#WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 19 - My Favorite Lunch - Sack Lunch With Apple - Doodlewash

Day 19 – My Favorite Lunch

Tonight, I’m running behind and have to make the world’s fastest little post before my friends arrive for the evening. In answer to today’s prompt my mind jumped back in time and I thought of a sack lunch like I used to grab out of my mother’s hands while rushing out the door for school. So we have an equally quick little doodlewash of one. Actually, I’m not sure I was rude enough to simply snatch it from her hands, but looking back I can’t quite remember. What I do remember is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside along with carrot and celery sticks, and of course, an apple. It sounds like a such a simple lunch to me now, but sometimes I still crave it. I realize now, that it’s a super cheap lunch to put together, so I’m sure that was also part of the beauty of it for my mom. And as a kid, I just thought it was a super awesome lunch!

We went to one of our favorite lunch spots today for a much more adult lunch. I had the trout, which my grade school self would have thought a ridiculous choice when the line above on the menu listed a burger. I nearly chose the burger, but figured the trout was better for me. It does sort of suck the fun out of things when you get all adult and make responsible decisions. The trout was lovely, but now I’m regretting not getting the burger. It’s good to show restraint, to be sure, but I always make sure that I’m never becoming so adult that I’m denying myself a bit of fun. Tonight, thankfully, Philippe has made some sort of lovely dessert, so that will more than make up my missed opportunity this afternoon. And, of course, my adult self is happily craving the glass of wine that I’m about to toast with in a few short minutes.

When I type this quickly, I’m never sure if anything I’ve just said made a lick of sense or is even remotely relevant to anything at all. But, I’m always happy that no matter how short of time I have, I manage to show up, paint a little something, and post each day. So looking at the clock, I should definitely rush off now so I can get this posted properly, before I get yelled at from downstairs. Well, he doesn’t really yell at me, I should be more clear on that before starting a nasty rumor. When I do descend the stairs, I’ll just get that look, which I know means I’m tardy. I hope each of you are having a perfectly lovely weekend allowing yourselves to do whatever fun thing you’d like to do next. I’ll be having a fun time with friends up next, trying never to act too adult, while fondly remembering my favorite lunch.

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 #WorldWatercolorGroup - Day 19 - My Favorite Lunch - Sack Lunch With Apple - Doodlewash

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18 thoughts on “Day 19 – My Favorite Lunch

  1. Yum on childhood lunches!
    Yay on adult consciousness of healthy eating!
    Yahoo on desserts that will tickle the tastebuds!
    Yes on gatherings that bless the heart and soul while the tummy is happy too!

    Enjoy your evening, Charlie!

  2. I hope you enjoyed your evening with friends. The lunch bag and apple doodle is perfect as I know we can all relate to those lunches. Ah, such great childhood memories.

  3. Brown bag lunch – an iconic symbol of grade school for so many Americans. You painted this well, Charlie. I’m not a great cook and my sons’ lunches lacked imagination, but I always included a tiny sketch to let them know I loved them – a dinosaur, a bird, a fish.

    Nowadays my own favorite lunch is a poke bowl and it’s probably also true for my sons – their dad will pick the hamburger any day. At least no one is brown bagging it around here any more, and I’ve learned a few culinary tricks to make lunch tastier. Thanks for the memories.

  4. I remember that my very favorite ones were the “multiple snacks” in one bag. Crackers with cheese, a cut up apple, some celery and little rolled up pieces of ham. I love the idea of finger food. I learned how much I was loved one day in grade 8. My friends and I were sitting around the lunch table gabbing about what we all got and I piped up that I was always jealous of their lunches with the cookies or popcorn or something sweet and a peanut butter sandwich, which was mightily rare in my house. One girl looked directly at me with a grimace on her face. She said, “I’d kill for the lunch you bring everyday”. I surprisedly asked why. “Because obviously someone loves you to cut your sandwich so perfectly and always put it in a hard plastic case and cut your apple up and always feed you good, healthy food that looks and tastes great. I make my own lunch everyday she said sadly.” It changed the way I saw my healthy lunch. It tasted better from that day on even though it never included a chocolate bar or a cookie. Thanks for the memories Charlie.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! 😃💕 Aww wow, that’s quite a cool lesson to learn. I bet that food tasted really good after that! It’s always interesting to learn that when you think someone has it better, they might just be thinking the same of you!

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