWatercolorMonth Velocifero Scooter green blue

Day 12: #WorldWatercolorMonth

Today, we have a quick little doodlewash of this Velocifero Scooter, because I’ve always wanted a scooter and happened to be thinking of them. Saying, “I’ve always wanted one” means that I like the idea of them and think they look cool. It’s most likely a side effect of all those people you see in movies, riding them down some narrow street in Italy, effortlessly zooming past ancient fountains and making the entire experience seem magical. That said, the idea of actually being exposed to the elements for any length of time while moving at a speed any faster than walking isn’t super enticing for me. So, as is the case with many dreams, I’ll simply leave them in my sketchbook.

When I was in college, one of my good friends owned a motorcycle. I thought it would be cool to ride with her and so one day I hopped on the back and we took a little drive. It was absolutely wonderful. An early morning trip that was met with watching the sun rise. Not because we were “morning people” but because, like most college students, we simply hadn’t slept all night and were bored with studying. Later though, when my car broke down 30 minutes from my home, she came to rescue me on that same motorcycle. This time, we were zooming down the freeway at a much less leisurely speed and the lack of windshield meant my face was being pelted with bugs, who had somehow transformed themselves into tiny bullets. All of the magic disappeared.

I love to fantasize about things, and I realize as I get older than oftentimes the fantasy is much better than the reality. It’s fun to put the idea of something on paper as though you’ve just made a major purchase. For the price of just a little paint and some ink, I can finally have my little scooter. And all without the danger of being caught out in the rain on it. I often work from photo references because of this. I don’t want to simply paint what’s within reach. Sometimes I just want to explore what’s on my mind. Walking through a world of ideas and images that I may never meet in person, but can at least capture in the pages of my trusty little sketchbook.

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About the Doodlewash

M. Graham watercolors: Cobalt Teal, Permanent Green Pale, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Azo Orange. Lamy Safari Al Star pen with Platinum Carbon black ink in a 5″ x 8″ 140 lb. (300 gsm) Pentalic Aqua Journal.

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42 thoughts on “Day 12: #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. I used to like riding my sister’s motorcycle until I fell in gravel going very slowly and ripped a brand new pair of jeans. That was enough for me! 😉 I love the colors on your scooter, Charlie and it does look like it would be fun to drive! ❤️😄🎨

  2. That’s what imagination is for–you can’t be disappointed! I was just noting the other day how boring car colors are these days…this would spice up the roads! (K)

  3. This looks so much like Italy I can almost smell the exhaust fumes from several scooters in hot summer air:-]]] I’ve been riding a scooter once (in Italy) and didn’t like it so much, a motorcycle is much more fun… to me;-)

  4. Ah, what dreams we may paint, we may own.
    I’m not a motorcycle or scooter fan, but my own college experience was also a bit scary. Started with me being a bit un-sober and taking a ride on the back of a big machine. When I felt like flying and stuck my arms out to feel the wind, the driver slowed to nearly a halt. I guess he thought I’d take off. Or fall off. I always remember that night as one of elation and fearlessness. A bit of reckless stupidity as well.
    Your Doodlewash is wonderful.

  5. Like Susan and Snehal, I also call this a Vespa. Cool color! And now even Italians have to wear helmets, I suppose, so it looks a loss less romantic when they whizz past the ancient fountains…

    1. Yeah it totally looks likes one… the reference photo I used had “Velocifero” on the hub and I looked it up and appeared to be a different brand. Though shockingly similar! Hehe… and helmets made everything more safe, but less cool. Even bicycling. 😉

  6. I like the idea of no buy, just paint, that reminds me of the story, a lady bird book ‘ read it yourself’ called ‘the magic paintbrush’ I used to love that book. Great little fantasy scooter Charlie, and I agree the idea of riding one is better than the reality, I would be scared to control such a cute beast of mechanical power, lol

  7. This is so cool! Fantasy or not, you charging around the city on this spearmint beast – so much love for that colour! – would turn some envious heads, I’m sure! With Phineas on the back, perhaps, in helmet and goggles? 😛 Adorable. I would like one just to show off to the neighbours, but I doubt it’d get ridden much. I wouldn’t trust myself on much more than a push scooter!

  8. You’re right, Charlie, fantasy is far better than reality in a lot of things. I spend half of my time in an imaginary world, and the other half goodness knows where! It’s all good! 😀 Fab scooter, by the way.

  9. Great looking scooter, love the color and the detail. Delightful how a single image can conjure all sorts of thoughts filled with Italian movies, Roman fountains, and…pasta! Your paintings are doorways to all sorts of journeys…thank you for sharing.

  10. Yay, Charlie…your first Vespa!! Love the glowing green. My one and only ride on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle was with my late brother. I also had no helmet, just my sunglasses. No bugs, but my eyes were streaming! :bemused:

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