Day 13 - World Watercolor Month Fast And Loose Fast Food - Doodlewash

Day 13 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Fast & Loose

While thinking about today’s prompt of “fast & loose,” I realized that if it’s in reference to the painting approach itself, the subject matter could be anything at all. Yet, I still opted for a bit of fast food in what’s really just my typically loose style. In truth, everything I paint is fast, since I’m normally squeezing in a quick little sketch right after work and just before dinner. No matter how quickly I sketch, nothing ends up quite as loose, since I like things to have a bit more dimension, so I default to my go-to approach of “jabbing bits of dark in key places.” Though this barely feels like a legitimate painting technique, it does add a bit more sparkle and depth when you’re short on time, which I typically am, and turns a loose sketch into one that gives the illusion one has spent a bit more time on it.  As for fast food, this is a total fantasy as it’s not really on Philippe’s list of acceptable digestives. When I do get home from work and begin my quick little sketch for the day, I’m always asked the same question, “what did you have for lunch today?” This seems like a perfectly innocuous nicety, but there’s far more to it than that. What it really means is, “what insanely healthy dish do I have to make for dinner tonight to atone for your lunch transgressions?” It’s a question I must always choose to answer carefully.

Actually, I’m typically a rather good boy at lunch time. Only having a salad or something equally passable by Philippe’s standards. But other times, I do make rather rash and suspect decisions, and might end up with a basket full of tater tots. While I always let my inner child take over when I paint, it’s probably not always in my best interest to let him order food. He has a very limited diet that consists of mostly golden fried things. I grew up in a time where fast food was not something bad for you, it was simply glorious food served quickly. It would be years later before nutritional studies and lawsuits would tell me otherwise. I would just be thrilled to head to the Golden Arches and enjoy a Happy Meal, complete with an incredible prize inside. And my mother would be just as thrilled she didn’t have to deal with cooking me anything. It’s was a total win-win really. Thankfully, we didn’t eat out that way all that often, but this just made it seem even more incredible. And since that time, I’ve developed a theory that as long as treats come in moderation, they’re not only okay, but rather necessary to live a happy life.

So, yes, sometimes, I even let my inner child choose what’s on the menu that day. I know my adult, or at the very least least my adult handler Philippe, will help me keep things in check. But life shouldn’t be about denying ourselves little pleasures, it should be about finding the best time to enjoy them properly. Whether it’s eating or painting, so much of it can come with stringent rules of what is right or what is wrong. That can feel so overwhelming! And we’re such different and unique individuals that I find it impossible to believe there’s ever truly one correct way to DO anything. When you find a path in art or life that feels strangely familiar to you personally, follow it and see where it goes. It might not be the path that others are telling you that you should take, but your heart always knows better. Trust it. Learn everything you can from the people who inspire you and then take a bold step on your own journey. Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing what you know you really love most. Trust me, what you’re thinking you should do, is correct. And life is never really that straightforward in the end. Life is a beautiful mix of creative impulses that can only be truly enjoyed and appreciated when you approach it fast & loose.

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 Day 13 - World Watercolor Month Fast And Loose Fast Food - Doodlewash

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26 thoughts on “Day 13 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – Fast & Loose

  1. Sandwich looks good enough to eat. Yes, I eat one ocassionally with no guilt. You will be happy to.know that out of all the fast food restaurants that serve eggs, McDonalds and Panera Bread are the only ones that serve real eggs. I just read that a few days ago. All the others use fillers….so they say!! Lol

    1. Thanks, June!! 😃💕hehe! I highly support that! I do it as well, but don’t always tell Philippe. I can say that here as he doesn’t read these. lol And yay to real eggs… but now I’m left wondering what a fake egg is made of? 😳

      1. “They” say to order the egg mcmuffin. McDonalds scrambled eggs contain preservatives to preserve the egg’s color. Also contains modified food starch, soybean oil, flavor enhancers, turmeric (i guess that’s a good thing), citric acid and soy lecithin. I think I will make my own scrambled eggs!! 😲

  2. I remember when even fast food was a ‘treat’, meaning you didn’t get to have it very often because nobody could afford to spend that kind of money very often. Those days when tin foil was hoarded and bacon fat or crisco was used over and over to save a dime or two. Oh it is amazing how cultural perceptions change. Love your hamburger!

  3. I hardly taken fast food but sometimes have to make it for my family.good art.lie.
    But most beautiful is quote that is close to my 💓 is u r these lines ,trust me ……….. the whole peragrafe.loved both. thanks

  4. You crack me up Charlie Shields! Such a foodie! I did think about your always “fast” doodles and wondered what “loose” thing I could paint, certainly not my pants if I indulge much in yummy fast food!

  5. It’s not fun being an adult. We can buy bags and bags of candy anytime we want, but that “Phillippe” person inside of us is being responsible and reminding us we know better. 😉 Love love love this, minus the pickles. Makes me want a burger!

  6. True that fast food was a treat when I was young. I have very specific memories of meals eaten out with my parents. As I moved into my teens and fast food restaurants became more prevalent, I no longer have those memories. That says a lot about our culture. Otoh, your burger looks kind of amazing! Luckily, I’m a good cook and am making a stir fry tonight!😁

    1. Thanks, Lisa! 😃💕 Yum! Stir fry sounds delicious! And I agree… I loved those special times eating out with parents. Even if it was only fast food, it still felt like an actual restaurant back then.

  7. No one believes me, given my age, but I’d never heard of McDonald’s until I was in college and my boyfriend introduced me. Wasn’t totally enamored but a Big Mac did make an easy dinner.

    BTW – your sandwich is sticking out its tongue. I don’t think it likes McDonald’s either.

    1. haha! That’s awesome… hehe… didn’t even see the tongue and now it’s all I can see! 😂And that’s probably good you discovered it as an adult. I still have that darn Happy Meal in my memories and so I sometimes think I might want to try it. But even the toys got lame in comparison, so I don’t bother.

  8. ” Philippe’s list of acceptable digestives”

    Now that is a fine title for a book!

    and this is a perfect piece of wisdom for that book:

    “as long as treats come in moderation, they’re not only okay, but rather necessary to live a happy life.”

    and this:

    “life shouldn’t be about denying ourselves little pleasures, it should be about finding the best time to enjoy them properly”

    That burger looks scrumptious…at least a 800 calories and probably 1000 grams of sodium…Shh, I won’t tell, though honestly, I think I gained a pound just looking at it.

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