#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 18 - My Favorite Wild Animal - Meerkat - Doodlewash

Day 18 – My Favorite Wild Animal

When I first thought of wild animals, I of course thought of lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my! But then, realized that any animal that’s not fully domesticated surely qualifies, and so we ended up with this rather unassuming little meerkat. I’m not sure I truly have a favorite, since I love all types of animals, but meerkats are rather cute so they’re definitely at the top. They’re also a social and affectionate little creature who loves to form clubs and work together. I have to admire that! I’m rather the same. And if you haven’t yet logged in on Doodlewash.com with your chosen social network to get your artist profile and upload some watercolor art, then by all means, stop reading this drivel and do so! We’re creating a brand new social community together called Doodlewash Club and there are lots of fun things coming for those who join! It’s been built from the ground up with input from all of you, so it’s guaranteed to be amazing! It’s virtual, so they isn’t any meerkat cuddling, but there are lots of wonderful watercolor artists to meet and interact with. Please join us!

As for meerkats, I’m no expert on them, and in searching them I got totally distracted and think I’m now going to be purchasing this amazing meerkat plush to put on my desk as work. I did, however, read once that meerkats can recognize the individual calls of other meerkats. No matter how similar they may seem, due to their commonalities, each one is seen as beautifully unique. They have a special love and affection for the youngest members of their group. These young pups get extra attention until their voices deepen and they begin to grow into adulthood. This caring nature is very attractive to me, so I have to admire them. If I had any dream at all for the group we’re creating together, I would hope that we would act a bit like meerkats. Helping and supporting each other as we go along, and protecting each other from harm. Sure, that’s rather dreamy in a world that can be very competitive and not always very welcoming. But the best things in life always start from an impossible dream. So, I’m confident that this one, will indeed come true.

I’ve always been this kind of dreamer. I don’t really go into things with a big plan mapped out. I just move on impulse and feeling taking each step as it comes. I admire people who are planners. Those who are capable of mapping everything out and systematically proceeding through each goal. My world is a little less precise. It consists of chasing passion after passion and charging forward as though everything will work out as it should. For me, this makes life a wonderful adventure that others might find a little unsettling. But what I do know is that whenever anyone stays committed to pursuing their passions they will always succeed. Never in the way they planned, but always in a perfectly imperfect way that just feels satisfyingly right in the end. So, I really DO hope all of you will join me in creating this new awesome phase of the adventure. I truly believe that we can make amazing things happen if we all work together, like my favorite wild animal.

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#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 18 - My Favorite Wild Animal - Meerkat - Doodlewash

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23 thoughts on “Day 18 – My Favorite Wild Animal

    1. Haha!! I’m sure I could figure out a way to add that feature one day… hang in there with me! Thanks so much, Tom for jumping in and participating in Doodlewash Club. It’s tough to get these things going, but I’m sure we’ll get more folks to come play soon!! 😉

  1. I was permitted to hold a meerkat once (at a wildlife park in Scotland, not their native habitat) and I was surprised by how soft and plush the coat was. It was possible to feel the bumps in the hair where there were “dots”. It was really cool.

  2. What is not to love about those cuties! I’m a huge documentary fan of all sorts and always enjoy seeing these in the line up. They have such a fun way of communicating too!

    Love your tribute and drawing, Charlie!

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