Day 17 - World Watercolor Month City Life Bird Scooter - Doodlewash

Day 17 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – City Life

When I thought about “city life,” our prompt for today, I immediately thought of the most recent edition to our city, rent-a-ride electric scooters that were dropped off by a company called Bird. These only appeared earlier this month and already you can see people on them everywhere you look in downtown Kansas City. They look like something a child might ride, and I adore that aspect! Seeing a guy tooling down the street on one in a business suit is just rather awesome. It’s like overnight, throngs of people happily discovered their inner child and began chasing it with joyous abandon. And that’s made me incredibly happy to watch. I haven’t tried one yet, but I will soon, as they look incredibly fun, so it’s totally happening! The cool part is, you can just grab one wherever it was last dropped off and go for a ride, taking it to wherever you decided to leave it next. It fulfills those last few blocks of that public transportation just couldn’t quite fulfill your destination, or simply provides a joy ride on a lovely day. And it really does seem like something only a kid would enjoy, which makes me absolutely adore it all the more. I hope you’ve been letting your inner child take control during World Watercolor Month!

This has been a busy and exciting month to be sure, and I’m doing my best to keep up with all of it. A couple of weeks ago, I launched a podcast for my three year anniversary called “Sketching Stuff” and in it, I promised bi-weekly updates. I’m happy to report that in all the hustle and bustle, I managed to produce a second episode that launched on time today, so click here if you’d like to hear it!  As always, your comments and feedback on the episode page are encouraged and welcome! I’m still learning about this whole podcast thing, so I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas as I move to the next one. I only realized now that launching this when I did meant there would be 3 episodes launching while World Watercolor Month is still taking place. But little things like this never stop me, and I hope you never let anything stop you from doing whatever it is you feel like you’d like to do next. Let that inner child take control and you’ll be surprised at what’s possible!

Even though I’m a “bit” older now, I enjoy seeing all of the new things that are happening in the world. Totally new ideas that change how we live, commute, and interact with others. I’m rather curious to see what the world will bring us next, and at the same time, I’m equally happy living in my wonderful past. When I was a kid, these new technologies were even more amazing than they are today. Each new thing was cherished as something innovative and incredible. We’ve reached a point where new things aren’t always as incredible as they were in the past. It’s just a slight morphing of technology that can surely delight us, but rarely ever surprises us anymore. I rather miss those days when we could be well and truly surprised by new things. But then, I think about all of the wonderful new paintings that are created each and every day. Each one has a unique little twist provided by the hand of the artist that thrills me. It takes me back to that time when we thought we were experiencing the very height of what the world was capable of bringing to us. And that’s what I always end up turning to, when I seek a little bit of extra excitement out of my daily city life.

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Day 17 - World Watercolor Month City Life Bird Scooter - Doodlewash

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21 thoughts on “Day 17 – #WorldWatercolorMonth – City Life

  1. I love your scooter – I don’t think I’d want to drive one in Portland traffic though. I don’t even like driving a car in Portland traffic, lol. One of these days, I’d like to drive one around in a smaller city though. That’s adventure enough for me!

  2. You have to ride one soon and report back! I don’t remember ever not having a television, but I do remember getting a colored one. Those were exciting times. I do remember my first internet search in grad school. We had to plan out all of our key words and use Boolean logic before we dialed in and then worked as fast as possible because the database we used charged by the minute! Now I waste hours messing around to no real purpose. I also remember when Segway scooters were going to change the world. That one was kind of a bust! 😂😂

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